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Integrating into the business model of blockchain technology and neural networks makes the process fair and honest. Based on the achievements of modern digital technologies, Allbebet creates a platform on which millions of people can play with each other, place bets, obtain predictions and analytics, freely withdraw the winning, and communicating within the platform create teams for joint bets.
The solution implemented on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain and smartcontracts will allow to play and win with no fear of falsification. Smart-contracts protect funds and automatically distribute winnings basing on the bets’ terms and results, and AI speeds up this process providing reliable data from original sources. All this makes our platform unique and favorably distinguishes it from bookmakers. The ALLBEBET model is a guarantee of safety of funds and 100% transparency of the outcome of the bets.

PRODUCT is a platform for sports and e-sports betting establishing direct connection between users based on blockchain technology and smart-contracts. Introduction of blockchain technology in the current bookmakers business model allowed us to create an environment with total lack of control over users and their funds by any third party.
Application work logics is based on smart-contracts which helped to achieve total performance and constant conditions thus solving a lot of problems with biased attitude to users from bookmakers. All operations on the platform go in ALB tokens which helps to be protected from the influence of external factors. Intelligent analytics and rating system allow users to totally focus on gaming process forgetting about any restrictions.

Technical Solution:

1. Interactive Web platform.
2. Mobile betting apps for IOS
3. Telegram bot for betting
4. Wallet
5. An intelligent ratings and Analyticsused

Applied Technology:

1. Blockchain
2. Statistical Modeling,
4. Deep Learning,
5. Collective Intelegence


The use of Blockchain will solve the main problems in the field of betting . Blockchain technology provides full transparency of transactions and guarantees the reliability of data. No one will be able to cancel or change your bid because it is impossible to affect the recording on all network nodes. Using a distributed registry protected by cryptographic algorithms will increase the level of security and trust of users.
  • Initial Bid Refund
  • The player can correctly guess the outcome of the event, but the bookmaker will return to him only the amount of the bet instead of winning. This is permitted under the rules of the bookmaker, which rarely undergoes changes. Players often do not read the user agreement and remain at a loss. The standard justification for cancellation is that the odds were set incorrectly. However, the losing party is not returned to the players. Bookmakers often use this trick, trying to cancel large winnings, crediting smaller amounts “to maintain activity.”
  • Fight Successful Players
  • Bookmakers are doing everything to identify and select successful players who often win. If the bookmaker suspects you are a “professional player”, he can set a limit for all games and for individual events, often reducing the allowed amount of your bet to a minimum. In general, bookmakers always set favorable restrictions for them that do not allow players to earn money.
  • Hacking Centralized Architecture
  • Used online services can no longer provide the necessary level of security. Hacking, accompanied by the theft of personal information and money of users, occur everywhere.
  • Withdrawal Obstacles
  • Bookmakers often use all means to save their money as long as possible, crediting money to win takes a lot of time, payments are delayed, additional verification procedures are carried out. In some cases, you have to write additional claims for the withdrawal of honestly earned funds.


  • Bet conditions go to smart contracts which cannot be changed by any third parties or the Allbebet platform. Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Neural network algorithm of user activity ranking allows to accurately assess player’s activity on the platform. For every effective action the platform adds rating and bonus points to players which can be used in other ALLBEBET services.
  • CHAT.
  • Built-in multilingual chat. Opportunity to create groups to communicate with players, fans, clubs.


  • Token name : Allbebet (ALB)
  • Token issuing platform : Ethereum
  • Standard : ERC20
  • Fractionality : 0
  • Total number of tokens :
  • 1 round : 1% of total emissions
  • 2 round : 3% of total emissions
  • Emission intensity : Additional issuance is not possible
  • Issuer : Allbebet OÜ
  • Trading pair : ALB/ETH


  • Possibility to place bets inside the platform.
  • ALB token exchange to another cryptocurrency or Fiat in a few clicks.
  • Section “Auction” allows you to buy on the platform goods and services of clubs, players, sports partners, for the ALB token.
  • The ability to produce associations with partners and playgrounds, will allow to integrate fully or partially the token ALB into their infrastructure for acquisition mutually beneficial.


  • Exchange placement : 9%
  • Stabilization fund : 75%
  • Operational needs : 3%
  • Team : 10%
  • Advisors : 3%
The Allbebet team understands the complexity of the ETH network and its bandwidth for full-fledged implementation betting platforms. Based on this, we engaged razrabotkoi architecture own blockchain to its platform and for other industry participants. At this point to run the platform and test MVP, we chose ERC20 standard.


  • Raman Dolny
  • CEO, Executive Director
  • Dmitry Yakimovich
  • СОО, Operations Director
  • Aleksandr Melushev
  • CTO. Technical Director
  • Artur Karapetyan
  • Head of business development Department
  • Aleksandr Emelyanov
  • Full stack developer
  • Efimov Dmitry
  • Head of machine learning Department
  • Vladimir Golovko
  • Doctor of technical science. Professor
  • Sergei Bezobrazov
  • Candidate of Technical Sciences. Head of
  • department of neural networks design
  • Sergey Anfilets
  • Machine learning development engineer
  • Egor Mikhno
  • Software Engineer, Auto-Encoder Systems Developer
  • Valery Kasyanik
  • Software engineer. Sports analysis systems Developer
  • Vladislav Koval
  • Head of Marketing and PR Department
  • Sergey Andreev
  • Head of sports partnership. Senior manager
  • Roman Romanenko
  • Community Manager
  • Vladimir Nita
  • Senior lawyer


  • Q1 2017
  • The beginning of an idea. Start of research and market analytics.
  • 1st quarter of 2018
  • Staff recruitment and team building. Confirmation of a hypothesis.
  • Q2 2018
  • Design and development of neural network algorithms for sports analytics.
  • Q3 2018
  • Development of a basic platform.
  • Q4 2018
  • Data processing. Collection, analysis and markup of data for training a neurointelligence that can predict events.
  • 1st quarter of 2019
  • Development of web and telegram interfaces for sports betting through smart contracts.
  • Q2 2019
  • MVP will release on smart contracts. Conclusion of an agreement with partners.
  • Q3 2019
  • The first round of public sales. The release of MVP, the telegrams interface for sports betting @allbebet_bot on smart contracts.
  • Q4 2019
  • The second round of public sales. Release the platform. Start developing mobile and desktop applications.
  • Q1 2020
  • Registration of a gambling company, as well as licensing of gambling – a license on the Isle of Man and Curacao.
  • Q2 2020
  • Release of mobile applications on android and ios. Career in sports associations.
  • Q3 2020
  • The introduction of a neural network module (collective intelligence) into the platform. Report analytics, indicators.
  • Q4 2020
  • Further training of neurointelligence is based on data from the module (collective intelligence).
  • 1st quarter of 2021
  • A public presentation of a neurointelligence capable of predicting the outcome of football events.


Author: Sandieego
My ETH: 0xc57F5E28B98a12c8f4cC3f4C02d8B77546deF545


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