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TecraCoin ICO - the first project combining the world of science, business and the community


But, as they say, even the most daring ideas sometimes do not have the means to implement them. Since any study is worth a lot of financial costs. Therefore, the process of applying many modern discoveries, just constrained in their capabilities due to lack of adequate financial compensation.
You probably have heard more than once about how many countries or States, institutions and other commercial organizations Finance the research of a particular group. Each of which is aimed at new discoveries in completely different areas. Someone is developing a cure for cancer through trial and error, someone is developing new advanced technologies for our comfortable life and there are a million such examples. But they are all United by one problem related to the low level of financial support, which in principle is the fuel of all scientific progress.
To solve this problem, the company offers, which has already sufficient experience in this direction and understands how to achieve the desired goal.

About the project and its features

So, ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to introduce a unique concept called TecraTecra is a new decentralized platform, whose main mission is to solve all global problems related to the lack of financial support for many scientific projects. Tecra intends to solve this problem through modern tools, thanks to which a large number of scientists will finally find a worthy beginning for their scientific works.
If we talk about Tecra in more detail, this project did not just come out of nowhere. No. Tecra is a logical continuation of an existing company registered in Poland. But that's not even the point. The whole concept of Tecra is to support the development of new technologies and new discoveries, as well as to protect their further patents. At the same time guarantee all participants of the Tecrasystem investment transparency and high security at all stages of financing. This idea will find a wide response in the layers of scientists, many investors, as well as mining structures. Each of them will acquire those missing moments that did not allow them to go forward.



Thus, the developers of Tecra intend to use their platform as the only place in the world where fantastic discoveries will be realized by means of reliable and proper financing. Each of which is aimed only at the growth and development of all mankind. I think it's brilliant.
  • Scientists will finally be able to safely use all the necessary capital for research. And do not worry about their copyright and other commercial details that accompany each individual discovery. Everything will be done securely, safely and most importantly transparent. At the same time, the Tecra project will speed up all current processes and help to bring the resulting discovery to its commercialization;
  • As for investors, they will also acquire reliable tools within Tecra, which will protect them from low-quality research and allow them to immediately focus all their investment capital within one or several powerful discoveries;
  • The interest of mining farms will be obvious. Since they will be able to interact directly with potentially successful projects and develop their consensus in real time.
All that will be accompanied by experienced lawyers, as well as a number of other professionals who have already invested in the development of science more than one hundred million dollars. Therefore, their experience and knowledge will allow to sort the scientific groups and to determine the most promising ones.


As you have already understood Tecra project is not just another ICO, it is really a potentially powerful project to participate in which only wealthy investors can. Since the minimum investment amount starts from 25 thousand us dollars. All financial transactions will be accompanied by an internal token of the TecraCoin – TCR project.
The starting price for 1 TCR will be only 0.75 us dollars, as for other phases, there will be several of them and each of them will be accompanied by a separate cost of TCR token.

TECRA Bussiness Model

Project team


I think this project will be of interest to many investors who have long been waiting for a project that has real prospects and already tangible experience in its direction. If we talk about Tecra, I think that this is the project that is worth paying special attention to and show increased interest in it. After all, everything related to science and future discoveries is a very promising direction for all mankind. So feel free to study the technical documentation of the project in more detail and decide for yourself whether you want to be a part of something bigger or not.
But, and I remind you that my reviews are only for informational purposes and do not call you to anything. Therefore, all responsibility lies only on you and your choice. All who are interested in the project, I have prepared all the necessary resources, links which are located at the bottom.

Official site of the TecraCoin project:

Author: Zee MinHo
My ETH: 0x46025d00C3b8F2d00616713CfE6438eC6F098542


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TecraCoin ICO - the first project combining the world of science, business and the community
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