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CCUniverse (UVU) - Electric Cars and Innovative Housing

CCUniverse (UVU) - Electric Cars and Innovative Housing

About CCUniverse UVU
Firstable You must know what it is CCUniverse. We are a young project which is considering to make real things in crypto marekt and at the world. The base of our activity is to make something real for the community and for cryptoworld using a blockchain technology.Our idea is building a whole network of our infrastructure like: crypto ATMs , rental electric cars with charge stations, and innovations at real estates market. CCUniverse got sure that our efforts will bring to people awesome things and it help them to get the adventages from blockchain and cryptocurrency.We are focused on discovering and at the same time taking care of the welfare of the earth and the environment. CCUniverse will be focus at any innovation which is made to use renewable energy sources, because it is the future as like a blockchain technology.  
Decentralized wealth is for us the tool to make such a big things in the world. It will be the power of whole UVU coin - we got very strong background.Our investors could see in any moment our progress at the streets and take satisfy because their investitions. We choose for the begin an Europe to build their our infrastructure because there are still big gaps in it. It is our chance to be visible very quickly. 
CCUniverse UVU 
UVU Coin its a token of CCUniverse Project. We are combined with three programs that bring blockchain technology closer to the people. It is a crypto ATMs program at the local areas. Electric Cars Rental Real Estate with innovative and fancy technology such as the geodesic dome.

1st ATM device location.

We want build crypto ATMs network at local areas to improve cryptocurrency infrastructure and bring decentralized coins to the people. 
We are blockchain project which combined to 3 groups of activity in infrastructure.
1):  We are standing ATM's at local areas
2):  Electric Cars Rental program
3):  Innovative Real Estates program 
All this programs will be connected with our cryptocurrency ekonomy ! 
UVU CoinThis whole idea its real value at cryptocurrency & blockchain market.This is why we are unique - not like other virtual projects -which create only immeasurable things. We want to produce/build real things for people. 
To help them to get access for cryptocurrencies by ATMs at local areas. To test electric cars or rent it for buisness trip or other activities which will be not allowed in such an area like our locations in Europe.And then we want build our real estates which will be provide by innovative technology and projects like : geodhesic domes (fullers dome) or prefabric house/ shipping container houses.Our target for ICO is about 50 BTC . 250 000 USD. Its not so many as other programs so we really believe to get it fast and start to our priority actions. 
Our programs for 2019-2021
Ccuniverse from the vision and idea to real changes in people life and environment. High technology and new ideas which You will enjoy. Exclusive and unique combination of features and blockchain elements will allow our users to change the world toegheter. 
Implementation of highly developed technology for people life. We want to show that nice idea could be organized and completed not only designed and promised.
1. ATM+Electric Cars programs2019-2020
2. Prototype houses2020-2022 

Visional Programs

from 2021
ATM ProgramSetting up the highest technology devices to make buy/sell transactions with fee only 1%.

Profits1 device

Electric Car RentalNewest model of electric cars to rent with CCUniverse. It will be huge opportunity for car fans and also typicall users to test it and taste ecological machines.

Profits1 rent car

Building SectorInnovative real estates by own project isnpirated by shipping containers/ tiny prefabric houses or geodhesic domes structures – it is the revolution in building sector which can turn the expensive estates to the new level.  

CCUniverse - Cryptocurrency for technology fans


1. The reason for the creation:
Lots of great and very useful ideas that would make everyday life easier for people, or improve its quality with attention to the environment is wasted due to inadequately implemented implementation process, or lack of resources. 
2. Our targets:
We want to build a dozen farms related to our three programs.Then continue working on the currency and strengthen it with the next challenges in 2021 and beyond.CCUniverse want hire and cooperate with most interesting and talented people from high-technology or sience sector.Thanks to which we will not only build, but also discover fascinating things. 
Token Information
3. MAX SUPPLY: 310 M
4. ALGORITHM: Stellar
Token Distribution
1. Token Sale: 60%
2. Bounty: 1.5%
3. Legal: 3%
4. Management & Advisory: 5%
5. Product & Business Development: 15%
6. Marketing & PR: 8% 
CCUniverse UVU Roadmap
  • Q1 2019Vision: preparing details, developing of factors,building team, performance resources.
  • Q2 2019Get minimum 50% of the year target funds (50 BTC),
    Setting up 5 machines till end of Q2 in 5 different locations.
    Be prepared for initial 2nd phase of the project: rental car electric :3 cars by end of 
  • Q2 / Q3 2019.Exchange listing of token,
    Coinmarketcap listing,
    Increase of initial price of token.
  • Q3 2019Setting up additional 5x ATMs farms,
    Starting with renting electric cars (3 cars fleet),
    Preparing details and infrastructure for 3rd phase-real estates. Completing plans and documentations,
    Summit of CCUniverse first year activity.
  • Q1 2020Scalling up all 2 phases according own funds from tokens and ROI of ATMs and mostly car rental.
    Last prepare for 3rd phase and type locations and buying lands for houses to start earliest
  • Q2 2020.​Running official APP for easiest finding and navigating our projects and resources.
CCUniverse UVU Team
Przemysław KamińskiCEO
Tomasz KonickiFormer Marketing Planner
Tomasz SzymczyszynDevelopment Manager
Anton Del MelStrategic Consultant
Lalit BansalAdvisor
Author: Zee MinHo
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The massive use of smartcontracts in recent years has led a revolution in investments which many investors could not just resist but have to follow that flow. Since then so many people has become exposed to using the new ERC-20 model of cryptocoins alongside the dapps thay comes with it. Not knowing to the majority of the investors that there are some fake projects disguising to be real yet scamming those who who fall into their net. Now its about time to take caution with the way investments are done to avoid jumping into the wrong ethereum based project. But how will investors recognize this types of false platform, that has become a challenge for them that they need such a smart program that will facilitate the correctness of the investments they make. This is what the $mart Fund program has come to do.
As a means of providing solutions to the problems which lasted for so long in investments, many developers have been made to give airdrops through ICO to raise the needed revenue they needed by then some took that as an opportunity to do wrong by scamming those who ventured into their project. Now to some large extent, some has taken ICO Fundraising as a big problem affecting the cryptocommunity are even the government are making policies to go against the fraudulent activities they do the it even those that was a misuse of the program. But there is no need to settle for any of that since we can get the best from $mart fund services which makes investors able to take control of their services, knowing when and on what crypto to invest and taking the right chances. This one doesn't require the limitations of people joining it and is not dangerous in anyway.
This investment ecosystem uses different suitable smartcontracts for all of its services, thus establishing a balance for the users as they use the ethereum tokens with it. It is a perfectly decentralised network capable of making so much profits within a short while for the users. It has lucid profit making plans and makes use of the ethereum chain so well to realise its plan and for useds to get dividends from constantly generated revenue. They will keep growing and never get restricted as they use the Innovation.
The solutions provided by $mart funds is in two forms, there is one that affects or concerns the developers of the platform and the other which concerns the investors adopting or investing in it. The processes are automated and all that is done is as a result of the perfect decentralisation of the features available. That covers the investments process and all that is done with the unique dividends fund token of the network ($FD). That makes all the operations transparent enough with the presence of smartcontracts. The profits of the users will keep increasing and owners of the $FD will keep having the advantages and the sum wiol keep increasing as they use it more. This platform has a great plan for startups to grow into independence as players in the same vast market. All manner of investment project will find the platform to lean on for growth without been affected by price or whatever might keep affecting the market. The price of $FD will be seen to be very stable and not wavering. That would help grow any investor that takes time to build on this ecosystem. Other decentralised application will find a network to thrive upon even as they support it. The token will be relevant also on EOS chain likewise on TRON as the perfect public chain where it can also find expression. Using it won't be hindered on any public chain.
This ecology have the best conducive network for all smart investments to get great profit model afterwards. The investors will have so much to benefit from this solution to investments that has been discovered. Voting will be the perfect means of deciding anything and for regulating all activities in the community. For all investors that wish to be ahead and achieve great profit, this is the best ecosystem to use.
Author: Zee MinHo
My ETH: 0x46025d00C3b8F2d00616713CfE6438eC6F098542 
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HubrisOne - MVP on IOS & Android🚀⭐Marketplace, Fiat-Crypto, Lending, Debit Cards +More!⭐

HubrisOne - MVP on IOS & Android🚀⭐Marketplace, Fiat-Crypto, Lending, Debit Cards +More!⭐

HubrisOne, is a mobile application that will completely revolutionize the dynamics between cryptocurrency and
the banking sector. At present there is little or no trust between traditional banking and
user crypto currencies . We plan to integrate traditional banking with cryptocurrency, and provide this service to the masses
through an open, honest and fully trustworthy infrastructure that is easy to use and easily understood by
newcomers to the digital currency market and veterans alike.
The HubrisOne team introduces a functional utility token known as Hubris Token (HBRS), which
will be used in HubrisOne applications and infrastructure, as a store of value, a way to transfer funds,
accept platform access, discounts, and are used as a form of payment along with HubrisOne debit
When you read our whitepaper and business plan, we hope you are also aware of the broad market of
opportunities, the problems we solve and why we are passionate about the future.
When you read our whitepaper, please note that the following information is based on
services and solutions that we believe will bring to the market, and this is not only an idea, but also
real services that can be followed up are examined. The illustration of the application you are viewing is
copyright and is an actual screenshot of proof of our upcoming concept which will be released
on October 15, 2018.
HubrisOne, is a cryptocurrency wallet and traditional fiat bank account that is combined into
a regulated, compliant , smart, Apple and digital Android application. We focus on combining the benefits of both
strong, seamless industries.
We have designed HubrisOne to be easy to use, safe and smart. HubrisOne is more than a digital
cryptocurrency-friendly bank account. This is a statement to the world that we believe cryptocurrency is here to stay
and they must be taken seriously.
Our vision
Our vision is to become a liaison between the old world of finance and banking with the new Indonesian world of
cryptocurrency. In a new, safe, orderly and user friendly manner.
There is a need for regulated, trusted, and licensed go / platform solutions that provide assistance to new
investors entering the cryptocurrency market, while still maintaining the importance of their trusted banking system
every day. We must not make the mistake of trying and eradicating banks but to improve
the current processes and services offered by utilizing technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrency.
We aim to become the world’s first digital cryptocurrency bank, fully complaints and regulated in
United Kingdom
Just imagine, your daily banking facilities, accounts and cryptocurrency wallets are side by side.
Banking is made digital, safe, and friendly to digital currencies.
Funding Results: Distribution
Development (40%) 24/7 Live Chat – 5 Languages
Continuous research and development, processing, design and testing costs to
Access all account support directly from the
HubrisOne Application. We will make contracts and in some cases, recruit the best to the HubrisOne team HubrisOne
and experienced developers in the fintech industry
Operation (20%)
Operational costs, in many cases, fixed costs associated with most businesses,
personalized and customized for you and you
include office fees, global contact agents to serve 24/7 bank accounts, salary
account requirements
for HubrisOne employees and teams, exhibition fees for promotion, travel, human resource
expenses and subscriptions for SaaS solutions to run HubrisOne every day.
Marketing (20%)
We will implement an aggressive social media strategy, because of the mass appeal of our products that we have allocated
20% of the revenue to get new users. We will mainly run online social media and advertising platforms to
efficiently track ROI.
Security Infrastructure (15%)
Because of the sensitivity of our digital banking solutions, we need to apply
strict security and compliance standards. Therefore, we will recruit compliance, security, and regulatory experienced
specialists on the team board. The team at HubrisOne
understands the importance of creating a reliable and safe alternative digital banking solution.
Partnership (5%)
Partnerships will be key to our business model, and as a result, we will create a number of employees (recruiting) two business
development managers and partnerships to ensure we partner with the best blockchain and non-blockchain
services to join our Open Partner Platform.
Information :
Author: Zee MinHo
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BEACON ETHEREUM - A rapid transition to Proof-of-Stake

BEACON ETHEREUM - A rapid transition to Proof-of-Stake

Ethereum Beacon aims to become the world's computer for the next generation of decentralization applications.
To do this, we are building a new, highly scalable blockchain that will introduce a number of sophisticated solutions, including sharding, validator-based PoS consensus protocols, and enhanced Beacon Assembly. This project will solve Ethereum network capacity problems that are delayed without compromising security system.  
At the same time, it will promote the ideals of democracy distributed through the Proof-of-Stake scheme, which will equalize the opportunities of all transaction validators, from individual GPU users to large mining operations. This and many other solutions will make EBEA the most important programmed money designed by Ethereum.  
New consensus system.
Ethereum Beacon will bring network capacity to a new level by introducing a system of validating revolutionary transactions. Chain of central PoS - key chain - will be responsible for storing and updating the validator registry. 
To become a validator, users need to make a security deposit, which will minimize the risk of abusive behavior. The key chain will also process the block-by-block consensus and its own cross link - a confirmation set by the validator that makes it possible to insert shard segments into the key chain.  
In short, it will be the basis on which the sharding system is built. The combination of internal consensus and crossing, independent validation in each shard, and storage system will create a fast, efficient and safe network environment that can easily scale and accommodate dApps of all type. 
Validators will get a stable return on their deposit investment, while the transition to PoS will solve the problem of energy waste and achieve real decentralization - free from mining agricultural hegemony.  
Sharding - the most efficient way to measure
In Ethereum Beacon, there is no need for each node to confirm each transaction. Instead, the network is divided into many fractions - segments of the country that work independently, confirm different transactions and are empowered by different sets of validators. Fractions interact with key chains through cross-links - special messages indicating that fractional conditions with recently confirmed operations can be safely inserted into the main chain. Because the confirmation number is still high, security will not be compromised in Ethereum Beacon. 
Implementation phase
1. Phase Alpha:Transition to a new PoS / validation system
2. Beta Phase:Implementation of Basic Sharding
3. Gamma Phase:Sharding with EVM / EWASM
4. Phase Delta:For asynchronous cross-sharding, exponential sharding, and so on 
Implementation Roadmap 
1. Alpha phase:
Transition to the new PoS / validation system (Q3 2019 - Q1 2020) 
- Snapshots of the Ethereum network 
- August 8, 2019, 20:00 GMT; 
- Free distribution of EBEA tokens after photos to ETH users; 
- Launch of the gift campaign; 
- Launch the key chain PoS test (main-work-proof chain and key-joint-chain evidence); 
- Guarantees from users who wish to become validators on PoS key chains;  
2. Beta phase
- Implementation of Basic Sharding (Q2 2020 - Q4 2020) 
- Initial implementation of the sharding system integrated with key chains; 
- Test new consensus and validation procedures will work in it: pseudo-random block maker and finalizers selection, voting mechanism, block finalization, creation of cross-links and receipts, forwarding collection data to key chains, storing receipts on Merkle trees, committee size, etc .; 
- Sharding will not be used to carry out actual transactions at this stage; 
- Introduction of rules for selecting shard block forks (contingency rules), header verification, body verification, and crosslink verification.
3. Gamma phase: 
Sharding with EVM / EWASM (Q1 2021 - Q4 2021) 
- Complete state migration to new key chain networks; 
- The original PoW chain will become obsolete; 
- Full implementation of sharding, including confirmation of transactions and recording of account balances made on individual fractions; 
- Prizes for validators; 
- Development of the Ethereum Beacon Assembly 
- a faster, more portable alternative to the outdated Virtual Ethereum engine; 
- Test the Assembly of the Ethereum Beacon on the selected fraction.
- Migrate to the Assembly of Beacon Ethereum in the remaining pieces.
4. Delta phase:
Sharding cross, exponential sharding and so on (Q1 2022 - Q4 2022) 
- The remaining dApps migration from the old virtual machine to Beacon Assembly; 
- Develop new applications using a new virtual machine; 
- Further work on asynchronous and synchronous cross-shard transactions; 
- Start working on exponential sharding
All ETH holders are entitled to completely free Ethereum Beacon (EBEA) at a 1: 1 ratio after the blockchain snapshot on August 8. Click the button to claim your token now.
We also run a bounty campaign, which allows you to get more Ethereum Beacons - please see the FAQ section for more info. 
And to get clearer information you can directly click through the link below:
Author: Zee MinHo
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Blockchain Media Group - Unbiased Blockchain Media (BMCG)

Blockchain Media Group - Unbiased Blockchain Media (BMCG)


Computerized reasoning (AI) and blockchain are two of the most discussed advances over the most recent 10 years, and their improvement has prompted significant and promising developments. The possibility of combining them is especially engaging. The potential gainfulness of these two advancements is relied upon to achieve billions sooner rather than later. Gartner, a worldwide innovation think-tank, appraises that the AI-created business worth will achieve about 3.9 trillion dollars by 2022, while some anticipate that the blockchain market will be beneficial. around 23 billion dollars in 2023. 
The main impetuses behind this to a great extent foreseen development are expanded acknowledgment, just as potential use cases that have showed up in the two zones. The AI, in fact not another innovation, has played a conspicuous job in the innovation world for as long as two years. While we are still a long way from completely thought machines, AI has been conveyed in everything from advertising and deals to assembling and even social insurance. This innovation has turned into a significant piece of most organizations' arrangements.
As per Mckinsey and Company, 47% of organizations reviewed have incorporated AI into their tasks in at any rate one section and 78% arrangement to expand interest in innovation sooner rather than later. Blockchain is on a similar way, with certain enterprises receiving this innovation when positive conclusion is developing. In this manner, the use of blockchain innovation in the field of correspondence is no more peculiar and there are numerous organizations with numerous ventures concentrating on this issue, ordinarily BLOCKCHAIN MEDIA GROUPventure.


The objective of the Blockchain Communications Team is to give clients fair-minded news and day in and day out inclusion for everything in the Blockchain framework. The's organization will probably give IPTV and communicate Internet TV benefits that will communicate video news about blockchain and electronic cash. The organization will likewise convey portable applications that enable clients to get to these administrations in a hurry and at whatever point they pick. Notwithstanding TV news, Blockchains Media Group will communicate a blockchain revealing radio every minute of every day, just as give web recordings to your listening joy. The organization needs clients to utilize their media in any language they like.
The Communications Group Blockchain Plan furnishes you with certain parts of utilizing the Blockchain News and media. The organization needs clients to believe the media you use on our stage, so we guarantee to give a genuinely objective, straightforward and instructive stage for every one of their clients. me. The organization intends to give this office to clients as online TV IPTV/online TV, just as versatile applications for usability by the greater part. Notwithstanding giving Blockchain and TV/radio 24-hour news, the organization will likewise give fair publicizing to open tasks. Such a large number of blockchain news suppliers are one-sided and give data intended to push perusers in a specific course.
The BCMG code is an ERC-20 token, propelled into the Ethereum arrange. As an individual from ICM BCMG, clients will approach the BCMG token sooner than any other person. The organization offers 10% buy rewards for the initial three phases in ICO, of which 3,000,000 tokens will be sold at each stage. BCMG token will be utilized to buy promoting space, just as pay for our substance makers just as reserve the further improvement of our stage so we can give you the best administration accessible.
To sell token, the group will utilize the ethereum token dependent on ERC-20. They will flow for some time, yet the organization will investigate all the Blockchain highlights and advances that they can plan to adjust to make BCMG token fruitful, turning into the essential installment technique for their stage.
The Blockchain media group will be devoted to furnishing clients with straightforward and moral data about everything identified with Blockchain. The token itself will be utilized for an assortment of purposes, including, yet not restricted to, pay-for-content makers, used to pay for promoting in our system and too. theoretical items for our financial specialists. The token will enable the organization to make BCMG and furnish it with genuine worth.
The Blockchain Media Group gathering is disillusioned the Blockchain Media of the present framework and the manner in which business is finished. It pushes out little network ventures and they believe it's out of line. On the off chance that you don't care to accomplish something, take a stab at evolving it, correct? This is actually what the Blockchain Media Group chose to attempt to do here and they trust that you will go along with them.
The proposed Blockchain media gathering uses Trust Wallet, the official Binance wallet to store your token. Simple to download by means of Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
Control token BCMG does not furnish the administrator with any property or enthusiasm for the organization or on the stage. Token BCMG does not give any rights to partake in controlling organization the board, setting up arrangements or stages.

Details of the project token




The Blockchain Media Group will be committed to bringing you straightforward and moral news with respect to everything Blockchain. The token itself will be utilized for a huge number of purposes including however not constrained to things, for example, paying substance makers, used to pay for promoting on our system just as capacity as a theoretical resource for our speculators. The token will enable us to make the BCMG and give it genuine worth.
To learn more about this project, visit the links below:
Author: Zee MinHo
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