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[IEO] EZ365 - Digital Asset Ecosystem Play Trade Learn.

About the project and its features

As for this concept, EZ365 is in front of us networked, digital ecosystem in which they interact three major components. Each of which will be responsible for its special properties and prospects. Surely to deepen in the concept of EZ365, us it will be important to consider in more detail each element, we will start with its first unit dedicated to – EZ Win. If in a nutshell to Express the meaning of EZ Win, its main task lies in the gaming platform, on the basis of which will be presented a huge number of games, both gambling and cyber-sports. At the same time, this will include such related areas as sports betting and other level sports sweepstakes. The second digital direction EZ365 will – EZ Exchange a sort is a specially designed payment gateway through which users of the system will be able to trade and share their assets. Closes the top three digital agencies EZ365 – EZ Academy. As for EZ Academy, its main function is to increase the education of the General population and educate them in the field of digital technologies.


However, despite all this diversity, people are increasingly faced with all sorts of types of fraud that simply scourge our generation, as alternative scenarios are still very small. And all because, in the traditional format of all these events, many still lay a win-win position for their house of games. That in turn leads to excessive negative, both on the part of the participants and other related authorities accompanying this industry. Worsening the situation of already distressing Affairs.
But it is good that there are such activists and undoubtedly, respectively, specialists in whose minds new, high-quality and very promising ideas are formed. Thanks to which, we can learn new facets of the possible. So, I present to you a new, incredible and unique concept, developed on the basis of the blockchain called – EZ365.
Of course, the cryptocurrency boom of 2017 pushed a huge number of people to think about why not dive into a surprisingly new world of technological opportunities and prospects. Of course, each of us has found in this aspiration something of his own. Someone considered this direction as an investor, someone as a trader, and someone decided to use the alternative advantages of the blockchain structure for their commercial and entertainment purposes. It is one of them that we will talk about today.
I think most of the modern population can not imagine their lives without entertainment and recreation. If before, it was the norm to work hard and rest at a minimum. Now most of the younger generation every year spends more and more time on entertainment and other various kinds of auxiliary leisure. This can easily be attributed and online gambling, and sports betting, and even cyber sports. In short, you can find any kind of entertainment that best suits your taste and soul.


I think many of you read my previous paragraph thought EZ365 does not represent any unique offers. And its structure is very similar to similar blockchain projects. In fact, I will ask you not to hurry with such conclusions, as complete concept EZ365, is fundamentally different from similar structures. And the first difference is that the built-in three integrated areas, are complementary structures, without which the quality, level and services EZ365 would be at the smallest level. What we in principle show similar projects. In the second place is a convenient and transparent environment EZ Win, on the basis of which all entertainment processes will take place, as well as any changes in the supply of games, and other rewards associated with this digital sector. The third difference includes a simplified structure and convenient navigation EZ365 ecosystem, allowing in real time to use to the maximum all technical capabilities embedded in the blockchain structure and all the corresponding elements.


As for the internal unit, the founders EZ365 decided to go a little further than all their predecessors, and offered all its members the world's first stock exchange (IEO). Which will be transformed further in their own utility markers EZ365 with the total number of shipments 200 million units. It is possible to purchase these shares right now, and their trading will last until October 31, 2019. So do not miss your chance to become happy owners of new markers. The distribution of tokens will look as follows:


Undoubtedly, the depth of the capabilities structure EZ365 is so huge that describing it here would take me at least four thousand words. But Alas, as part of my brief review, I do not see the point to bore you with such detailed information, since you can study it yourself on the technical document of this project. As for my own opinion, I highly recommend that you pay attention to EZ365 and get to know him much closer.
And to make this acquaintance at the highest level, I have prepared all the necessary official and social resources of the project. Where you will have the opportunity to complete a structured dive into the world of amazing capabilities of ecosystems EZ365 and all its benefits. That's all! Thank you for your attention and see you soon!

The official resources of the project EZ365:

Author: Sandieego
My ETH: 0xc57F5E28B98a12c8f4cC3f4C02d8B77546deF545


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[IEO] EZ365 - Digital Asset Ecosystem Play Trade Learn.
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