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The massive use of smartcontracts in recent years has led a revolution in investments which many investors could not just resist but have to follow that flow. Since then so many people has become exposed to using the new ERC-20 model of cryptocoins alongside the dapps thay comes with it. Not knowing to the majority of the investors that there are some fake projects disguising to be real yet scamming those who who fall into their net. Now its about time to take caution with the way investments are done to avoid jumping into the wrong ethereum based project. But how will investors recognize this types of false platform, that has become a challenge for them that they need such a smart program that will facilitate the correctness of the investments they make. This is what the $mart Fund program has come to do.
As a means of providing solutions to the problems which lasted for so long in investments, many developers have been made to give airdrops through ICO to raise the needed revenue they needed by then some took that as an opportunity to do wrong by scamming those who ventured into their project. Now to some large extent, some has taken ICO Fundraising as a big problem affecting the cryptocommunity are even the government are making policies to go against the fraudulent activities they do the it even those that was a misuse of the program. But there is no need to settle for any of that since we can get the best from $mart fund services which makes investors able to take control of their services, knowing when and on what crypto to invest and taking the right chances. This one doesn't require the limitations of people joining it and is not dangerous in anyway.
This investment ecosystem uses different suitable smartcontracts for all of its services, thus establishing a balance for the users as they use the ethereum tokens with it. It is a perfectly decentralised network capable of making so much profits within a short while for the users. It has lucid profit making plans and makes use of the ethereum chain so well to realise its plan and for useds to get dividends from constantly generated revenue. They will keep growing and never get restricted as they use the Innovation.
The solutions provided by $mart funds is in two forms, there is one that affects or concerns the developers of the platform and the other which concerns the investors adopting or investing in it. The processes are automated and all that is done is as a result of the perfect decentralisation of the features available. That covers the investments process and all that is done with the unique dividends fund token of the network ($FD). That makes all the operations transparent enough with the presence of smartcontracts. The profits of the users will keep increasing and owners of the $FD will keep having the advantages and the sum wiol keep increasing as they use it more. This platform has a great plan for startups to grow into independence as players in the same vast market. All manner of investment project will find the platform to lean on for growth without been affected by price or whatever might keep affecting the market. The price of $FD will be seen to be very stable and not wavering. That would help grow any investor that takes time to build on this ecosystem. Other decentralised application will find a network to thrive upon even as they support it. The token will be relevant also on EOS chain likewise on TRON as the perfect public chain where it can also find expression. Using it won't be hindered on any public chain.
This ecology have the best conducive network for all smart investments to get great profit model afterwards. The investors will have so much to benefit from this solution to investments that has been discovered. Voting will be the perfect means of deciding anything and for regulating all activities in the community. For all investors that wish to be ahead and achieve great profit, this is the best ecosystem to use.
Author: Zee MinHo
My ETH: 0x46025d00C3b8F2d00616713CfE6438eC6F098542 


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