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It is pleasant to realize the fact that humanity always strives to surpass itself, to surpass existing technologies and discoveries, creating new unique concepts. A striking proof of this is the huge number of areas, each of which annually shows us the improved quality of its capabilities. A vivid proof of this is the whole industry of the car structure, how many new concepts are developed by each individual automotive concern. And how many new products shows us smartphone manufacturers?! You can go crazy on their number and rich diversity. Progress is our engine forward. Thanks to him, we can improve ourselves, solve the mistakes of previous incarnations, as well as improve the quality of our daily lives.
The topic of cryptocurrencies is no exception and despite the fact that it is a fairly young market and the direction itself, people with great interest show their attention to this trend. Of course, in order for blockchain technology to enter our lives everywhere, it will need more than one year of life in order to consolidate its positions and prove its advantages in all spheres.


However, in order for this dream to come true, we need the tools with which the very contact will be carried out, our daily reality with already existing and future cryptocurrencies. As a rule, in order to carry out this process, users will need only one exchange platform through which they can make any crypto-exchange or exchange Fiat currencies for crypto-currencies and Vice versa. In simple words, people need reliable and high-quality exchanges where they can carry out all their financial transactions. 
At the moment, there are more than 220 exchanges in the world, each of which is ready to offer us its terms of cooperation, as well as a set of tools for quality service. But no matter how good they may be, each of them has small shortcomings, ranging from low security, ending with a lack of liquidity, lack of adequate level of support and the high cost of fees. To solve these problems every time trying specialists, each of which finds its way through what and how it can be done. And today is the case when we will consider one of the same universal concepts. 

About the project

The project that we will talk about today is called - XCRYPT. As you have already understood, XCRYPT is a new crypto exchange, whose main mission is to eliminate all existing problems of existing crypto exchanges, as well as create an excellent competition for them. 
Because it is in the process of competition that great ideas are born. The entire XCRYPT ecosystem is a cryptocurrency market with high added value, as well as a number of additional tools, which are a full-fledged hybrid, ready to fully work with both digital assets and securities. This concept will be complemented by a full-fledged debit card and a social platform that will not only improve the quality of interaction between all users of the network, but also create a powerful social community. Thus, the developers of XCRYPT say that their platform will be able to fully meet the demand of absolutely all investors from small to medium, large and even institutional. 

Advantages and features

If we consider the XCRYPT platform for exchange in more detail, it is one of the most worthy among the existing traditional exchanges in many respects. And so that you can see for yourself I offer you to look at a small comparative characteristic, which clearly shows how and what are its advantages: 
According to the developers of XCRYPT, the strength of the new product lies in its competitive advantages, since if the finished product did not have them, then it would have no value for its customers. Therefore, the founders of XCRYPT brought all the most important tools and functions to this pyramid, which schematically shows the balance of all its elements, each of which forms its own level of quality and proper development. 
Of course, to expand the area of its presence, it is important to realize that the system is designed for the use of ordinary people who only know the cryptocurrency industry. Therefore, the founders of XCRYPT decided to create an additional training program within the framework of their project, which will teach the user all the skills and knowledge necessary for full ownership of all available tools in XCRYPT


If we talk about the internal token, with which the user will be able to perform an incredible number of actions, then everything is quite easy and simple. The token itself has a short abbreviation – XCT and is a standard ERC20 token developed on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain. 
The total number of coins will be limited, so the developers will create only 200 million coins. You can buy them through public sales available on the ICO.
The distribution of tokens and funds is as follows:


Thus, we can safely summarize and fix the distinctive features of XCRYPTamong other similar ideas. First, the platform quickly, efficiently and safely provides interaction for the user with both centralized and decentralized exchange. At what he wants it in real time, which minimizes any losses for each individual trader. Second, the platform is able to carry out a full withdrawal of FiAT from crypto-currencies, and on the contrary they enter. At the same time, to provide through debit cards a seamless exchange both within the system and in any social institutions, restaurants, shops, hotels, etc. And, thirdly, the developers of XCRYPT are ready to offer their users a number of advantages available within their membership, access to which the user can get by means of purchased internal coins. What I also think is very interesting. 
But again, let's not forget about safety. Therefore, before actively participating in a project, I strongly recommend that you review its technical documentation, as well as a number of official resources. Links which you are waiting at the bottom. On this I bring my review to an end, I was glad to be useful and see you soon! 

Official resources of the xCrypt project:

Author: Zee MinHo
My ETH: 0x46025d00C3b8F2d00616713CfE6438eC6F098542


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