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DABANKING - Decentralized Gaming Platform | New Era Of Play & Earn by DAB token backed by ETH

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As we very well know,in our world today, there are things that spice up our day to day activities. After work we want to rest, relax and get our mind busy with something soothing. There are a lot of means by which we can ease ourselves from stress, and they include singing, listening to music, dancing or GAMING. There are so many games on our mobile phones and on net that will typically blow ones mind. Rating from educative games to adventurous games, its innumerable.

Lets take you into the crypto-gaming market 

Since the year 2008, when Mr Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin till date, it has brought about a turnaround in the world's system today, since Bitcoin is highly transparent and trust-able, as a plus the blockchain technology and the birth of Ethereum platform added bubbles to the party, as time went on Blockchains as the likes of Tron, EOS,STEEM and the rest of its kinds are by the year steadily moving to a state of perfection, thereby paving way for the Decentralized Applications [DAPPS] season. 

What are DAPP?

Dapps are decentralized applications that runs on a peer-to-peer Utility Blockchain networks. this blockchain allows developers to spread Dapps to different sectors, rating from entertainment, finance, gaming, real estate, healthcare, insurance and the whole lot of them.


DABANKING is a gaming platform that is interested in what is in vogue, catch up with it and make it better.They have just one mindset and focus, they look forward to becoming a pioneering Utility Blockchain platform that will create a suitable environment where Dapps can be built with and on decentralized entertainment services, encompassed in transparency, fairness and ultimate user experience.

What a Blockchain Gaming Market should consist of?

Currently, the gaming industry has experienced a tremendous growth, following statistic in October 2017, about 2.3 billion users are making use of industry services, thereby causing an influx of huge revenue at the sum of $105 billion yearly. The one basic issue that game developers has to deal with is the inability to differentiate and to prove the ownership of assets/properties in a game. This has unfortunately brought about constant fraud scenario. Through the use of smart contract, users will be rest assured that they are entitled to receive assets when they are connected to the blockchain.

Valuable features of games on the Blockchain Technology

  • It tracks and authenticates the ownership of digital asset types.
  • It easily exchanges digital assets with high liquidity.
  • It reduces the cost for intermediaries
  • It integrates blockchain into games, thereby increasing competition against local games.
  • It secures payment system that based on blockchain.


I want you to know that DAB token is a token that will run the DABANKING platform and DAB is used as a token platform for the development of DABANKING community . Remember, DABANKING is planning to create their own blockchain and when this is finally done, this DAB token will in the nearest future be swapped to DABANKING blockchain from ETHEREUM blockchain .

This swap is expected to take place when DABANKING blockchain is finally launched.

Interestingly , DAB token has a total supply of 200 million DAB token and users can only obtain DAB token via a mining process on the DABANKING platform. It is so serious that even the DABANKING Developer cannot obtain DAB token in any other way except through the use of MINING WALLET to mine DAB the token.

In mining DAB token successfully, there are certain things that are expected of users who are interested in mining.

First, users are requested to buy what is Called “TREASURY PACKAGED” This treasury packaged can be bought with a minimum amount of $200 worth of ETH. Also according to Developer’s discretion, users can buy up to a maximum amount of $5000 worth of treasury package.

I will like you to know that the TTRESURY PACKAGE is calculated in value at the time a user deposits ETH and the ETH is confirmed by the blockchain . That means the deposited ETH for the TREASURY PACKAGE has to get confirmed before its value can be calculated. if there is an increase in price between the time a user Deposits ETH and the Time the ETH is actually confirmed , that means the value of the TREASURY PACKAGE will increase accordingly .And if the there is a fall in ETH price the price of TREASURY PACKAGE will also reduce but the reduction cannot exceed 3%. In case the ETH price reduces more than 3% , the deposit will fail and the user will be requested to start the deposit all over again.

Token Distribution

  • Amount of token released 100%
  • Dab Token Reserve Fund 90%
  • Product development 3%
  • Marketing 3%
  • Partner 2%
  • Reserve DAB token 2%



Author: Zee MinHo
My ETH: 0x46025d00C3b8F2d00616713CfE6438eC6F098542 


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DABANKING - Decentralized Gaming Platform | New Era Of Play & Earn by DAB token backed by ETH
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