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SynchroBit™ - Hybrid P2P Digital Assets Trading Platform.



The first hybrid multipurpose digital assets trading platform for trading all kinds of cryptocurrencies, energy, precious metals, commodities, etc., with both fiat and major cryptocurrencies with innovative solutions for both newcomers and professional traders, including binary trading, options, margin trading, futures, and many more!

About SynchroBit™

SynchroBit™ is highly user-friendly for both beginner and professional traders, with compatible and customizable UI, highly accurate charts, and real-time data analytics. SynchroBit™ will enable startups, entrepreneurs,companies and societies for the successful launch of their ICOs and Tokens, and in the meantime, provides the investors and buyers to benefit from approved and real ICO projects and opportunities.
SynchroBit™ is not a me-too cryptocurrency exchange platform since it introduced a wide range of innovative trading and investment tools, solutions, and opportunities to its users.
SynchroBit™ team has a particular focus on customer satisfaction and high-end user experience. Therefore, we have planned to extend our global presence in different markets and locations to provide our users with 24/7 customer services via phone, e-mail, live chat in a customer-friendly procedure.
Dislike of other platforms, SynchroBit™, provides its users with both DEX and CEX functions from the beginning. We’re introducing the first Hybrid Platform which fully integrated with cold wallets including Trezor™, and there is no need to hold cryptographic assets on SynchroBit™. However, seamless technology employed in SynchroBit™ provides the users with various types of crypto address and wallets that are fully integrated and highly secure.


SynchroBit™ is a comprehensive marketplace that combines fiat and cryptocurrencies for trading various types of digital assets. Trading with SNBtoken on SynchroBit.io will be with zero fees.
Benefiting from the latest blockchain based technologies, SynchroBit™ platform is fully transparent and accountable to its users. SNB Token holders benefit from the leading-edge transparency of ETH blockchain in every transaction.
SNBToken will be integrated as a major cryptocurrency with other SYNCHRONIUM® owned and partner platforms. This will extend the applications of SNBToken in the blockchain ecosystem.
SNB Token is supported by leading cryptocurrency exchanges as partner exchanges, including BTC-Alpha, CoinLim, CREX24, CoinsBit, LiveCoin, and Mercatox at ICO phase and will be officially listed on all top centralized and decentralized exchanges after ICO in 2020.


For Newcomers
Faster, smarter, and easier than ever!
SynchroBit™ enables the newcomers to trade like a professional trader by making their trades much faster, easier, smarter, cheaper, and better than ever!
SynchroBit™ is a multilayered and innovative platform that provides its users with the most diversified markets to trade all kinds of digital assets in P2P manner, with both major fiat and cryptocurrencies.
As a multi-cryptocurrency exchange, SynchroBit™ users have access to wide range of P2P, margin, futures, and binary pairs with BTC, BCH, Fiat, XLM, XRP, ETH, LTC, ZEC, Stable Coins, and SNB.
SynchroBit™ will benefit from SynchroBrain™ AI technology of SYNCHRONIUM® that enables the newcomers to minimize their risks and maximize their ROIs. Deep market insight and instant data analysis is one of the major unique features of the platform.
SynchroBit™ will provide the users with socialization solutions including social trading, smart contract trading, and smart options which are innovative means of benefiting from market trends. Trend-Limit™, as one of the innovative trading tools of SynchroBit™ will minimize the risks in the volatile markets.

For Professionals

Minimize your risks, Maximize your ROIs!
SynchroBit™ is an innovative platform for professional trading with a wide range of trading solutions and tool.
Developed by the professionals for the professionals, SynchroBit™ provides them with innovative solutions and tools to minimize their risks and maximize their ROIs.
Cryptofolio™ innovative solutions provides the traders with deep market insight and performance analysis for minimizing their risks and maximizing their ROIs.
An innovative mixture of trading solutions, extensive portfolios, diversified pairs, in addition to P2P, margin, futures, options, and binary trading makes SynchroBit™ the most preferred trading platform for professionals.
SynchroBit™ introduces Percentage Allocated Portfolio Manager (PAPM™) program that enables professional traders to manage big funds, make profit for their clients, and create extensive portfolios.


Continuous improvement is a vital part of our platform. SynchroBit™ is progressive digital assets trading platform that is currently available and open to the users. The current version of Version INIZIO, which will be improved through the upcoming versions, including DELTA, SIGMA, OMEGA, and Covenant.
Powered by the latest innovations and blockchain based technologies, SynchroBit™ lets easily you trade all kind of digital assets with both fiat and cryptocurrencies.
Users have full access to trading solutions and tools that minimize their risks and maximize their ROIs.
SynchroBit™ benefits from the revolutionary technologies in wallets. Users have real Crypto Wallets for all major cryptocurrencies for which they can add new crypto addresses by every 24 hours. Crypto wallets are fully decentralized by SYNCHRONIUM® innovative wallet technology which means that SynchroBit™ never holds the private keys on its servers and wallets are temper-proof. In addition, users have safe fiat wallets fully integrated with leading fiat payment systems.
SynchroBit™ trading core machine is able to process more than 1,000,000 orders per second and handles more than 1,000,000 TXP. This means that every order on SynchroBit™ is processed in less than 40 billionth of a second!
SynchroBit™ benefits from high liquidity due to strategic alliance with major trading platforms in the market.
Trend-Limit™ is an ultimate answer by SynchroBit™ to minimize the risks in the uncertain markets. Users can place various High and Low Stop-Loss with a click just by a single fund!
There is no front-running and fake volume on SynchroBit™. We are committed to transparency, user-friendliness, and truth!
24/7 end-to-end integrated live support via chat, phone, e-mail and support tickets.


SNB Token buyers will receive their tokens immediately after their successful purchase. Bonuses will be delivered 6 months after ICO based on the date of their purchase based on FIFO ( first in, first out).


  1. Name of the Token: SynchroBit Coin
  2. Symbol: SNB
  3. Decimals: 18
  4. Platform: Ethereum
  5. Type: ERC-20
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 SNB
  • Tokens Issuer: SYNCHRONIUM LTD, United Kingdom
  • Jurisdictions: the United Kingdom and the Republic of Georgia
  • Functionality: to be used on SynchroBit™, all SYNCHRONIUM® Platforms, and allpartner platforms
  • Smart Contract Address: 0xd3172862ff028cc42660576a0a36cfbc94b 50eec


  • Tokens allocate for Public Sale60% (Immediate delivery)
  • Tokens allocate for Private Sale3% (2 years lockup)
  • Tokens Allocated for Pre-ICO Sales2% (6 months lockup)
  • Bonus9% (6 months lockup after ICO)
  • Airdrops, Promotions, and Bounty1% (6 months lockup after ICO)
  • Team and Advisors10% (24 months lockup after ICO)
  • Reserve15% (24 months lockup after ICO)


  • The raised funds from SNB Token ICO will be utilized under the supervision of SBC-Legal and EY. The projected plan is as follows:
  • Platform Improvement and Operations: 25%
  • SNBToken Liquidity: 25%
  • Marketing: 15%
  • Company Reserve: 15%
  • Legal: 5%
  • Listings and Market Development: 5%
  • Team and Advisors: 10%

Token Information :

  • Total Coin Supply: 1 Billion

ICO Round 1

  • Start Date: August 1st 2019 (09.00 am GMT)
  • Finishing Date: September 30th 2019 (09.00 pm GMT
  • Tokens Offered: 150 M
  • Bonus : 15%
  • Price: $0.20

ICO Round 2

  • Start Date: October 1st 2019 (09.00 am GMT)
  • Finishing Date: November 30th 2019 (09.00 pm GMT)
  • Tokens Offered: 200 M
  • Bonus: 15%
  • Price: $0.25

ICO Round 3

  • Start Date: December 1st 2019 (09.00 am GMT)
  • Finishing Date: December 28th 2019 (09.00 pm GMT)
  • Tokens Offered: 250 M
  • Bonus: 15%
  • Price: $0.35

Accepted Payment Methods:

  • USD, Euro, GBP

SynchroBit™ Hybrid P2P Digital Assets Trading Platform Roadmap

Q1 2018
Market research Operations
Setting the initial roadmap
of the project
Q2 2018
Developing the TestNet for
the initial deployment of the
Setting the first meetups of
the project with the early
Developing the Version 0x
Q3 2018
Launching the Version Ox
and testing the platform
Q1 2019
Launching Version SIELO
Q2 2019
SNB token TGE
Distribution of SNB token to
the early Pre-ICO holders
Upgrading to Version INIZIO
Q3 2019
Implementation of Version
Q3 2019
SNB Token Public ICO Round 1
First Airdrop Program
Cooperation with Partner Exchanges
Q3 2019
Extending SynchroBit™ listed
Development of Version DELTA
Q4 2019
SNBToken Public ICO Round 2 & 3
Testing the Version DELTA
Q1 2020
SNB Integration
Q1 2020
Listing of SNBon Partner Exchanges
Launching Version DELTA
Adding New Portfolios to the Platform
Q2 2020
First SNB Token Burn Event
Preparation of Version SIGMA
Q3 2020
First SynchroBit™ Annual
Projection of the new
SNBToken Listing on New
Official Launch of Version
Q4 2020
Improvements to Version SIGMA
New Listings
Preparing the Version OMEGA
Q4 2020
Finalization of Version OMEGA and WP Release
Q1 2021
Official Launch of Version OMEGA
Q1 2021
SynchroBit™ Integrations with the other SYNCHRONIUM® Platforms
Q2 2021
Version 1.0 WP Release
Preparing the Version 1.0
Q3 2021
Starting the Upgrading
Process to Version 1.0
Q4 2021
SynchroBit™ Grand Global Meetup for introduction of Version 1.0
Initial Launch of Version 1.0
Introduction of SynchroBit™ Covenant Strategic Plan


A professional task force leads the project from SYNCHRONIUM® Team around the world is leading the project. More than fifty people around the globe are involved in SynchroBit™ Project as the team member.
Get introduced with the project team leaders.
  • Babak Behboudi Dolatsaraei: Co-Founder
  • Charles M. Hermans: VP of Global Marketing
  • Sylvester Selvaraj: Digital Marketing Manager
  • Dr. George G. Tumanishvili: Legal and Hi-Tech
  • Bharat Gandass: Airdrops, Bounty, and Promotions manager
  • Paulo Carneiro: Investment Manager
  • Gvantsa Elgendashvili: CO-PARTNER, Chief Legal Associate
  • Jane Iyamah: Lead Community Manager
  • Giorgi Otaridze: CO-PARTNER, Head of legal operations
  • Krystelle Galano: PR Manager


SynchroBit™ advisory board members are among top advisors in ICO and blockchain industry with an outstanding background in more than 100 projects.
  • Naveen Kapoor: Chief Blockchain Advisor
  • Oksana Belousova: Chief ICO Advisor
  • Misha Osaula: Chief Business Advisor
  • Samiran Mondal: Chief PR Advisor
  • Manoj Sharva: Chief Technical Advisor
  • Emmanuel Adam: Advisor
  • Lalit Bansal: Advisor
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