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HubrisOne - MVP on IOS & Android🚀⭐Marketplace, Fiat-Crypto, Lending, Debit Cards +More!⭐

HubrisOne, is a mobile application that will completely revolutionize the dynamics between cryptocurrency and
the banking sector. At present there is little or no trust between traditional banking and
user crypto currencies . We plan to integrate traditional banking with cryptocurrency, and provide this service to the masses
through an open, honest and fully trustworthy infrastructure that is easy to use and easily understood by
newcomers to the digital currency market and veterans alike.
The HubrisOne team introduces a functional utility token known as Hubris Token (HBRS), which
will be used in HubrisOne applications and infrastructure, as a store of value, a way to transfer funds,
accept platform access, discounts, and are used as a form of payment along with HubrisOne debit
When you read our whitepaper and business plan, we hope you are also aware of the broad market of
opportunities, the problems we solve and why we are passionate about the future.
When you read our whitepaper, please note that the following information is based on
services and solutions that we believe will bring to the market, and this is not only an idea, but also
real services that can be followed up are examined. The illustration of the application you are viewing is
copyright and is an actual screenshot of proof of our upcoming concept which will be released
on October 15, 2018.
HubrisOne, is a cryptocurrency wallet and traditional fiat bank account that is combined into
a regulated, compliant , smart, Apple and digital Android application. We focus on combining the benefits of both
strong, seamless industries.
We have designed HubrisOne to be easy to use, safe and smart. HubrisOne is more than a digital
cryptocurrency-friendly bank account. This is a statement to the world that we believe cryptocurrency is here to stay
and they must be taken seriously.
Our vision
Our vision is to become a liaison between the old world of finance and banking with the new Indonesian world of
cryptocurrency. In a new, safe, orderly and user friendly manner.
There is a need for regulated, trusted, and licensed go / platform solutions that provide assistance to new
investors entering the cryptocurrency market, while still maintaining the importance of their trusted banking system
every day. We must not make the mistake of trying and eradicating banks but to improve
the current processes and services offered by utilizing technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrency.
We aim to become the world’s first digital cryptocurrency bank, fully complaints and regulated in
United Kingdom
Just imagine, your daily banking facilities, accounts and cryptocurrency wallets are side by side.
Banking is made digital, safe, and friendly to digital currencies.
Funding Results: Distribution
Development (40%) 24/7 Live Chat – 5 Languages
Continuous research and development, processing, design and testing costs to
Access all account support directly from the
HubrisOne Application. We will make contracts and in some cases, recruit the best to the HubrisOne team HubrisOne
and experienced developers in the fintech industry
Operation (20%)
Operational costs, in many cases, fixed costs associated with most businesses,
personalized and customized for you and you
include office fees, global contact agents to serve 24/7 bank accounts, salary
account requirements
for HubrisOne employees and teams, exhibition fees for promotion, travel, human resource
expenses and subscriptions for SaaS solutions to run HubrisOne every day.
Marketing (20%)
We will implement an aggressive social media strategy, because of the mass appeal of our products that we have allocated
20% of the revenue to get new users. We will mainly run online social media and advertising platforms to
efficiently track ROI.
Security Infrastructure (15%)
Because of the sensitivity of our digital banking solutions, we need to apply
strict security and compliance standards. Therefore, we will recruit compliance, security, and regulatory experienced
specialists on the team board. The team at HubrisOne
understands the importance of creating a reliable and safe alternative digital banking solution.
Partnership (5%)
Partnerships will be key to our business model, and as a result, we will create a number of employees (recruiting) two business
development managers and partnerships to ensure we partner with the best blockchain and non-blockchain
services to join our Open Partner Platform.
Information :
Author: Zee MinHo
My ETH: 0x46025d00C3b8F2d00616713CfE6438eC6F098542


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HubrisOne - MVP on IOS & Android🚀⭐Marketplace, Fiat-Crypto, Lending, Debit Cards +More!⭐
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