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SYNCHROBIT (ICO) - Hybrid P2P Digital Assets Trading Platform🔥



Blockchain is a technical advancement designed to minimize pain point, solve real problems and remove friction. And of course there is a bitter truth that trade finance is presently full of irregularities, inefficiencies and that industry is opened to fraud. The use of paper has to be replaced with digitized operations, and blockchain will be of use in this information. Trading supply chain has been very complex and difficult for past. This technical advancement can reduce time of processing, remove paper use and save money when trying to ensure transparency, trust and security. These are the importance of blockchain in trading. Before the lunching of this project, people have been having issues with trading which includes delayed processing, insecurity and so on. But with the lunch of this new project now, the problems have reduced to minimal level.
The first type all-round digital values exchange medium for exchanging of all cryptocurrencies, energy, precious metals, commodities type, and so on, with both minor and main cryptocurrencies with innovative solutions for both beginners and professional traders, including binary exchange, options, margin exchanging and so on.
SynchroBit is an extended market venue which consist of both flat and cryptocurrencies for exchanging of different kinds of digital assets. Trading with SynchroBit token on will be with zero amount.
Transparency and accountability factors are well understood by the people using it. SNB Token holders derives benefit from the leading-edge transparency of ETH blockchain in all ramifications of transaction.
Cryptocurrency and SYNCHROBIT together with partner platform will majorly be integrated by SNB Token. As this will lead to the increase in the uses of SNB Token in the blockchain ecosystem
SNB Token is highly endorsed and Supported by best cryptocurrency exchanges which also include BTC-Alpha, CoinLim, CREX24, CoinsBit, LiveCoin, and Mercatox at ICO phase and will be officially be stated on all leading centralized and decentralized exchanges after ICO in 2020
Newpeople using SynchroBIT will be allowed to trade like professional trader by making their trades and transactions much faster, easier, smarter, cheaper, and better than ever before.
SynchroBit is an innovative and multilayered medium that gives its users with the most diversified markets to exchange all types of digital assets in P2P manner, with both flat and major cryptocurrencies.
Unlimited and continous development is an important part of SynchroBit platform. Is a progressive digital assets exchange medium that is presently available and open to the users. The present version of version INIZO which will be developed through the coming versions include DELTA, SIGMA, OMEGA and Covenant. SynchroBit users will have full access to; trading solutions and tools, trading of all kinds of digital assets with both fiat and cryptocurrencies, high liquidity caused by strategic alliance with major trading platforms in the market, 24/7 discussions and chat with support on phone and electronic mail


Buyers of SNB Token will immediately receive their token after successful purchase and bonuses will also be received six months after ICO on first come first serve method.
Tokens allocate for public sale = 60% (immediate delivery)
Tokens allocate for private sale = 3% (2 years lock up)
Tokens allocated to Pre-ICO Sales = 2% (6 months lockup)
Bonus = 9% (6 months lockup after ICO)
Airdrops, Promotions and Bounty = 1% (6 months lockup after ICO)
Team and Advisors = 10% (24 months lockup after ICO)
Reserve = 15% (24 months lockup after ICO)



Use of Funds

Funds raised from SNB Token ICO will be used under the supervision of SBC-Legal and EY.
Supporting Exchanges
SNB will be stated on all major centralized and decentralized cryptocurren


Author: Sandieego
My ETH: 0xc57F5E28B98a12c8f4cC3f4C02d8B77546deF545


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SYNCHROBIT (ICO) - Hybrid P2P Digital Assets Trading Platform🔥
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