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Most traders cannot analyze various existing exchanges and as such find it hard to decide on the exchange to trade with. As someone whom has turned into a expert in this space, I do my analysis on various exchanges and I can reveal to you the one to use for your trading activities. There is this exchange that has dazzled me with its great prospects and I would love to introduce you guys to it so you can use it as a marketplace to trade cryptocurrencies. The exchange is called EARNSBIT, I will enlighten you more on this exchange.


EARNSBIT is a platform made for trading of cryptocurrency and other digital currences. EARNSBIT is basically a centralized commercial center for trading and exchanging of cryptocurrency. I have reviewed the exchange and I can strongly reveal to you that EARNSBIT is the most secure and efficient with superior exchange I have gone over.
So the point of EARNSBIT is to make a platform that is user-friendly, straightforward, secure and all the more pleasing for trading of cryptocurrency.
Now let’s go through the features of EARNSBIT exchange


EARNSBIT is only the exchange that stances with every one of the highlights that a decent and standard exchange should have. Give me a chance to analyze the great features of EARNSBIT exchange
EARNSBIT was joined with all essential trading techniques and systems to make trading simpler for everyone. EARNSBIT gives a quick and ongoing trading knowledge.
EARNSBIT exchange is extremely secure and 100% kept from any kind of attack. There is affirmation that the user's assets are sheltered on this platform and nothing can temper with it. Indeed, even digital crooks and programmers can't think that its simple to attack this exchange. The EARNSBIT exchange will store every one of user's assets on cool wallet.
The EARNSBIT exchange offer a normal user administration to the users of the platform. The help multilingual language to offer services of the required users at day in and day out. So in the event that you have any questions, the team are constantly accessible to offer you adequate services.
The EARNSBIT exchange pull in low exchange cost. There is an additionally a zero exchange expenses in this platform yet is for the partners of the platform.


EARNSBIT is the primary exchange in the crypto space that shares it’s acquired revenue with the users of the platform. This income will be shared among the partners of the platform i.e those that hold the platform local token (ESBIT). The EARNSBIT exchange will share about 60% of their pay with the platform partners.
There is likewise a win program in EARNSBIT exchange. The platform offer dealers a 100% rebate on trading expenses on the off chance that you are a partners to the platform. This implies on the off chance that you hold the ESBIT token, you will be given opportunity to enjoy free trading on EARNSBIT exchange.
There is additionally a referral program where one can refer and earn in EARNSBIT exchange. Users are allowed the chance to acquire ESBIT token by referring individuals into the platform and win a ton of cash into your account. The EARNSBIT exchange has assigned around hundred millions token for the occasion.


Just as I have been stating before, the platform has a local token called ESBIT; it is an utility token based on ethereum blockchain. The ESBIT token will be utilized to propel the activities of the platform. It very well may be utilized to pay exchange charges, trading expenses and much more. Holding the token is only the most ideal approach to enjoy the services offered by this platform.


There are so many individuals willing to be among the partners of this platform. So this the chance to snatch the ESBIT token appropriate from the EARNSBIT exchange.


Just I have been saying earlier, the platform has a native token called ESBIT; it is a utility token and it was built on ethereum blockchain. The ESBIT token will be used to enjoy the services of the platform. It can be used to pay transaction fees, trading fees and many others. Holding the token is just the best way to enjoy this platform.


There many people willing to be among the stakeholders of this platform. So this the opportunity to grab the ESBIT token right from the EARNSBIT exchange.



Symbol: ESBIT

Total Supply: 200.000.000
IEO: 80.000.000
Price start: 0.07$
Price end: 0.14$
Hard cap: $8,400,000
Soft cap: $2,000,000$


Author: Sandieego
My ETH: 0xc57F5E28B98a12c8f4cC3f4C02d8B77546deF545


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