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SGC - Gold Backed Secured, Stable, Usable Cryptocurrency


About the projec

As you have already guessed from my blog, I mainly write about blockchain projects that seek to bring to our world, a lot of new, high-quality and decent tools. The project about which I will tell you now is not an exception, but on the contrary it is one of the best examples of how to effectively combine the usual stable assets with digital ones. This project is called Gold Coin Pty Limited. Based on the name, you can immediately guess that this decentralized project aims to bring to the world a new stable, reliable and secure tool for the financial market. Reinforcing your internal token SGC with the most real gold.
Of course, many of you probably faced with this kind of projects in which the gold and foreign exchange reserve also acted as a stability and guarantee of their token. However, Gold Coin Pty Limited has its own features and clear advantages.

Peculiar properties

If we talk about the features of Gold Coin Pty Limited, then in addition to the fact that all the gold that the developers intend to reinforce the value of their SGC coins is already 60% mined. What can not be said about all other projects that only plan to conduct gold mining, at the expense of attracted capital from their investors. As for, Gold Coin Pty Limited, their goal is to immediately provide their users with the most real value of their coins, which is already backed up to the gold reserve of their Fund.
By the way, I want to add that all mined gold, securely stored in the most secure vault in Singapore, but that's not all. It turns out all this gold was subject to certification and insurance by a large insurance firm, which is geographically located in London. At the same time, the total amount of insurance coverage in case of any accidents can be more than one hundred million us dollars. Which I think is very impressive and worthy of your attention.


As for the advantages of Gold Coin Pty Limited, there are a lot of them. But the most important thing I want to tell you about is a well-thought-out strategy of wallets from Gold Coin Pty Limited. Yes, you heard right there will be several of them and each of them will be adapted to your type of device, ranging from the web version, ending with a mobile and desktop wallet. This was done only for the purpose that each of the users had the opportunity to use exactly the type of wallet that will be most convenient for him. At the same time, each of them meets its high parameters: quality, reliability and security, combining all of them into its single payment system SGC PAY. After all, as I said, the global goal of Gold Coin Pty Limited is to once and for all qualitatively change the world of financial and investment relations, revealing limitless opportunities for its user around the world. While promoting healthy and equitable relationships on the market of supply and demand.
Thus, the user will have a truly unique opportunity to use their tokens SGC in any purchases/sales/payments and other financial transactions necessary for him at one time or another in his life. But this is not the top of all the possibilities of Gold Coin Pty Limited. There are more of them than I can afford to tell. Therefore, all those who want to continue acquaintance with the project Gold Coin Pty Limited I recommend to read their detailed White Paper.


If we talk in more detail about the internal token of the system, it is developed on the basis of the SGC Blockchain, which makes it unique and special among the mass of other similar projects. Moreover, each token will be backed by a specially designed smart contract, and also have a proportion of the value of 60% gold, and 40% of the useful value of the price, which directly depends on the price of the gold itself. How it will look in a more understandable form, you will learn from the technical document of the project.


And by tradition, at the end of his review, I want to once again note the high level of preparation, study of the project. You can see how hard the developers went to launch this project, while it is clear how seriously they organized everything. Even one of the largest insurance companies in London was involved to protect themselves and their gold reserves in the vault.
I am sure that almost every one of you was interested to get acquainted with Gold Coin Pty Limited in more detail. Therefore, I do not see the point in detaining you any longer, especially since all the more detailed information you can read right now. After all, all the official social resources of the project are already waiting for you downstairs. And that's all I have. Thank you for your attention and see you soon!

The official resources of the project:

Author: Kevin Park
My ETH: 0xC871f339cD23660D21F1259ddc57d5FB0DC86f4d


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SGC - Gold Backed Secured, Stable, Usable Cryptocurrency
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