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Every day tons of waste is produced throughout the world. Whether it is biodegradable waste or plastic or waste that cannot be decomposed. Less than 30% is recycled and the rest is usually sent to landfills or disposed of illegally. Errors in handling used tires are a serious threat to our environment. EMJAC has created solutions that integrate block chains and green technologies to efficiently manage and recycle used tires and provide a global marketing platform for renewable energy products.
The Blockchain, which began to emerge as a real-world technology option in 2016 and 2017, is ready to change IT in the same way as open source software did a quarter of a century ago. In the same way as Linux which takes more than a decade to become the foundation for modern application development, Blockchain may take years to become a more economical and efficient way to share information and data between a network of open and private companies.
Based on distributed topologies, P2P (peer-to-peer), blockchain or DLT (distributed general ledger technology) allows data to be stored on thousands of servers worldwide, allowing anyone on the network to see all other inputs in real time This makes it difficult for users to control or play with the network.
Emjac, in an incident that was published for five years, the block chain has been violated, generally through cryptocurrency applications such as Bitcoin. Even smaller block chains with fewer nodes (or computers) are vulnerable to fraud, and potential thieves gain control of most nodes.
However, for companies, blockchain promises transactional transparency: the ability to create a secure and real-time communication network with partners around the world to support anything from retail chains to payment networks, real estate and health data exchange.
The recent use of this relatively new technology is evident because the DLT, basically, represents a new paradigm of how information is shared; Vendors and technology companies, of course, are quickly learning how to use DLP (leded ledger technology) to save time and administrative costs. Many companies have implemented, or plan to launch, real pilot programs and projects in various sectors, from financial technology (FinTech), to medical care, mobile payments and global shipping.
Promote soil conservation through waste for green energy initiatives. Use the latest Blockchain technology to solve the global problem of used tires. Reducing illegal disposal of used tires. Increase the traceability of global exhaust tires from sources to recycling plants. percentage of global waste tires recycled with green technology. Ensure long-term sustainable energy supply throughout the world. Providing commercial solutions and platforms for providing waste tires, logistics and ecosystems to produce
EMJAC: Encouraging Environmental Change through the Waste Initiative into Energy through:
Take advantage of the latest Blockchain technology to complete global tire waste deposits
Reducing the disposal of illegal tire waste by creating value for tire waste
Streamline and track the movement of waste tires from sources to recycling plants
Increase the percentage of recycled global waste tires in an environmentally friendly way
Provide long-term, sustainable and renewable energy supplies throughout the world
Providing trading solutions and platforms for inventory, logistics and used tire products
Details of IEO Tokens 
Offered Tokens - 350 million
Soft Cap (Public IEO) - $ 8 million
Tokens Distributed - 30 days after the token sale ends
Token Info
Token - EMJ
Platform - Ethereum
Type - ERC20
PreICO price - 1 EMJ = 0.08 USD
Price in ICO - 0.1100 USD
Token Allocation
-70% Product Development
Marketing / Partners - 7%
Team & Operations - 20%
Prizes - 3%
2016 Q1
Concept Generation
Assemble Team
2016 Q2
Proving that the concept can work
The strategic plan
White paper is complete
Q3 2016
The land for the refinery is sealed
10 Engineers joined EMJAC
2017 Q2
Our Technology Partner, ECSB, provides Pioneer Status with a 5-year Exception Tax from the Malaysia Investment Development Authority (MIDA)
2017 Q3
TRU PROJECTS are secured for recycling tire waste
2017 Q4
Strategic Partnership & MOU
Successful "TRU" R & D with 4 components extracted
2018 Q2
Pre marketing with strategic partners
2018 Q3
Official Approval
DOE Agreement and Government Agencies
2018 Q4
Legal work
Final Legal Consultation
2019 Q2
Partnership and Strategic MoU
2019 Q3
Launch of IEO
Partner Exchange
Register on the Exchange
2019 Q4
Launch of MVP Beta
Launch MVP with search functionality
2020 Q1
MVP with Launch Testnet
EMJAC Marketplace Beta Launch
2020 Q2
Launch of MainNet Beta
Irrigation with the EMJAC Mobile Application
Executive team
MK Kwan - Founder
Chu Wong - Co-Founder
Wan Afif - Green Project Advisor
William Koo - Marketing & Branding Advisor
Eugene Tan - Green Project Procurement Manager
Ridzuan Said, PhD. - Konsultan TRU ECSB
Adnan Ahmed Siddiqui -CTO & Advisor Blockchain
Javeria Naveed -Marketing Manager
Ankit Kumar -Blockchain Developer
Gopinath Sheregar - Technology Partner, IoTracX CXO
Shyamsundar Purkayastha - Tech Partner, IoTracX CTO
Further information
Website -  https://www.emjac.io/
Author: Zee MinHo
My ETH: 0x46025d00C3b8F2d00616713CfE6438eC6F098542 


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