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IMO Ecosystem - Customer First, Innovation From Everyone, Fair and Transparent

The crypto space is no longer healthy for the investors, many projects have failed them and their investment has vanished without recovery. The whole thing looks like the crypto ecosystem is now the home of scammers. The ICO opens the eyes of many people on how to invest in a project with the assurance of making profits at the end. I remember me and my friends do team up to invest in a project during the ICO days. Notwithstanding, scammers surface and almost took the entire space and many of them lure away investor's fund. After so much scammy incident that surrounds ICO, a new system of fundraising was a device, it was called IEO. The IEO take over space, initially, it was moving fine until scammer enters again. Scammers can quickly build an exchange and host different IEO there; an example is VINDAX Exchange. It is a scam Exchange that normally hosts different IEO at a time and all of a sudden, they close down their Exchange and ran away with investors fund.

What is IMO ?

IMO the new of innovation strategy about to growing the fund raise of new project with a good feauture and benefits , IMO its mean Initial Model Offering , on there offering more feauture for all new project this is way solutiomn for problem to manage the fund raise on there we can easy for manage the risk and then IMO have a good secure because on there high private placement platform, and enable project for obtain investment periodically and continoues for limite of private placement so this is make all client comfortable became on IMO .
First think advantages of IMO system make reduce for all the risk in investment
and then make reduce loss the fund of investor because IMO have a good ecosystem
and then for all investor its easy fro controlling the fund on investment because is we can monitor the growth of the project
the management of IMO is very well for all transaction, risk, secure, and overall in the ecosystem


IMO enables a project hosted on its platform to obtain investment in stages through continuous limited private sales. Here, the project owner won't receive the entire fund he needed to develop his project, rather the project will continue to be privately funded with development progress and stage results. This model will make investors never to invest in scam projects any longer. The IMO private sale periods are a program to take place in 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or even longer. In a scenario like this, there won't be a chance for the unserious project to dwell in this ecosystem. IMO has also device different measures that will control the private sales at all the involved stages.
Both the host (IMO Exchange) and the investors will be involved in decision making and also to checkmate or observe the development and the progress of the project. If the project is doing well, the funding support will continue, but if there is no improvement or seriousness, both IMO and the investors will back out. This measure will reduce the investor's risk. One of the advantages of hosting your project with IMO is that, they are going to supervise your project, offer encouragement and tips that will make your project successful and yield the investor's good returns.
No room for scammers in IMO platform because the team is going to thoroughly screen every project and determine if it stands or not.
This is just the introduction part of this project, I will drop more details about the project in my next article; but before then, you can check out more about IMO from the following links;
Website - https://imoex.top/
Telegram Channel - https://t.me/imo_announcement
Telegram Chat - https://t.me/imoexchange
Author: Kevin Park
My ETH: 0xC871f339cD23660D21F1259ddc57d5FB0DC86f4d


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IMO Ecosystem - Customer First, Innovation From Everyone, Fair and Transparent
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