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Hawk Network – Distributed Intelligent IoT Technology Infrastructure

Hawk Network is the world’s leading distributed intelligent Internet of Things, combining edge computing and blockchain technology to provide enterprises with a new generation of IoT technology infrastructure with lower access costs and more efficient availability. Hawk Network relies on intelligent hardware, uses big data technology as the starting point, balances production and ecological elements with blockchain distributed books, and finally realizes the goal of global Internet of Things. By transforming the new economic model, the Hawk Network combines digital ID and multiple encryption technologies to enable smart terminals, IoT businesses, and users to move unimpeded in the Hawk Network network, ensuring asset and data security. We believe that an era of universal intelligence perception has arrived
The Hawk Network project was incubated by Canada’s UB.GROUP and Klaytn, a blockchain platform owned by Kakao Korea. UB.GROUP is a large-scale Internet of Things, and a smart travel multinational company with 30 million users, and operates in dozens of cities around the world. UB.GROUP has strong R&D capabilities in intelligent hardware, Internet of Things, and blockchain. Kakao is a Korean social giant with 50 million users. Kalytn is Kakao’s blockchain platform, which includes the world’s best blockchain technology and business team. UB.GROUP and Kakao are very optimistic about the development of the next generation of Internet of Things, especially the combination of edge computing technology, 5G technology and blockchain technology. They believe that the next generation will bring the global Internet of Things to a new different level.
  • Edge Computing
Edge computing is an intelligent computing model in which part of the computing power is shared by terminal devices.
  • Big Data
After the data is calculated by the many nodes devices, the data is uploaded to the distributed database to form big data.
  • Blockchain
The terminal smart device completes the edge calculation, the data is uplinked, and the blockchain becomes the repeater and connector of the data.
  • Smart contract
Multi-level embedded smart contract that supports programmable contract development and provides standardized contract templates and interfaces.
  • Intelligent Terminal
Interested node decentralized investment data collection terminal to prevent source data entry from being tampered with.
  • Trusted network
Blockchain network after edge computing by distributed intelligent terminal.
Derrick Fu – CEO
Gary Xiong – CTO
Louis Liu – CSO
Marico Wu – CMO
Faye Tone – CPO
Chris Massot – Operation Director
  • OCT.2018
Project research and project started in October 2018
  • DEC.2018
Complete project planning and overall design
Complete the relevant underlying technology selection
Research and docking intelligent hardware interface
  • FEB.2019
Complete economic model design
The first edition of the white paper was drafted
The first DAPP application BHK pre- sale official online line
  • APR.2019
Complete the edge calculation technology demonstration
Complete the Intelligent IoT Gateway Agreement
Complete technical architecture
  • JUN.2019
HawkNetwork starts underlying coding
Start private fundraising
Start global channel promotion
Community Partner Recruitment
Recruitment of city partners
  • OCT.2019
Start IEO Global Meetup
The first Dapp is online
The first equipment started mining
Top exchanges start trading HAW
Author: Sandieego
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Hawk Network – Distributed Intelligent IoT Technology Infrastructure
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