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[IEO] 2Local - stands for global sustainability and prosperity


Project Summary

On this occasion I will discuss 2local which stands for global sustainability and prosperity through local and sustainable purchases that can be accessed by everyone to make. by using intelligent designs in the form of digital currencies for consumers and affiliated companies based on innovative blockchain technology. Local is the idea of creative entrepreneurs who like to come up with innovative solutions and apply them to non-profit goals. Our vision is to reduce poverty and world hunger and solve the climate problem. Developing an L2L Token is a preparation for a Stablecoin based on the algorithm associated with the cashback system. One reimbursement is given to each transfer, which, together with the profits in the system, is returned to local participants if they are sustainable and / or buy local products from affiliated companies, ie the company can prove that they are local and sustainably produce.
The core values that are being developed are competitive personal interests that turn into a cooperative bridge of a building, facilitated by the 2local cashback system. The vision of this project is to be inspired by cultural relativism that is far from a conservative closed group supporting symbiosis for everyone. This we reach only one person a small amount of money to ask for a part to take. As for the mission of seeking mutual solidarity through changing the power competition into cooperative connections in 2 local communities facilitated by 2 local cryptocurrency. Our strategy is broken by standards, using blockchain technology to work innovative updates.
For the marketing strategy this project will do as many companies and consumers as possible to participate anywhere in the world. One SMS payment of € 2.50 makes this easy. Has participated in a sustainable company no bank fees. The cashback system handles it for more customers and customer loyalty at no additional cost. They get free advertising, more potential customers and larger ones can be found through the market on the internet website. More and more people are becoming themselves aware of the current unfair money system and world poverty and exhaustion. Consumers who are aware or disadvantaged can get money back when they join an affiliate company.

Join ICO And IEO Now

Keep in mind Everyone who buys an L2L token will receive this in a digital wallet, one smartphone, in his own account. 2 Local Android applications are available earlier than ICO, the local iOS 2 application will be newer available. You can easily use the user's QR code to transfer the L2L token amount to one account. ICO began on September 1, 2019 and continued until December 2, 2021, when 2local was aired. The number of ICO tokens issued was 330 trillion, 3% of which came from pre-ICO contributions, 3% incentives, 44% supply limits and 50% stable reserves.

Information detail :

Author: Sandieego
My ETH: 0xc57F5E28B98a12c8f4cC3f4C02d8B77546deF545


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[IEO] 2Local - stands for global sustainability and prosperity
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