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CO-DEX - Trading Platform Of The Future | Decentralized Exchange


What Is Co-Dex ?

As opposed to currency-centric exchanges which are built on top of a singular blockchain platform such as Ethereum, and which have the limitation of escrowing only ERC-20 assets, CoDEX, by virtue of implementing and building upon the IBC innovation created by the Cosmos Network, will become an currency-neutral exchange, meaning it’s architectural type will allow a connectivity between different native cryptocurrencies, users not having to limit themselves to a specific currency system.
Co-DEX - the first NO FEES decentralized exchange, based on the IBC innovation provided by Cosmos Network, no more relying on a thirdparty service which holds customer's asset is necessary, an automated process called “smart contracts” allowing the trades to happen directly between users.
Co-DEX is the decentralized exchange (DEX) of the Future. It guarantees the highest possible security, full transparency and open source logic using the interoperability of Cosmos Network, Co-DEX will supports not only all Ethereum based tokens, but using the concept for the cross-blockchain features, Co-DEX will allow you to trade any tokens regardless of their native underlining blockchain making it easier for you, the user, to thrive in the crypto landscape.

Our Technology

Co-DEX will implement a system where anonymity and privacy are the key components, security, of course being the main aspect, every transaction will be carried out following the necessary protocols to ensure the utmost efficiency, promptitude and security. Governments have been shown to try to exert control over centralized exchanges, users having to answer to authorities that can and have been shown to track and tax these users, or even go to such lengths as to ban certain types of cryptocurrencies, problems that don't reach the sphere of decentralized exchanges. Heighten scalability will allow for future upgrades, thus our systems will always keep pace with the new innovations and revolutionary features that are developed. To further show our user-friendly oriented approach, Co-DEX will provide everyone an easier means to access and use the platform by integrating and generating the necessary compatibilities for Metamask and Ledger users.
The main argument over other existing decentralized exchanges which Co-DEX brings to the table is the fact that it will take full advantage of the innovations and features of the COSMOS Network, ensuring a plenitude of tokens and coin being able to be traded regardless of their native blockchain. Also, you can opt to have your funds secured through the decentralized wallet applications, Co-DEX Wallet, which will store private keys only on your device, so traders can retain full control over their funds and private keys. Our DEX is made by the blockchain community, for the blockchain community, with support from Co-DEX Foundation developers, as part of advancing our mission to spread the freedom of money.

Our Vision

Co-DEX is Exchange made by the blockchain community, for the blockchain community, with the support of the Co-DEX Foundation developers, which aims to meet the many expectations and challenges raised by the community while becoming a tool in furthering the mission to create a world of free movement of funds and assets.
The decentralized exchange is built on top of the Cosmos Network, which is developing a community initiative, and will use the Co-DEX Coin (COD1) as a native asset. Our goal is to be able to make the decentralized exchanges widely used and the main method of trading crypto assets. Our vision is to provide the best services to our clients, from a user- friendly interface, focusing on an easier, more intuitive approach, to a heightened performance and a more improved user experience.
Arising from inside the community, Co-DEX will, in itself, become a strong community opened to everyone who shares our vision and our strive, to create a better platform for the people. Our main task is to develop a decentralized technology for cross-chain transactions, building upon the many innovations of the Cosmos Network, which ultimately will benefit everyone, by providing an easier, more secure and more intuitive way of trading and administration of assets for you the user.

Co-Dex Token (COD1)

**Co-DEX Token (COD1) has several uses: **
  • The platform will host other IDOs, participation in these IDOs requiring user to hold COD1 tokens.
  • Setup costs for these future IDOs, will generate liquidity for the COD1 token.
  • Co-DEX will ensure periodical buyback programs to stimulate liquidity.
  • Users will be able to use COD1 as a means of payment towards third parties, if such future collaborations will arise.
  • After new tokens are listed, we will provide an airdrop to all COD1 holders, proportionate to the amount of COD1 each user holds.


  • Token name - Co-DEX
  • Token symbol - COD1
  • Total supply – 250,000,000 COD1
  • Token type - ERC-20
  • Token initial value – 0.05 USDT
  • Token Decimals – 18

Distribution & Allocation

Co-DEX’s intention is to allow a broad base of community members to participate in the IDO planned on our Dex. Co-DEX cannot guarantee that all prospective interested parties will be able to obtain their desired allocations during the Private and IDO phases, where the total maximum cap will be approximately the equivalent of $5 million. The amount of tokens available during the Token Contribution will be 100,000,000 COD1.
  • There will be a two phased airdrop. Phase one of the airdrop will be deployed towards the first 20,000 Co-DEX community users.
  • The second phase of the airdrop will occur in the first month and will affect every unique address that meets the trading volume conditions. The maximum amount of tokens each unique address can receive is 500 COD1. Therefore, the first 20,000 users that meet the trading volume requirement will be affected by the airdrop.
  • The total amount of tokens available for Airdrop and for the Bounty Program will be 25.000.000 COD1.
  • The distribution and allocation of the tokens for the Airdrops and Bounty Program will be communicated before the implementation of every phase. Feedback from the community might lead to certain possible changes and corrections, which will be communicated swiftly.
The amount of tokens for the team, the advisory board, marketing as well as the tokens allocated as reserve will be locked for a period of one year. Reaching the hard cap, the intended token distribution will be as follows:

Our Roadmap

  • Q1 2019
  • Creating the Co-DEX Fundation and establishing the development Team
  • Q2 2019
  • Establishing the Advisory board, Development of the site
  • Q3 2019
  • Launch of site, Launch of social media and communication channels
  • Q3 2019
  • Start the Private Contribution
  • Q3 2019
  • Alpha testing of the platform
  • Q4 2019
  • Beta testing of the platform
  • Q4 2019
  • Launch of decentralized exchange platform
  • Q4 2019
  • Launch of COD1 IDO
  • Q4 2019
  • Hosting other IDOs
  • Q1 2020
  • Implementation of various blockchain tokens and currencies through the interoperability feature created by COSMOS
  • Q2 2020
  • Development of our CO-DEX Wallet
  • Q3 2020
  • Launch of CO-DEX Wallet, creation of compatibility features with the platform


Co-DEX project aims to create and provide to the world, the full power of decentralized exchanges and capitalize on the interconnectivity and interoperability of cross-chain features. We will write the right path for all traders, blockchain enthusiasts and future generations. We dream about full transparency, high security and peer to peer exchanges without the risk of having to trust third parties and additional taxes. We aim to put back into the people’s hands, the much needed financial independence. If you share our beliefs and you have similar dreams, you can support our project, join our groups and take part in Co-DEX and the coming blockchain revolution. Together we will bring about the much needed change for a brighter future for our own and the next generations of traders and crypto enthusiasts.
“The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.”


Author: Sandieego
My ETH: 0xc57F5E28B98a12c8f4cC3f4C02d8B77546deF545


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CO-DEX - Trading Platform Of The Future | Decentralized Exchange
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