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MAINFINEX – The Most Trusted Digital Assets Exchange

Everyone in the cryptocurrency world is aware of the controversy surrounding cryptos regulation. While some argue that increased regulation is needed to protect crypto holders, others argue that regulation will dramatically limit cryptocurrency acceptance. Regardless of your attitude on this issue, the average person tends to have a minimum input at the regulatory or standard level for crypto. This decision is the responsibility of governments and large organizations, such as the Financial Action Task Force.
Cryptocurrency exchanges to trade cryptocurrency assets, made by the best traders.

MAINFINEX Launches, Provides Simple Crypto Trading.

On November 1, 2019, MAINFINEX will be officially launched, offering cryptocurrency traders a simplified interface for completing their transactions.
MAINFINEX will build on its previous experience when the beta version goes online on March 28, and IEO MAINFINEX starts September 16. MAINFINEX offers trusted exchanges that can be used by crypto traders to conduct informed trade and participate in the cryptocurrency market.

Cryptocurrency Offers

At the time of its launch, MAINFINEX offered 15 different cryptocurrency pairs, all of which included USDT, Tether.
This is:
  1. BTC
  2. ETH
  3. Oh God
  4. ZIL
  6. GNT
  8. BAT
  9. SNT
  10. WTC
  11. LRC
  12. IOST
  13. MITH
  14. FAIRY
  15. HOT
As MAINFINEX grows, the list of cryptocurrency will likely expand and will also include pairs involving assets other than USDT.

Exploring the MAINFINEX Website

When users visit MAINFINEX, they are welcomed by a classic website with an elegant touch, thanks to its black background with pale gold and white details. The layout of the website makes it clear that MAINFINEX prioritizes ease of use and navigation, appealing to traders of all skill levels.
MAINFINEX also makes it easy for website visitors to find all relevant information, from the latest news to support to login and registration.

Intuitive Interface and Chart

The Exchange interface at MAINFINEX is intuitive to use, building features found by traders on other exchanges. The graph, derived from Trading View, offers traders a familiar appearance with dozens of indicators, drawing tools, and other useful features to help guide decisions. Graphics are fully customizable, from style to interval to color, and can be expanded to full screen.

Charts on MAINFINEX include:

  1. interval selection
  2. main types of charts
  3. Adjustable chart properties, including style, scale and color
  4. indicators
  5. Repeat, cancel, take photos, delete and save
  6. Hundreds of the most popular drawing tools
The Exchange page navigation is also intuitive, with a section expected to contain information about cryptocurrency pairs, current trading, and your personal trading history. The buy and sell functionality on the page is also easy to use. This part is simple by keeping the form kept to a minimum but still offering several types of orders to attract all traders.

MAINFINEX Offers Something for Traders of All Skill Levels

MAINFINEX cryptocurrency exchanges offer something for every type of trader, regardless of level of experience. Beginners will appreciate the intuitive interface and the fact that MAINFINEX uses the Trading View charts, which have many online tutorials for guidance. Advanced traders will appreciate hundreds of drawing tools, a large number of indicators, and a high level of chart customization.
All traders will appreciate the variety of cryptocurrency trading partners and the various information available on each.

The challenges faced by today’s exchanges.

We see that most crypto currency exchanges face the following unresolved issues:
  • Failure to implement global financial practices, and poor interfaces.
  • When they had their first experience with cryptocurrency, many traders who had previously been involved in fiat currency trading noticed the scarcity of opportunities on digital currency exchange. Sometimes traders who work with fiat exchanges use one complete and functional terminal with two monitors or several terminals with different data sources and up to six monitors. These data and the various functions behind it are very important for traders to work successfully.
  • A large number of exchanges with little differentiation makes it difficult to choose a platform for operation.
  • Because we have reflected it in our name, we position ourselves as a simple and clear exchange so that it will be easy for users to choose it and learn how it works. Everything else – an easy-to-use interface and a variety of functions based on current best practices – is a gift for the right choice.
  • A large number of traders fail to lose money.
  • Statistics from different assets trading markets vary but overall, more than 70% of traders lose money on exchange transactions.
  • Pain points that are still present.
We have never heard of NASDAQ or NYSE being hacked while cryptocurrency exchanges are hacked every month. Delays in sending requests and confirming transaction data in major cryptocurrency exchanges can take several minutes (for example, during peak activity), whereas in fiat exchanges, traders have long struggled to gain access to the same milliseconds of data or split seconds earlier than others. This problem certainly disappoints many trading companies or professional funds – so that may be the reason why they still survive.


Our understanding of the needs of the major trading parties in digital exchange boils down to the concept of “Traders looking for liquidity and investors need profits.”
  1. Liquidity and profitability
  2. Reliability
  3. Sustainability “Return to battle”
  4. Concepts: game elements from exchanges, buttons, etc. “Title and status”
  5. Conditions of use
  6. Purchase liquidity from “mini exchanges”
  7. IEO Sales
  8. Stock Tutorial


Tokens can be used to pay fees for exchange services, including but not limited to:
  1. Leverage costs
  2. Exchange fees
  3. Services for new tokens
  4. Services that can be paid in the future
Forecast, Call for help, Stop me, Join a group, Save for old age, Work for us, Vanity fair.
  1. Year 1: 50%
  2. Year 2: 25%
  3. Year 3: 12.5%
  4. 4th year: 6.75%
  5. 5th year: No discounts
  6. Number of tokens: 200,000,000

IEO stage schedule

  • April 22, 2019: Start the project confirmed
  • June 28, 2019: White Paper completed
  • July 10, 2019: IEO plan announced
  • July 17, 2019: Starting from IEO

Token on fire

The exchange will spend every quarter __% of consolidated gross income to buy and burn tokens. This will continue until 90% of the tokens (8.1 million) are purchased and burned and the remaining 900,000 tokens.

Why digital exchange?

At the end of 2017 – beginning of 2018, cryptocurrency updated its historic highs. Then there was a period called “crypto winter” when prices of many currencies were returned to the same level as in early 2017. During that time, cryptocurrency as a new sector defined their position relative to the fiat financial world which still held leadership.
According to our calculations for a more recent period, 197 new exchanges and 5,092 new digital currency projects appeared in 2017-2019. The survival rate is 93.3% per year among exchanges and 62.4% among cryptocurrency projects.
According to research (* 3, * 4), estimates of the survival rate of cryptocurrency projects vary:
* 3 – 12.4% per year
* 4 – 7.7% per year

Is the digital exchange market too hot?

According to statistics (* CMC) and research (* 5), direct cryptocurrency turnover in trade transactions, interbank transactions, and payments for services amounts to USD 306 billion per month. At the same time, the cryptocurrency turnover in exchange is USD 3,960 billion per month (* 6), which is 11 times more.
  1. Monthly average exchange rate: USD 9,340 mn
  2. Monthly average exchange rate (excluding TOP 10): USD 5,940 mn
  3. Monthly average exchange rate (excluding TOP 30): USD 1,550 mn
  4. Monthly average exchange rate (excluding TOP 100): USD 630 mn

This estimate is not a revenue projection.

The exchange does not have enough statistics to estimate income based on the behavior of its own users, and only relies on data from open sources. One indicator provided by BTI shows that the difference in actual turnover is 100 times once TOP 30 is excluded from the calculation and Bitwise claims that “95% of the reported Bitcoin volume is fake.” In addition, this calculation will not serve as a basis for decisions on investing in our exchange or buying our tokens. Remember that the cryptocurrency sector is still very young and is associated with a variety of risks that are difficult to predict.

In addition, this calculation will not serve as a basis for the decision to invest in our exchange or purchase our tokens.

Remember that the cryptocurrency sector is still very young and is associated with a variety of risks that are difficult to predict.

This exchange also uses additional sources of income:

  1. Services to the new cryptocurrency
  2. Margin loans
  3. API access
  4. Other resources.
We estimate a potential share of the additional income of 25 to 90% of exchange income other than trading costs.

Main cost categories:

  1. Development of new services, continuous improvement in security and exchange throughput
  2. Branding and marketing, training courses for the user community, fees for attracting new active users
  3. Management fees, legal and licensing fees, taxes and fees associated with partner involvement
  4. Options and costs for maintaining or increasing the motivation of the team or key employees
  5. Other costs, including one-time costs and regular deductions.
A number of details about the MAINFINEX project hopefully can help spread the news about the MAINFINEX project to be more embarrassed and more successful. thanks.

To get clearer and more accurate information please visit the link below:

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Author: Sandieego
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MAINFINEX – The Most Trusted Digital Assets Exchange
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