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Quube exchange is the very first quantum-safe ecosystem, and security token launchpad with the professional exchange platform which allows STO/ICO projects to fundraise at a fast rate amongst accredited and non-accredited investors’ operations are based on the dedicated STO blockchain and designed for investment and custodian institutions.
The chain is a safeguard for all other crypto market ecosystems from quantum terminal attacks, which are bound to happen to blockchain technology in just a matter of time, estimated at five years to come. Quantum computing could pose two threats to the cryptocurrency market and blockchain industry:
  • 51% attack whereby a single quantum computer of potentially huge capacity connected to blockchain could potentially carry out a 51 % attack successfully. This leads to the quantum computer operator getting control over blockchain and may even prevent new transactions from being confirmed inside the affected blockchain.
  • Encryption algorithms attack. Encryption methods that are authorized by states and are used in cryptocurrency, crypto wallets, and cryptocurrency exchange algorithms are at the risk of being easily cracked by quantum computers.

Quube exchange solution.

Quube exchange is here to create a new quantum-resistant ecosystem that is solely focused on the security token market, high speed, super safe trading space, and communication channels too. A quantum blockchain is placed on quantum computers, therefore, eliminating the risk of 51% attack almost entirely compared to conventional computer networks.
The Quube exchange response to the second threat of encryption algorithms attack is that the quantum blockchain uses methods which are stable to quantum computing and even post-quantum encryption methods. The Quube exchange team has also come up with a software for cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto wallets operating with the blockchain recording trading logs and balances.

Why you should choose a Quube exchange.

Quube exchange is ready to fasten the processes of assets trading through creating a Security Token Market and Launchpad which is dedicated to various types of securities. The Quube exchange technology can be instantly applied in the creation and tokenization of Global Notes preferably for the REG types of corporate stocks and bonds.
The Quube exchange team is going to ensure that companies get to hold STO/ICO projects to fundraise among accredited and non-accredited investors in a very fast manner through their security token launchpad and a safe quantum ecosystem.
An exchange that is protected from quantum computing will provide services of a cryptocurrency exchange to other cryptocurrencies and security tokens. Quube exchange is going to become one of the largest tokenized assets and crypto exchanges with a profit of more than one billion dollars per year.


It is time that you or your company made your STO with the Quube exchange platform Launchpad feature. There is increased adoption of security tokens across the entire transactional space as they bring a lot of advantages compared to other utility tokens. Quube exchange is about to offer you security from the threat of quantum computing, as well as allow you to hold your STO/ICO projects for fundraising. Five years from now, the blockchain space will be safe and so will your investment thanks to QUUBE exchange.
Do not miss out the global economy transformation!
Author: Kevin Park
My ETH: 0xC871f339cD23660D21F1259ddc57d5FB0DC86f4d


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