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THALER: Will Become A Solution That Wants To Adjust All Common Crypto Communities For Investors

Thaler is a bridge creator between our community and large investors. The idea of crypto mass education will lead our token to mass adoption Thaler is a peer-to-peer digital currency which encourages growth within the blockchain technology community It aims to strengthen the path towards mass adoption of cryptocurrency technology through investing in unique innovations Thaler is fully decentralized and by definition the most trustable coin on the market. THALER is a blockchain ecosystem with built-in filters, functions and parameters on the basis of which there will be a full analysis of other blockchain projects, with all the ensuing information references.
To implement such a validation, the founders. THALER intends to use the successful verification algorithms, this will include such systems as: judges, artificial intelligence, and PSP system information gathering (successfully used in judicial practice). Thanks to this combination, the developers of THALER will be able to provide the same high level of trust for their users and investors, which unfortunately could not be implemented before any other platform.
Since THALER is aimed at the further development of blockchain technology, in its own ecosystem, it provides for its own token: TAL for all internal operations. Its presence implies not only the standard function bought / sold, but also participation in the vote. This function allows you to participate in the competition more democratically and more accurately determine suitable projects for investment. Moreover, the selected projects will be awarded the maximum evaluation by the jury, as well as the full participation of investors from the most active crypto users.
However, not all projects will be able to get into the THALER verification system. After all, even in order to get into it, each project must comply with a whole series of requirements. For example, have a registration, a technical document, and also fill out a special application form in the THALER system itself. Only after that it will be available for familiarization to the broad masses of users of the THALER system. This principle intends to restore confidence in worthy cryptographic projects, as well as support the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world. Indeed, many tools offered by new projects are undoubtedly an integral solution to existing problems. Moreover, their actions are aimed at improving the state of our life.
​This new concept is designed to support, guide and develop small, but engaging crypto projects by creating new collaborations/ partnerships between investors, business enthusiasts, IT engineers, crypto devotees, etc. that share the same commitment and passion for crypto. Moreover, we will be initiating brainstorm meetings, where all the team members can meet and promote their projects. Furthermore, we will organize events about blockchain technology, thus every participant is well aware of the latest updates.
First, every crypto project submitted to our foundation has to pass through a safety verification system by Thaler. We want to stimulate their competitiveness, thus every project that is accepted will be listed and graded on the Thaler website according to their degree of activity (ex. Junior, Senior). We will only encourage enterprising, dynamic and committed projects that maybe, someday, they will change the way that the Crypto World works!
Every accepted submission has an entry fee of minimum 1 Ethereum visible on a transparent/ common address, which, after a certain period, 90% will be allocated to the winning project, elected by vote, to help them hit the market. The remaining 10% will go to a charity organization picked by the winning project! There will also be a small fee of 100 (TAL) that will help the Thaler Foundation grow. Second, every team listed on the Thaler Website has the right to vote other projects but not for their own.
The Thaler Team Is Suggesting The Following Voting Criteria For All Projects Competing:
1.   The stage that the project has reached. We are talking about actual facts and not concepts. Also, we are interested if the project was made, or not, for Blockchain. It must present a road map so we can retrace their steps or take a glance at their future plans.
2.    Marketing ideas and strategies. This will show how much potential it will have on the market.
3.   Security and trust –only reliable projects. The White Paper is compulsory
4.   Originality and stability on the market.
5.   Real value of the project in the crypto world.
We will gladly accept more proposals for the voting criteria from our collaborators. Thaler can help create a bridge between Investors and small, but captivating projects that can improve the crypto space.
Total Supply: 350.000.000 TAL
Circulating Supply: 180.000.000 TAL
Blockchain: ETHEREUM
For More Information On Thaler Project, Please Kindly Visit The Links Below:
Author: Sandieego
My ETH: 0xc57F5E28B98a12c8f4cC3f4C02d8B77546deF545


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THALER: Will Become A Solution That Wants To Adjust All Common Crypto Communities For Investors
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