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Relatively recently, we have already raised the topic of medical care in our modern society, and came to the conclusion that the topic of health care still has much to grow. Since people receiving at least some medical care make up only 20% of the total mass of people from around the world. In fact, these statistics can be even worse, because of the same 20% of people who receive quality medical care on time is less than 2-3%. And all because so many people just can not afford to banal various medical procedures and examinations, which are very expensive.


Of course, for such purposes, various insurance companies were created, the main purpose of which is to provide all the necessary range of medical services in time and cover all the associated costs. But alas, not all people have the opportunity to allocate such round sums for regular health insurance, which as we know in private insurance companies are very expensive. Some vicious circle is obtained. The improved health care system, which has fully decided to use modern technologies for the benefit of society, intends to break it. I wonder what I'm talking about?! Then don't get distracted and read my review until the very end.

About the project

The project I want to present to you today is called BAMBOO. The name of this project was chosen not by chance, as bamboo is the identification of the very natural force of nature, where there is both endurance and growth rate, as well as resistance to external indicators and other factors. Therefore, the name BAMBOO is fully consistent with the very subject of the project which will be discussed now. So, what is BAMBOO?!
BAMBOO is, I'm not afraid of even this word, a unique blockchain project, which together with artificial intelligence and machine learning, intends to produce innovation in the health care system. If we talk about this process in simple words, the BAMBOO project aims to provide mass insurance for all members of its network. At what to do it in a stable, reliable and most secure form.

Peculiar properties

ACEAH wellness intends to provide this structure of actions, thanks to which the integrity of the quality of life of all participants of BAMBOO will be formed, as well as a number of shortcomings of the current health care system will be eliminated. Naturally, in order to maximize the effectiveness of their ideas, it is necessary to take concrete action, the implementation of which will immediately lead to a positive result. Therefore, the founders of BAMBOO and its accompanying structure ACEAH wellness, identified a number of issues on which they turned their attention.
  • the first thing they started with was the General availability of health insurance for all their members;
  • the second action was aimed at the implementation of reliable and transparent security structures, the main purpose of which is to provide a permanent database based on blockchain technology. This structure will allow all insurers to create high-quality policies based on a flexible data system;
  • the third action, which will allow to fully form the BAMBOO ecosystem, includes the unification of all service providers, that is, health insurers, various medical professionals, as well as ordinary users of the community. All this in the long run intends to bear fruit as a result of which all will benefit;
  • and the fourth action, which has also had an impact on the structuring of the BAMBOO system, is to eliminate outdated and ineffective health insurance and health care structures in General.


BAMBOO has a huge variety of visual advantages and they all lie in the availability of services provided by the system. After all, the main principle of the BAMBOO system is that its business model directly interacts with health providers, as well as a common database with available data analysis. Moreover, the constant interaction of the system with its insured users allows to eliminate contradictory and false relationships, also to get rid of the ever-increasing cost of health insurance, as well as to offer better and more useful food. Use, which directly affects the condition and quality of the user. Thus preventing chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and many others.
And in order for this system to work even more effectively will be created a kind of biometric testing centers. Where each user of BAMBOO system will be able to receive timely medical examination and to reveal all points on a condition of the health at the moment. I find it very convenient and very necessary these days. Since the emergence of such service centers will reduce the risk levels of various diseases, identifying their origin at the initial stage.


Undoubtedly, in order to provide quality assistance, the ecosystem must be endowed with its own internal token – BBO, with which all transactions and purchases of available services will take place. The token itself is developed on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain and is a representative of the standard ERC-20 token. A total supply of BBO tokens of 1 billion units will be issued. Half of which will be allocated for sale.


Summing up, I want to once again note the high level of preparation of this project, as well as its powerful team, which was able to fully structure their plans and objectives. At the same time, to support their implementation with powerful and modern technologies, with the help of which the high-quality breakthrough in the health care and insurance industry in particular will be made. Moreover, BAMBOO will cooperate with a huge number of medical partners, which in turn will meet the demand of its users in all areas of health.
But to rightly assess the quality of all the above written, it is undoubtedly necessary to try it all on their own experience. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to look at BAMBOO more seriously and study its structure in more detail. After all, in my review, I only touched on the "tip of the iceberg" under which lies a whole ton of information. Learn that you can right now, for this you need to follow at the end of this article. Where, in principle, and waiting for you all the official resources BAMBOO. On it I perhaps will finish, glad to be useful and be healthy!

Official resources of BAMBOO project:

Author: Sandieego
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