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Rokes Exchange - Blockchain protocol to manage your country in the 21st century

Hello everyone, this new post I want to introduce about a very interesting and good project that is Rokes, and for more details, let's just go to the following discussion:
What is Rokes Exchange?
Rokes Exchange is a trading platform for buying and selling digital currencies, which will be fast, simple, reliable and safe. Rokes Exchange offers the best rates for buying or selling digital currencies.
The company is registered and managed in accordance with Estonian law. All customer transactions that are posted and processed directly with Rokes are governed by Estonian law.
A blockchain based state management tool for modern technology-based countries. Get your country's management efficiency to a whole new level.
What are we doing?
1. Fast setting 
Just import all parliamentarians, government officials and population databases and you are ready and ready to go in less than 30 minutes.
2. 100% safe
Data for each country is stored in an isolated environment. Strong encryption is used for all data and communication, ensuring compliance with international standards.
3. Can be adjustedThis works for every country in the world, regardless of population size and form of government. All features, dashboards and notifications are fully customizable.
Designed for mobility and comfort:
More than 50 great features have been designed to work with leading e-government officials using the state of the art 21 st century software development:
1. Adjustable dashboard
Whether it's overall happiness in a country, unemployment rate, or participation rate in the latest polls or e-voice, you can see everything on the dashboard that is strong and customizable.
2. Advanced e-voting
Generate public polls by simply clicking a button. All citizens and residents can vote on law, discussion, or any issues, using their cellphones.
The CountryOS platform has been developed for cosmopolitan people whose phones and tablets are as important as laptops:
1. Secure communication Our communication layer is based on the Estonia X-Road protocol, enabling the exchange of data that is fully secure and auditable.
2. Strong authentication Various powerful authentication methods are supported, including national ID cards and 3rd party providers.
3. Based on smart contracts Collaborative features are built on Ethereum smart contracts, thus providing a completely transparent and safe voting process.
4. Strong APIs We provide APIs that provide access to various types of data, including aggregated data that is anonymized for statistical analysis
5. Original mobile applications Government officials, parliamentarians and citizens all have a simple and efficient native iOS and Android version. Learn again.
6. Push notifications Notification of upcoming electronic elections and declining reputable party popularity - everything is easily pushed to your phone.
7. Chat with people Create a public forum or open a chat window with government representatives or union leaders.
Strong integration
You can use CountryOS as the command center to do anything basically.
aragon.orgAragon allows you to organize and collaborate freely without limits or intermediaries. Create organizations, companies, and global communities, free of bureaucracy.
Commons Card
Debit card solution 
Too much government debt on your balance sheet? Do not worry! With Transferwise you can pay back all of your foreign debt by clicking one button, faster, and cheaper than before.
The most importantChat with special interest groups and world leaders who understand other technologies. Inject important country statistics into your chat with our special Mattermost extension.
The developer?
Want to integrate your services or specific scripts with Country OS? Our lightweight JSON / REST based API makes this process very easy.
State digital independence. uPort is a sovereign identity system.



To get clear information please visit the link below:
Author: Zee MinHo
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Zoptax - Disrupting VOIP with Blockchain

Zoptax - Disrupting VOIP with Blockchain


If someone says that in the next five to ten years, the telecommunications industry will completely change: we are (almost) anywhere calling (almost) anywhere without limitation. time but cheap or free, do you believe it " 
If someone says that in the next five to ten years, the telecommunications industry will completely change: we are (almost) anywhere calling (almost) anywhere without limitation. time but cheap or free, do you believe it "
Like 20 years ago, when it comes to computers (personal computers), having a date in every house is impossible. Only about 10 years later, the development of Intel and Microsoft with the emergence of a series of software and hardware has changed the computing age today.
That phone engineering perspective is becoming more and more realistic. The soonest the problem will be!
On September 12, eBay, the leading Internet auction and sales company, announced it was buying Skype, a small company that produces software that enables users to talk to each other over the Internet. and regular phone calls (home, mobile) at very cheap prices. A company like Skype with a total annual income of only $ 60 million that has been solicited by eBay for $ 2.6 billion, and will pay an additional $ 1.5 billion if Skype fulfills other requirements in the coming years, it is a news that shocked the market in general and the field of informatics in particular.
The reason eBay buys Skype company is because Skype technology meets the needs of sellers and shoppers easily exchange with each other. Skype is one of the leading companies that know how to use Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology, which has the potential to exploit and benefit consumers. Currently, because the software is free and convenient, Skype has about 54 million users, and every day there are 150,000 new users to register. Through broadband broadband Internet (broadband), though not comparable to regular phones, the quality of Skype provided today is acceptable. With cheap prices almost free, Skype is a big competitor of existing phone systems. Niklas Zennstrom, one of the Skype's founders, said: "
Many other companies are also adopting VOIP research, but Skype is still the current champion. VOIP not only reduces the cost of making phone calls but also provides many other convenient services including voice mail, conversation, images, etc. In the future, computers or mobile phones will operate at any anywhere in the world once connected to the Internet without having to pay or if it is also very low. It is possible that at that time no one will have to pay for the phone anymore but pay for the broadband Internet connection with many services provided at the same time. To enhance the results of VOIP a project called Zoptax has adopted this technology based on the blockchain platform. So what is Zoptax?

About Zoptax

Zoptax is a completely secure and private blockchain-based calling network. Zoptax will solve the security and control of the central agency on VOIP. Zoptax is taking the next step to launch mobile phones, with this application making it the first non-risk-free phone based on decentralized technology. 
With the launch of VOIP platform based on blockchain. Zoptax will release their own token to facilitate the use of their services quickly and safely.
Information about Zoptax token
Currently Zoptax has run their application on Android operating system and will soon be launching apps on IOS. You can experience Zoptax's application here:
Return to the issue code of Zoptax. With the launch of its own token, Zoptax also opened a sale of their tokens to attract investors to contribute capital and benefit from the project. They are conducting an IEO-based token at exmarkets. See details of the token sale here: https://exmarkets.com/launchpad
Benefits of the project
For investors
A limited number of zoptax coins give early investors the opportunity to get high returns with early investment.
For miners
Operators or button owners receive profits from both Zoptax Bone and Zoptax Coin. The exploit tool has a major role in the network because the calls go through these nodes.
For everyone
As one and only one truly decentralized VOIP network, Zoptax subscribers still connect with their relatives without any intervention from centralized government.

Distribute token


Team & Advisors


VOIP will be free to talk and will be almost free, but it is unlikely to be free to develop, especially in countries that are still monopolizing phones, telecommunications or dictatorship on the political and economic side. But within the next 5 years, the mobile phone has the function of both a camera and a camera, a computer and is capable of receiving and sending emails or any documents to anyone anywhere in the world. gender with an almost negligible fee. With such means, the issue of concealing information for dictatorships is no longer as easy as before. 
As a pioneering project in the application of VOIP on the blockchain platform Zoptax promises to bring more experience to users and will achieve great success. Readers can learn more about this project through the links below:
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BILLCRYPT PROJECT -  Creating a global universal decentralized platform

BILLCRYPT PROJECT - Creating a global universal decentralized platform

Today we can see more developments with best nature of the stage with high executions of tech and great combinations framework, and afterward we can see the path for arrangements in future for controling all the nature of biological system and afterward developing the network and item with high worth so will affect all client agreeable for learn and information.
mixes of tech and blends make the nature of venture also and afterward sway the foundation too and bring the fate of the task developing .
today request of the digital money is exceptionally high so will make to improvment for make cryptographic money also in future with high worth and afterward solid the security framework. by blockchain tech that will affect the biological system exchanges great and afterward developing of the network for intrigued .
furthermore, presently I will to show the new of answers for cause the nature of the best approach to make a worldwide all inclusive decentralized stage the Present of BILLCRYPT.
BILLLCRYPT is the incredible of stage with best consept on the grounds that on there is can to explained all the nature of practical and controling integratons framework great and afterward make the developing of the network in future and the item esteem development, and BILCRYPT arrangements of decentralized on system for overseeing and control of the hazard too so this is make all customer agreeable progressed toward becoming and contribute on this stage.
blends tech combinations currently observe Blockchain portrayals this is improvment and make the biological system also and developing the nature of increasing speeds that make all client agreeable.
BILLCRYPT have a decent set up for control the framework and afterward the framework is ensured so this is improvment the venture in future.
BILLCRYPT will be make developing of the business to make too in future, and afterward in future BILLCRYPT will improvment the decentralized and sorting out administration too, and afterward the item in any more area developing.
Gives see a chance to highlight of BILLCRYPT :
First BILLCRYPT is give answers for make best quality on worldwide all inclusive decentralized
and afterward have a decent usage of tech
developing the quality on mixes framework , developing of the network and developing the item
BILLCRYPT is ensured trust framework
have a decent group with have involvement
utilize keen contract that make the environment too
blokchain tech improvement the BILLCRYPT also of the framework
right now BILLCRYPT is make open presale the value 1 BILC = 0.75$
for the base 20,000 BILC/100 ETH
BILLCRYPT is Utility Token ERC20 Standart
Token infomation
SELL TOKEN July 3 - September 30, 2019 or upon reaching Hard cap
ITO price - 1 BILC = 1 USD = 0.005 ETH
Soft cup = 10 000 000 USD = 50 000 ETH
Hard cup = 80 000 000 USD = 400 000 ETH
44% problem = 66,880,000 BILC will be available for sale on ITO
Use of funds 
Evgeny Kulikov , Founder and CEO BILLCRYPT Head of Private Investors Group Rich-Invest
Supervisory crew Lead by an accomplished financial specialist private gathering pioneer
Siarhei Lutsenka , Director of Business Development
Daniel Grieg , Managing Director , Tech Teams' Coordinator
Zahid Imran , Investment financier , Top Advisor , ICO Expert , Representative in the UAE
Users buy BILLCRYPT for future storage and use. To create savings to preserve the value of their funds.
BR publishes and deploys on their project tokens (companies) for users to platform for BILLCRYPT, offering privileges, discounted prices, bonuses, better conditions or for Electronic currency and other fiat currencies, but no privileges. Therefore, the demand for BILLCRYPT is formed, which affects the exchange price and its purchase price. In order to obtain the privileges, investors can purchase any BILLCRYPT amount in advance and keep the necessary amount until the appropriate time.
For more detailed information about the project, please visit the links below:
Author: Zee MinHo
My ETH: 0x46025d00C3b8F2d00616713CfE6438eC6F098542
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[IEO] CryptoMarketAds - Democratize Crypto Advertising & Marketing

[IEO] CryptoMarketAds - Democratize Crypto Advertising & Marketing

Advertising and advertising market for democratic and decentralized electronic money.Considering all these challenges, the market desires a platform to provide bounty hunters market of electronic money, influencers and publishers together. 
The advertising and electronic marketing and advertising and marketing industries have grown unexpectedly in the past two years. Compared to 2017, the number of ICO advertising and advertising and marketing has quadrupled in just one year 2018. An equivalent model has been observed through advertising spending and marketing for the project. Electronic money projects. Currently, the entire market size is about 5 billion USD and is expected to grow in the coming years. We expect it to be nearly 54.8 billion USD by 2021.
This positive rapid growth has created many problems, such as electronic money advertising banned through large corporations, publishers taking advantage by charging up to ten cases compared to other Similar niches, advertising companies and governments also charge more for the same services, etc. It also ended hard with influential people and publishers exactly from the point of view that the market has attracted a lot of frauds and frauds.
Pre-electronic market advertising (CMA) proposes to solve these problems by providing a stable market that can distribute advertisers and publishers together on a fair market platform. and democracy. Publishers and shipping providers will compete with all different marketing and advertising techniques such as offering the lowest prices, strong affordability and on-site communication. Advertisers will be able to perform their marketing and marketing campaigns quickly and reliably except for large financial requests or large advertising and marketing groups.
A democratic and decentralized electronic advertising market - that is the imagination and the prediction behind Electronic Money Market Advertising. Our mission is to not only establish the best market solution for advertising and marketing and advertising electronic money but also create a network of goods and services for agents and international markets.
The CMA wants to change the way agents promote their goods and services through the development of a strong P2P (peer) ecosystem, trusted retailers, and immediate items and services. immediately global through a market community. CMA also wants to provide interactive online devices such as drag and drop market construction tools and the original coin presentation platform (ICO) for markets to ensure the success of all stakeholders.


The CMA envisions the transformation of markets around the world by starting with a market for advertising, advertising and marketing electronic money and related service markets. The CMA will create a convenient entry point into the electronic money market for any new or existing online / offline market in the form of a new electronic money project. This will extend the usual application of blockchain science to other markets and businesses. Publishers in the market will lock up to 5 million in cash to get a 50% bargain for Fees.
If we study the road map, we will see that the CMA intends to lead the world by expanding its services to Europe, Korea, Asia and the American continent. The CMA envisions the transformation of markets around the world by starting with an advertising, marketing and e-money related market. The CMA will create an easy access point to the electronic money market for any new or existing online / offline market in the form of a new electronic money project. This will amplify the basic application of blockchain science to different markets and businesses.
The CMA company talks about creating ecosystems for decentralized markets. A decentralized market is a market structure that consists of a pretty much engineering community that allows buyers to create a market next to a centralized location. In a decentralized market, science gives investors the right to participate in a numbered bid / request and can enable them to trade at the same time with other investors / agents. instead of exchange.
CMA has been featured recently as one of the top three ICO of 2019 through ICOTOP, an independent electronic money rating agency. The challenge has achieved A1; The second highest ranking possible. The market beta has been released and is receiving great reviews on online electronic dialogue boards like Bitcointalk. In just one week, more than 60 publishers have registered to provide their electronic money marketing and advertising services.
The CMA envisions the transformation of markets around the world by starting with a market for advertising, advertising and marketing electronic money and related service markets. The CMA will create a convenient entry point into the electronic money market for any new or existing online / offline market in the form of a new electronic money project. This will extend the usual application of blockchain science to other markets and businesses. Publishers in the market will lock up to 5 million in cash to get a 50% bargain for Fees.
If we study the road map, we will see that the CMA intends to lead the world by expanding its services to Europe, Korea, Asia and the American continent. The CMA envisions the transformation of markets around the world by starting with an advertising, marketing and e-money related market. The CMA will create an easy access point to the electronic money market for any new or existing online / offline market in the form of a new electronic money project. This will amplify the basic application of blockchain science to different markets and businesses.

IEO Details  

  • Generated token: 10,000,000,000 CMA
  • Issued token: 5,000,000,000 CMA
  • Hard hat: USD 50,000,000
  • Accepted currency: ETH
  • Pre-sale: May 15, 2019
  • Semi-public: 12/06/2019
 Lowest fee of 1 CMA = USD 0.005! Register here: https://www.cryptomarketads.com/


CMA Team  


Author: Zee MinHo
My ETH: 0x46025d00C3b8F2d00616713CfE6438eC6F098542 
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[IEO] AUDITCHAIN - Decentralized Continuous Audit & Reporting Protocol Ecosystem™

[IEO] AUDITCHAIN - Decentralized Continuous Audit & Reporting Protocol Ecosystem™

Hello everyone, this new post I want to introduce about a very interesting and good project that is Auditchain, and for more details, let's just go to the following discussion: 
Continuous audit and disclosure is an assurance methodology that automates auditing tasks within an organization or system. The method is differentiated from technology-assisted auditing, which is primarily human driven and involves an auditor using a set of technology tools to complete auditing tasks. Within an organization or system, audit plays a key role in identifying issues related to compliance with internal controls, disclosure controls, data and operational integrity, and other guidelines. To dig deeper into this type of auditing and reporting, Jason Meyers, founder of Auditchain and a 30-year veteran of the finance and investment industry explains. Jason believes there are the top five reasons why continuous audit and real time reporting is so important.  

1. Shortens Audit Cycles

Traditional auditing is a time sink. Most organizations perform quarterly backward-looking reviews and/or annual audits. What happens between these audit seasons? Lots. Few organizations actively perform auditing tasks during these watershed periods. This slows down the audit process significantly because issues that occur during these periods go unnoticed and unaddressed until the next audit cycle. Continuous audit, on the other hand, allows an organization to run faster and more efficiently. There are no audit cycles. Its “clean as you go”. It’s a view of the last 5 or 10 minutes with the ability to generate reports containing relevant, actionable information. In code speak, its compiling on the fly. 

2. Speeds Up Issue Resolution

As audit cycles shrink, remediation speeds up. Consider two similar organizations, A and B — A runs traditional audit cycles while B uses continuous auditing and reporting. When a compliance issue arises, organization A may not flag it right away. Organization B, on the other hand, will flag the issue in real time and be able to implement corrective measures. In such a scenario, organization A is operating at a significant disadvantage to organization B. This illustration shows how speed-to-resolution can influence not only operational efficiency but also affect competitive advantage. 

3. Improves Audit Objectivity

Over a traditional audit cycle, management collects data to the best of its ability and within its subjective understanding of data collection requirements. The result is highly subjective data, says Jason Meyers, data which will then be used to generate audit reports. This subjectivity of data leads to subjective reports that are intended for data-driven decision-making purposes. It is easy to see how this is not an efficient way to run an organization or system. Continuous auditing improves audit objectivity and operational efficiency by presenting all audit evidence at the time events and transactions occur. This data can then be subjected to compliance matrices that generate audit queries that occur in near real time. 

4. Introduces Dynamic Customizations

Traditional auditing uses rigid “check the box” audit procedure that is difficult to modify. For example, when analyzing a balance scorecard matrix, it becomes difficult to modify parameters that are independently set at various levels of the organization. With a continuous audit system, you can introduce new parameters on the fly and remain confident that the system will capture and analyze all relevant data. Within such an audit framework, says Jason Meyers, an organization can keep pace with changing compliance parameters, or respond to audit queries in a customized and highly specific manner. 

5. Enhances Reporting Granularity

Firms that use traditional auditing methods struggle to gain granular visibility of operational processes, says Jason Meyers. This challenge is brought on by the widely accepted audit practice of statistical sampling. By collecting a sample of accounts, auditors they may not have granular visibility of the processes they are auditing. This trade-off is acceptable but far from perfect. Traditional audit methodology focuses on “materiality”, not accuracy. Continuous audit relies on 100% transaction inclusion. By including 100% of all system events and transactions, auditors can offer a more detailed view of processes, helping auditors make better recommendations to management. 

Taking Continuous Auditing a Step Further

While continuous auditing is prevalent in large organizations that can afford the technology investment, smaller firms too can benefit from it. What is needed are opensource frameworks that rely on emerging technologies such as blockchain. Auditchain, along with DCARPE Alliance, an accounting, audit and financial reporting consortium, is leading the development a decentralized continuous audit and financial reporting protocol, says Jason Meyers, the project founder.Issuers of digital assets as well as the exchanges that trade them will be the biggest beneficiaries of continuous audit and real time financial reporting. Traditional periodic audit is a galaxy away from the external validation process employed by most public blockchains. “That’s what Auditchain does” says Jason Meyers. “It is an enterprise external validation network”. 

Comparing Traditional Audit and the DCARPE Methodology in Blockspeak

The difference between traditional audit and the DCARPE Assurance and Reporting Protocol can be described in this way; In traditional audit methodology, block times are once every 90 days. The audit procedure includes a single external validator acting alone, applying tentative and conditional validation of each of the first three blocks with a broadcast of the results of each tentative confirmation at least 30 days following each tentative block confirmation. The fourth block following the first three blocks includes a tentative confirmation of each of the previous three blocks and includes the fourth block for a total of four blocks with the exclusion of SegWit in the forth tentative confirmation.  
Does that sound ridiculous to our crowd? That’s how the global capital markets have been externally validated for over 85 years. The DCARPE Assurance and Disclosure protocol works vastly different. First of all, block times are as frequent as one minute. The results are also vastly different. In blockspeak, its a network of external validating nodes operated by independent CPAs and Chartered Accountants not in cooperation or collusion with one another providing external validation of three categories of assurance; system and control, financial data structure and accuracy and disclosure control compliance. To boot, the external validators are paid by the network, through a gamified Nash incentive system using the AUDT Token. 

AUDT Token

Details of IEO LAUNCHES 
IEO DATED June 14, 2018 08:00 UTC 
6%: Early Contributors and Adopters
40%: Token Sale
18%: Air Drop
10.3%: Advisors
10.3%: Team
10.3%: Partnerships
5%: Bounties


2ND QUARTER - 2019Launch of MVP & Token Generation Event
4TH QUARTER - 2019Node Testing
2ND QUARTER - 2020MainNet Launch
3RD QUARTER - 2019Auditchain TestNet
1ST QUARTER - 2020DCARPE™ Explorer
xBRL™ Analytics
3RD QUARTER - 2020Commercial Launch 

Team Auditchain 


The current market for accounting and audit infrastructure software is dominated by large scale enterprise resource planning systems. The majority of solutions are usually cost prohibitive for most small and medium sized enterprises. The individual enterprise user cost to install and use the DCARPE™ Network protocol software may prove be substantially less expensive as the result of the decentralized cooperative cost structure of all services provided by the Auditchain network. Additionally, the fexibility and scale of the DCARPE™ architecture may theoretically accommodate any size enterprise user. Depending on the number of Non-Federated nodes deployed by the enterprise, mining for AUDT may theoretically offset the entire cost of the accounting, audit, compliance and reporting obligations of the enterprise. Financial markets will beneft through the reliability of immutability, real-time assurance, real-time presentation of fnancial performance and insights into enterprise, development and network performance on a dynamic basis in a manner not previously possible. Auditchain represents a substantial evolution towards new accounting, audit and reporting methods. Furthermore, early adopters may enjoy a competitive advantage through cost savings and capital attraction as the result of its implementation.  

To find more relevant details please follow some sources for the following reference:

Author: Zee MinHo
My ETH: 0x46025d00C3b8F2d00616713CfE6438eC6F098542
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