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🔥[IEO] SYNCHROBIT - Hybrid P2P Digital Assets Trading Platform🚀


About the project

As you may have guessed, the project which will now be discussed, intends to change the course of the current situation in the digital trading market, bringing it new, better and highly effective tools. Creation of which was simply extremely necessary for all participants of this direction, and also for all further development of this direction. Called this project – SynchroBit. Draw your attention to the fact that the development SynchroBit worked on an international team, whose members are specialists in areas such as: programming, cyber security, the blockchain, trade in digital assets, marketing and financial experts and other investment advisers. The combination of all these specialists and their experience and knowledge, helped to create new retail and peer-to-peer (P2P) platform – SynchroBit.
It is important to note that SynchroBit is a hybrid that is able to provide vital qualities and functions of all fans of both decentralized and centralized exchanges. Which I find extremely convenient these days.


I think for many of us the topic of trading, market trading in various stocks, bonds, digital currencies is not something new and incomprehensible. Almost every one of us at least once in my life faced with this, and someone may even be a great specialist in this area or even a professional. Undoubtedly, the charms of this direction entail both pleasant moments in the form of a quick and decent income, and not so much. After all, in order to become a good specialist in addition to knowledge you need related tools, without which many things are simply impossible. And of course I'm talking about such working tools as: investment platforms and exchanges (where you trade your activities), as well as all sorts of charts, functions, support bots and available summaries of all necessary Analytics. At the same time, you will agree that it is still extremely important to have secure ways of both depositing and withdrawing your funds. And the presence of an available support system and much more, without which the trading market, in principle, turns into a world of uncontrolled chaos.
Recently, on the basis of research, a team of specialists has identified all the major problems of all existing trading and investment platforms. The list of problems was impressive and what is most interesting it concerned both centralized platforms and modern decentralized. These problems can be easily attributed to all sorts of schedule delays, and capital leaks, and the lack of the currency pair you need, and much more.
After analyzing all these data, experts have come to a clear understanding of the existing picture in the market of digital trading, as well as to the realization that it is now necessary most of all. This is how our current project was born.

Peculiar properties

Venturing into features SynchroBit, I want to once again draw your attention to the fact that a flexible system of interaction between two different markets, kompensiruet minimum trading fees, which in the course of all transactions are equal almost to zero. This undoubtedly has a positive impact on a wide range of different solutions for each individual consumer. To complement all these features intends to advanced Analytics, charts which are ready to demonstrate much more useful information than its predecessors. At the same time, the transaction speed is so great that it is able to process about 1 million transactions per second.


The main and probably the most basic advantage of SynchroBit over all existing competitors is its principle on which, in principle, this platform was created. And as stated by its founders SynchroBit created ourselves by the people and for the people! Therefore, all its functions tend to justify all that principle, as well as offer much more than is possible. Moreover, the entire range of functions available in SynchroBit, brings ease of use and maximum benefit for each user. At the same time, existing loyalty programs and tools available for asset diversification can have an additional (positive) impact on all SynchroBit participants.
In addition, the platform SynchroBit will be equipped with various trade groups, tournaments and forums, as well as their social network and advanced CRM system. Yes what there to waste time on trifles, SynchroBit will possess a "smart trading" and many other cool pieces, which you detail can read his white paper.


And of course in order to comply with all safety rules of their systems as well as to efficiently carry out all transactions, the founders SynchroBit were offered their own token SNB with which, in principle, will be the main number of functions available in the ecosystem. As for its technical side, it was developed on the basis of the Blockchain Ethereum and corresponds to the *ERC-20 * standard. In total, 250 million SNB will be allocated for ICO and IEO, the initial cost of which will be $0.35 USD per 1 SNB. The distribution of the remaining coins will look, as a percentage, as follows:


To sum up, I would like to once again draw your attention to the fact that the platform SynchroBit is not similar to any of the existing trading and investment platforms. What makes it unique and unrepeatable, and the whole range of functions and features is incredibly useful and extremely important for every trader, investor or just an active user of the market. Which makes it even better and demand.
However, for completeness of sensations and complex perceptions SynchroBit you will be a little of my humble review. Therefore, in order not to miss such a wonderful chance, I highly recommend you continue exploring SynchroBit, just means it's official-social resources. Where all its technical aspects and other functionality are fully disclosed.
That's it! Thank you for your attention and see you soon!

The official resources SynchroBit:

Author: Kevin Park
My ETH: 0xC871f339cD23660D21F1259ddc57d5FB0DC86f4d


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🔥[IEO] SYNCHROBIT - Hybrid P2P Digital Assets Trading Platform🚀
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