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Zoptax - Disrupting VOIP with Blockchain


If someone says that in the next five to ten years, the telecommunications industry will completely change: we are (almost) anywhere calling (almost) anywhere without limitation. time but cheap or free, do you believe it " 
If someone says that in the next five to ten years, the telecommunications industry will completely change: we are (almost) anywhere calling (almost) anywhere without limitation. time but cheap or free, do you believe it "
Like 20 years ago, when it comes to computers (personal computers), having a date in every house is impossible. Only about 10 years later, the development of Intel and Microsoft with the emergence of a series of software and hardware has changed the computing age today.
That phone engineering perspective is becoming more and more realistic. The soonest the problem will be!
On September 12, eBay, the leading Internet auction and sales company, announced it was buying Skype, a small company that produces software that enables users to talk to each other over the Internet. and regular phone calls (home, mobile) at very cheap prices. A company like Skype with a total annual income of only $ 60 million that has been solicited by eBay for $ 2.6 billion, and will pay an additional $ 1.5 billion if Skype fulfills other requirements in the coming years, it is a news that shocked the market in general and the field of informatics in particular.
The reason eBay buys Skype company is because Skype technology meets the needs of sellers and shoppers easily exchange with each other. Skype is one of the leading companies that know how to use Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology, which has the potential to exploit and benefit consumers. Currently, because the software is free and convenient, Skype has about 54 million users, and every day there are 150,000 new users to register. Through broadband broadband Internet (broadband), though not comparable to regular phones, the quality of Skype provided today is acceptable. With cheap prices almost free, Skype is a big competitor of existing phone systems. Niklas Zennstrom, one of the Skype's founders, said: "
Many other companies are also adopting VOIP research, but Skype is still the current champion. VOIP not only reduces the cost of making phone calls but also provides many other convenient services including voice mail, conversation, images, etc. In the future, computers or mobile phones will operate at any anywhere in the world once connected to the Internet without having to pay or if it is also very low. It is possible that at that time no one will have to pay for the phone anymore but pay for the broadband Internet connection with many services provided at the same time. To enhance the results of VOIP a project called Zoptax has adopted this technology based on the blockchain platform. So what is Zoptax?

About Zoptax

Zoptax is a completely secure and private blockchain-based calling network. Zoptax will solve the security and control of the central agency on VOIP. Zoptax is taking the next step to launch mobile phones, with this application making it the first non-risk-free phone based on decentralized technology. 
With the launch of VOIP platform based on blockchain. Zoptax will release their own token to facilitate the use of their services quickly and safely.
Information about Zoptax token
Currently Zoptax has run their application on Android operating system and will soon be launching apps on IOS. You can experience Zoptax's application here:
Return to the issue code of Zoptax. With the launch of its own token, Zoptax also opened a sale of their tokens to attract investors to contribute capital and benefit from the project. They are conducting an IEO-based token at exmarkets. See details of the token sale here: https://exmarkets.com/launchpad
Benefits of the project
For investors
A limited number of zoptax coins give early investors the opportunity to get high returns with early investment.
For miners
Operators or button owners receive profits from both Zoptax Bone and Zoptax Coin. The exploit tool has a major role in the network because the calls go through these nodes.
For everyone
As one and only one truly decentralized VOIP network, Zoptax subscribers still connect with their relatives without any intervention from centralized government.

Distribute token


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VOIP will be free to talk and will be almost free, but it is unlikely to be free to develop, especially in countries that are still monopolizing phones, telecommunications or dictatorship on the political and economic side. But within the next 5 years, the mobile phone has the function of both a camera and a camera, a computer and is capable of receiving and sending emails or any documents to anyone anywhere in the world. gender with an almost negligible fee. With such means, the issue of concealing information for dictatorships is no longer as easy as before. 
As a pioneering project in the application of VOIP on the blockchain platform Zoptax promises to bring more experience to users and will achieve great success. Readers can learn more about this project through the links below:


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Zoptax - Disrupting VOIP with Blockchain
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