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BYZBIT — Tokenized Papermill Factory

The paper production industry.

The industry is shifting geographically, which is resulting in declines in North America and Europe while numerous countries around the world build up new paper industries. This high rate of production is threatening increased environmental destruction.
There is this platform that I came across though which is clenched on the advancement of technology to provide better paper mill services for service providers, merchants and paper consumers in both Ethiopia and across the globe. It’s meant to focus on paper mill manufacturing industries which utilize agricultural waste materials that serve as its main raw materials to produce tons of paper every single day.


This will convert a conventional manufacturing factory set up to a sophisticated smart digital manufacturing to ensure production of high-quality output using agricultural waste products. The company will adopt integrated smart energy which will make production of paper more efficient in numerous ways and also avoid interruption of operation since smart energy will be provided as a smart solution for power needed by the operation.


The Paper Mill Factory utilises innovative solutions to achieve its objectives of producing paper. It intends to do this by using agricultural wastes such as rice straws, teff straws, bagasse among other material inputs to produce papers in jumbo rolls after which it will be distributed to manufacturing firms whose main focus is smaller size papers.
These raw materials will be obtained from the country of origin, which is Ethiopia, while power for production will be generated using Smart Renewable Energy, promoting a greener environment.
The platform’s native token will be used by all participants for the exchange of values among participants of the paper mill economy.


The BYZBIT (BYT) wallet will use all major wallets that support ERC-20 token. The portal will use security features such as:
Strong password encryption.
> Email verification.
> 2FA authentication.
These security features will ensure safe and trusted transactions involving paper transactions within Ethiopia and its surrounding regions.BYT compatible wallets will be ERC-20 compatible wallets such as Imtoken, Myetherwallet, Coinomi etc. For simplified use, though, wallets with mobile apps are preferred.


> BYT tokens will be backed up fiats, agricultural resources and paper mills.
> The team will give Airdrops but not in an excessive manner as this could devalue a token very easily. The airdrop will be rewarded to investors with huge juicy bonuses during the private sale/IEO.
> The current BYT token price is 0.3 dollars, and the IEO price will be 0.5 dollars which mean investors will be in legal profit of 66.66% from their investments.
> BYT tokens can be directly bought from their official site, and you can manage your dashboard.
> They are going to be listed on Vindax, Coinlim, Mercatox and numerous more. To support the market, they will be doing buyback during the IEO.


Join the rest of excited investors in the BYT IEO and become a part of the reason why we will achieve greener earth for our children and generations to come. Any course to save the environment is always one that is worth it!

For more information, please visit the site below:

Author: Sandieego
My ETH: 0xc57F5E28B98a12c8f4cC3f4C02d8B77546deF545


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BYZBIT — Tokenized Papermill Factory
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