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SiriusX is the first blockchain-based platform to combine the two booming sectors of tourism and social media. With the wide range of offers from hotels to flights or cruises to events and events, there is nothing left to be desired for travel enthusiasts. The integrated SiriusX Social Network gives users the opportunity to meet like-minded people, share travel experiences and also receive rewards in the form of SiriusX tokens. All this is available, anytime, anywhere, payable by SiriusX Payment Card – cost-effectively and in record time due to blockchain technology!
If you go on different social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube or Snapchat, everywhere you are overwhelmed by travel blogs and holiday pictures. If you talk with acquaintances about their biggest goals and desires in life, you will most likely find the answer: ‘I want to see the whole world!’ It is not for nothing that the tourism
industry supplies more than 10 percent of the world’s workforce with 313 million jobs, according to studies by ‘The World Travel and Tourism Council’ (WTTC), more than mine, automotive and financial services together. Tendency rising!

Problems and solutions

Travel is currently considered relatively safe and accessible to everyone, but despite all progress, there are still many issues for travelers. The topic of costs probably plays the most decisive role for the majority. The offers for flights and hotels are countless times compared to make sure to have caught the cheapest one. When exchanging currencies, horrendous fees are paid to banks and exchanges.
These become obsolete with our globally-established SiriusX token (SRX), which makes it possible for our customers to spend the money on a leisurely dinner instead. The loss or theft of the bank or credit card is an issue that many holidaymakers come into contact with. On the one hand the person concerned has the effort to lock the card, on the other hand there are fees for a replacement card.
Especially for credit cards, the damage can take considerable heights if the loss is
noticed too late. Again, SiriusX FinTech has the perfect solution for its users. Card locks are obsolete because payments can only be made in conjunction with the SiriusX application, which is again PIN protected. A replacement card can be ordered free of charge and easily.

SiriusX – The vision

Monday morning. 9 clock. Start of the work week. You are currently sitting in the office and indulge in vacation thoughts. You paint your perfect recovery trip. You browse the internet and find what you are looking for …
on SiriusTravel! With the all-encompassing offering of travel and airline tickets, hotel reservations and car rental, as well as leisure activities and travel insurance, the company is setting new standards in terms of diversity as well as convenience and clarity for its users. You will find what you are looking for, all about your
holiday united at a glance, at a price! The globally usable payment card makes payments easier and less expensive than ever. Regardless of location and time, transactions can be handled in record time via Ethereum blockchain.


Decentralized Travel Platform

  1. The ultimate offer for our users!
  2. Configurate your dream holiday with SiriusX!
  3. Search for houses, apartments, hotels, flights cruises, car rentals and event tickets all over the world to the cheapest prices!
  4. Order safely without high transaction costs with cryptocurrencies but also possible with fiat money.

Why Blockchain?

In the current online travel ecosystem, consumers must pay high service fees. With multiple providers, such as airlines, hotels, car rentals and insurance companies, you can quickly add up these charges. SiriusX FinTech provides a decentralized organization and a democratically designed market. In addition, the blockchain technology contributes to protect large amounts of data and to enable the company to collect, analyze and tailor offers to the needs of individual users. Automatic detection of weak links in the supply chain, in payment transactions and other business processes help the team with the fastest possible problem solving.
  1. Transparency
    This technology is an open source. Therefore, it is possible to make modifications at your discretion. Logged data within a blockchain can be detected but not falsified by anyone. This makes blockchain a particularly secure technology.
  2. Lower transaction costs
    Settlement of peer-to-peer and business-to-business transactions is possible without a third party. Since there is no intermediary participation,the costs are reduced.
  3. Decentralisation
    Blockchain allows individual transactions to receive their own validation and
    authorization. Because the information about a particular blockchain is processed on individual servers worldwide in separate parts, it is ensured that unwanted access to this information will only endanger a small amount of data and not the entire network.

Market analysis & potential

Online travel market
This timeline shows worldwide online travel revenues from 2014 to 2020. In 2017,
the global online travel revenue was $ 629.81 billion. This number is expected to
rise to $ 755.94 billion in 2019.
The days when travel reservations were only possible by visiting travel agencies
or making phone calls are gone – travel websites and mobile apps are making
digital reservations increasingly easier. For today’s travelers it is almost
unthinkable not to be able to plan and book travel reservations in advance.

Growth factors

The SiriusX platform will become a user network, with a true ecosystem. Since the project iprimarily focused on Gen-Z (born between 1995 and 2010, the oldest now 24 years in 2019),which will make up the majority of global travelers in the next few years while using online travel planning, there is no doubt that the user base of SiriusX – and therefore the size of its network – will grow extremely fast. A whole range of factors can boost the growth of the SiriusX platform ecosystem, both on the part of companies and on the side of potential supporters and travelers.
  • Partnerships
  • Large audience
  • Marketability
  • Properties

Social network features

Choose between day and night mode!
  1. Create groups!
  2. Communication via private message or groups possible!
  3. Determine exactly who is allowed to see certain things from your profile!


  1. Coming soon!
  2. Debit card

Payment process

SiriusX FinTech offers its users a fully integrated payment system. The
simple and user-friendly process allows easy, secure payment with cryptocurrencies and is similar to traditional online payment methods. If questions
still arise, of course, the SiriusX support is available. Entering the personal
PIN is an additional security feature to protect users from any misuse. The
page is supported by all browsers and can be viewed on smartphones,
tablets and other devices.

Token sale

SiriusX FinTech runs its own ERC20 Token on the largest and most popular decentralized blockchainplatform: Ethereum. With the digital currency SiriusX (SRX), we promise transactions between buyers and sellers through cryptographic exchanges and between SiriusX users and our cooperation partners.
The liquidity of SRX will rise as demand increases and benefits become more consistent. When paying with SRX, the security is guaranteed according to blockchain standards and the protection of private user data.

Pre – Sale

During Pre Sale (1st Dec. – 31st Dec.), 5 million SiriusX tokens will be released to the
  • 1 SRX 0.05 US-Dollar
  • Duration 30 Days
  • Minimum purchase 0.5 ETH
  • Maximum purchase 150 ETH
  • Market capitalization 250,000 US-Dollar

ICO – Initial Coin Offering

The minimum payment for the purchase of SiriusX tokens (SRX) is $ 150. The SiriusX token will be listed on the crypto exchanges. After the ICO SRX will be available to the public for exchange and trading. Once the SiriusX platform is fully operational, the use of SRX will become active and ongoing between the company and its users. As the level of popularity rises, the demand and the general value of the currency will also increase. An ERC-20 token is a program that works in the Ethereum Virtual Machine of the Ethereum – Blockchain. The smart contract guarantees that the SiriusX token allocation plan remains unchanged. It is impossible to create more than 100,000,000 tokens. This means that after the
listing in an exchange the price depends exclusively on the market demand and not on technical manipulations.

Token distribution

  • ICO:  (82%)
  • Team:  (10%)
  • Pre sale:  (5%)
  • Rewards:  (1%)
  • Airdrop:  (1%)
  • Advisor:  (1%)

Distribution of income

  • Development: (45%)
  • Marketing:  (35%)
  • Bounty:  (10%)
  • Reserves:  (5%)
  • Legal:  (5%)

For more information, please visit the link below:

Author: Sandieego
My ETH: 0xc57F5E28B98a12c8f4cC3f4C02d8B77546deF545


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