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CryptoWalletWatch! - The World's First Hardware Crypto Wallet Watch

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I am sharing with you a great future project of Crypto wallet.Crypto wallet watch is the graet and well secure project launching in upcoming time. As a matter of course, most equipment wallets educate the client to associate with the maker’s very own web interface. The site page can’t take the client’s private keys however can keep an eye on them or deceive them into acknowledge counterfeit installments.

About Crypto wallet watch:

A hardware wallet is a physical electronic gadget that is intended to ensure a person’s digital currency assets by verifying their private keys. Putting away your private keys disconnected forestalls against this, as programmers would need to physically take your equipment wallet so as to access a client’s private keys.
To date there have been no irrefutable occurrences of Bitcoins stolen from equipment wallets. Equipment wallets are moderately new, yet at any rate for now they have kept up a decent reputation, dissimilar to the various occurrences of Bitcoin burglary from Internet-associated PCs.
In any case, comprehend that equipment wallets are a high worth target and rely upon different suspicions maintaining look after security. They are not a silver projectile, and there are a few sensible manners by which an equipment wallet can neglect to ensure your Bitcoin. These dangers should be painstakingly viewed as when choosing how much trust to put in an equipment wallet, and which equipment wallet to purchase.

Pre Ico :- theCryproWatch

What does an investor get?

XCW — Utility Security Gibrid Token

Utility — You can buy watch with a token. The watch costs 400 XCW.
Security — token is also a security that provides you with the right to receive dividends.
At the beginning, the watch will only be sold for tokens.
Then it will be possible to purchase it using ordinary money (fiat and cryptocurrency). Thus, we will provide dividends for all our investors.
We will also ensure the buy-back of tokens through sales.


21 days 9 hours left
Starts in 21 days 9 hours
(2019–07–02)– (2019–08–03)
Token Deatail According Round :-
Token Information:-
Token name: XCW
Platform Token: Ethereum
Token type: ERC20
PreICO Price: 1 XCW = 0.0002 ETH
Price of ICO: 1 XCW = 0.001 ETH
Sales Tokens: 10,000,000
Min. investment: 0.01
Receiving Payments: ETH, BTC, BCH, and LTC
Soft cap: 200 ETH
Hard cap: 6,000 ETH
10 000 000 XCW
1 round — 1 xcw = 0,0002 eth
2 rounds — 1 xcw = 0,0004 eth
3 rounds — 1 xcw = 0.001 et.
Token Distribution :-

Hardware encryption clock

The device is based on reliable security features that store encryption assets and support digital payments.
The Secure Element (SE) protects against unauthorized interference.
It is designed to withstand intricate attacks and can safeguard your app and the hosting of confidential and password data.
SEs are commonly used for credit cards, SIM cards, or ID cards.

CWOS — The world’s most stable operating system.

Supports 85 coins + all ERC-20 tokens.
We are already working on our own CWOS operating system.
After the watch is released, it replenishes the number of coins available.


Crypto Watch App

A convenient, free app for your computer and mobile phone.


We pay much attention to design. There are currently four models.
Displays all possible color and strap options until the end of the STO.
You can select the model you want.theCryptoWatch

Owned DEX

Distributed exchanges are inevitable future. We plan to develop our own DEX.
You can trade coins directly in your app without worrying about security issues.theCruptoWatch

Road map

Watch case production
03. CWOS Development02.07.2019–02.09.2019
04. Application development02.07.2019–02.08.2019
05. Sending waths to customers25.09.2019–10.10.2019
06. Listing on exchange02.10.2019–10.10.2019
06. DEX Development02.07.2019–02.02.2020


Aslan Gabdushev
Author: Zee MinHo
My ETH: 0x46025d00C3b8F2d00616713CfE6438eC6F098542


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CryptoWalletWatch! - The World's First Hardware Crypto Wallet Watch
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