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KAPPI NETWORK - Hybrid blockchains ecosystem


KAPPI is a network of independent and decentralized hybrid blockchains. They help solve many problems of existing blockchains, such as scalability, TPS, usability, security sovereignty.
Creating success through the use of decentralized file sharing in the open source ecosystem for managing public cryptocurrencies has enabled more people to understand how such an infrastructure can improve the underlying social economy. Bitcoin and Zero cash are two examples of specialized blockchain applications, and Ethereum will still be the best example of a smart contract platform, which allows many Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) applications.
There were flaws in the various blockchains created so far, such as the lack of energy efficiency, the absence of any well-thought-out control mechanism, and limited or poorly functioning blockchains. Scalability was not conceived when Bitcoin was conceived, and now there are proposals to create scalability in the process of Bitcoin transactions. These include Bitcoin and Segregated-Witness, which are vertical scaling models that are still associated with a lack of bandwidth in any single machine.
This approach is necessary for existing blockchains that do not take into account their scalability due to the need to maintain a full audience. There is also a lighting network that can be used instead of alternatives to increase the scalability of transaction volume in bitcoins.
This will be achieved in the Lightning Network by reducing the number of transactions in the ledger. This approach is suitable for confidential payment handrails and for micropayments, but may not meet the more general scalability requirements. Several parallel blocks working in parallel can advantageously use this solution, providing interoperability and preserving all the blockchain’s security features.
Performance testing approaches make this almost impossible. For combined mining, it is allowed to perform work to ensure the protection of the parent chain for reuse in the child chain, but this does not eliminate the need to verify each individual transaction by each node in order. Combined mined blockchains are also open to attack by most hashtags in the parent chain, where there is no active merging of the child chain. This is where KAPPI comes in. KAPPI is a unique blockchain that has a network architecture that solves each of these problems.
KAPPI is able to decipher the blockchain design through offering an easy API that functions between the consensus process and the application process. KAPPI consists of parallel blockchain networks which are all supported independently by classic BFT consensus algorithms such as KAPPI. The first blockchain in the network is KAPPI DWARF, which is connected to several zones or other blockchains through a unique inter-blockchain communication protocol. KAPPI DWARF can track many types of tokens and stores all tokens in each connected zone.
Tokens can be transferred from one zone to another quickly and safely without the need for physical fluid exchange between zones. This is possible due to the fact that all coin transfers are made between Zones will all go through KAPPI DWARF, which acts as a solution to many of the problems faced by the blockchain in contemporary times.


  • 35% Private sale
  • 20% Public sale
  • 20% Team
  • 10% Platform development fund
  • 10% Mainet swap burn
  • 5% Bounty


  • Mar 2018: Blockchain research
  • August 2018: Initial coding, draft whitepaper
  • December 2018: Prospective investor meetings
  • May 2019: Kappi Network LTD was formed
  • Jun 2019: Personal Sales
  • August 2019: Distribution registration
  • Sep 2019: Public sales
  • February 2020: Testnet 1.0 (Red Dwarf) lives
  • May 2020: Testnet 2.0 (White Dwarf) lives
  • Jul 2020: Mainnet (Polymorph) lives
  • Nov 2020: Mainnet swap
  • Feb 2021: Kappi Network blockchain licensing
  • May 2021: Mainstream adoption through licensing sales


Author: Sandieego
My ETH: 0xc57F5E28B98a12c8f4cC3f4C02d8B77546deF545


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KAPPI NETWORK - Hybrid blockchains ecosystem
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