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People have always been peculiar to be innovators and pioneers, while striving forward to a brighter future. A striking proof of this is all his professional activities. Step by step, man evolves, and the prerequisites for all this are creative and purposeful people who create something new and essential for our lives. The same can be said about modern startups, each of which seeks to fulfill its mission, as well as to bring something new to the world that has not been known before. 

About the project

So, get acquainted with a completely incredible project, the direction of which we have never considered – ZROCORZROCOR is the world's first decentralized platform that intends to use modern resources and blockchain technology to create a new cost-effective ecosystem, where each startup project will receive reliable financing, powerful marketing support, as well as a number of all related securities necessary for compliance with the law. 
Simply put, ZROCOR is a transparent, reliable and secure stronghold for aspiring entrepreneurs who will gain all the necessary skills and, most importantly, professional and highly qualified assistance from first-class professionals from all over the world. At the same time, entrepreneurs will be able to get an adequate assessment of their start-up company in order to understand what development it needs to work hard to achieve its goals. 

Features and capabilities of the project

If to speak about the possibilities ZROCOR, their incredible variety. All these features are well-structured under the so-called "turnkey"solution. Only in order for the entrepreneur to be as comfortable as possible to cooperate with future investors and other specialists necessary for the future success of the startup project. For understanding, I propose to consider this lean startup method, which is called – incubator 041. The incubator itself is divided into so-called 4 phases, each of which is responsible for its fundamental principles. 
  • the first principle lies in the Concept. Zrocor specialists analyze all your current business model in detail, identifying some features and structuring the data for further formation of a powerful Foundation. As a rule, this research process sometimes takes quite a long time, so ZROCOR INVESTORS are ready to offer you assistance on the initial compensation of losses in order to support your family. Such investors in ZROCOR are called "donors»;
  • the second principle is Commit, which symbolizes that your idea has been approved and it takes place. That is, in simple words, the world market needs your idea or product. Therefore, after such a conclusion, it remains only to raise the necessary amount to launch your startup and start moving into a new exciting world of the entrepreneur;
  • the third principle is to Test your idea in practice. Is it viral or is it able to develop systematically for a long time. At this stage, and it usually lasts from 18 to 24 months, you analyze all your indicators in order to identify pop-up defects and other elements of friction. Then realize whether you'll go to the end or it's time to go home;
  • the fourth principle is responsible for Scale. Which reaches the entrepreneur at the expense of all kinds of sales funnels and other tools adapted to increase profits and the natural growth of the consumer base.


Thus, the entire ZROCOR ecosystem stands before us as one big tool for all micro-small enterprises that are able to obtain the most advanced technical tools within the framework of P2P relationships. Due to what they will form a harmonious and lean environment for the development of each individual startup. Moreover, ZROCOR is able to provide a high level of transparency and security, as well as guarantee legal control of all decentralized operations. After all, according to the founders of ZROCOR, the strength of each of us lies in the pooling of efforts, which is more symbolized by their motto: "Together we stand, divided we fall." With what I fully agree. Therefore, ZROCOR is not just a platform with a variety of high-tech tools, it is also a community of like-minded people who want to make this world a better place by achieving specific goals. 
As additional tools the developers ZROCOR introduced a security system like DAO. The main goal of the DAO is to protect the entire world community from nefarious groups and communities that want to implement their dirty ideas through the ZROCOR platform. 


Like any decentralized platform, ZROCOR has its own internal token, with which it will be possible to pay for various packages of services available within this ecosystem. For ease of use and maximum security of all customer accounts, the founders of ZROCOR decided to use their internal multi-currency wallet – ZRO
Moreover, the token itself will be developed on the basis of ZROCOR's own blockchain and will never leave its limits. Nevertheless, on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain, Developers will be offered another ZROCOR token of the system – ZCOR (ERC-20 standard). This token will be created by the founders only for the purpose to strongly limit their users to one of their blockchain. Therefore, a user who wants to buy a* ZCOR* token can easily exchange it for an internal token ZCORapptoken through the platform's multi-currency wallet. 
Only for the development of their projects, the founders ZROCOR lay tokens ZCOR. The project team intends to form a powerful investment capital for all subsequent start-up projects implemented under the ZROCOR system. 

Project Support



Summing up, I want to note the high purpose of this project, as well as the principle of building its entire concept. As for me, this idea is very relevant and in demand today, as a large number of entrepreneurs fail every year in the entrepreneurial field, and all because they somewhere do not have the skills or sufficient funding for their ideas. The ZROCOR project is ready to offer all of them its high-quality and professional assistance, thanks to which the world will change for the better. 
Therefore, all who are interested in this project, I send to the official resources section of ZROCOR. Where you will be able to delve into the principles of all its tools and related characteristics. And you will also find something more than just another blockchain project! 

Official resources of the project ZROCOR:

Author: Zee MinHo
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