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Saturn [XSAT] Black - Crypto Markets Cross-chain Exchange & OTC Trading Platform

Today i need to inform you a few new crypto cash project. The crypto money market has experienced difficulties for the past 1 year. But even in such markets, there are good projects. The progress of Blockchain technology highlights features as high as can be developed. Some companies have recently begun to determine the commitment to trade with crypto currencies and some of the parts that make up them. In unlimited circumstances so that this open entry might exist, there are a number of problems that have been sought by this sector, which is why they are not accepted by most.
The blockchain and cryptocurrency technology that stands on it has given a new color to the dynamics of the world financial system and global economic development. It cannot be denied that the emergence of cryptography for the digital financial system has been going on for a long time and many ideas have emerged to get a suitable, safe, fast and inexpensive cryptographic finding. Blockchain emerged as a technology that has been able to survive since 2009 and has been over 10 years blockchain and cryptocurrency to survive various attacks and obstacles that hit. This proves that the blockchain is the only digital financial system technology that is suitable for everyone and will disrupt the world financial system because of its decentralized nature.
What is Saturn? And what are the advantages?
Saturn Black offers a platform that combines security and comfort in transacting cryptocurrency. They will provide 300 more cryptocurrency between chains that can be exchanged directly and you don't need to worry about liquidity to convert it into fiat currency because they will provide it and their XSAT tokens will certainly increase in price because all tokens and coins listed on their platform will paired with XSAT tokens. They have also prepared a large concept that will involve all actors and users of the platform to determine the direction of movement and development of the platform, including when a new token or coin is registered. This is taken because they want to provide the needs of their users. In addition, there are also many excellent two-way communication and assistance programs between Saturn Black and companies that issue tokens.
In the case of crypto money exchange based on block chain technology, the elimination of shortcomings and shortcomings caused by stock exchange is a decentralized platform that allows the exchange of crypto assets that will convert them into cash, not assets made. This is based on the criteria of comfort and reliability where participants can convert their crypto assets reliably, from third parties to wallets. Saturn provides a safe asset that says that each user has a cryptographic asset that is likely to be valued in the future or can provide dividends. Some assets actually do not have a secondary market that says they can trade outside of their use, and this platform aims to provide a secondary market for assets so that they can be used in developing the company's infrastructure.
They also prepare P2P exchange services for all users with a third party guarantee, namely Saturn Black itself and you don't need to deposit your crypto assets because transactions can occur between wallets. In my opinion, from this matter alone, it can be said to be unique because none of the exchanges has a concept like this among tens or even hundreds of exchanges. You must read their whitepaper to better understand their business concept offer because it is arranged very neatly and well and convincingly with their sharp analysis.
One of the most important features of this platform is the atomic change protocol. The direct atomic exchange protocol allows the exchange of crypto assets that were initially incompatible with the block chain without the involvement of third parties. For example, with atomic operations, you can exchange bitcoins directly from the wallet with ethereum. The exchange protocol guarantees that the parties will conduct a joint transaction or cancel the transaction if the binary conditions of the transaction are not fulfilled.
Saturn Token
Token XSAT
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC-20
Amount: 1,000,000,000 XSAT
Investment information
Accepting ETH
Total supply 1,000,000,000 XSAT
For sale 750,000,000 XSAT
Price token $ 0.125
XSAT Contract address: 0x0d9e614937a308438337a2999acf64fc86bf098a (Do not send anything to this address! This is not a smart contract.)
How to buy XSAT
Road map 
  • Launching Saturn – First liquidity token, November 2018
    Start Token Sale & launching Saturn token (XSAT). Primary sale of tokens and fundraising for launching the platform. See more information about tokens
  • Escrow Transactions, February 2019
    Buying and selling crypto assets through escrow account for payment on a brokerage order quantity from 50 BTC.
    Register and place an order
  • Direct atomic Swap exchange, February 2019
    Launch of the atomic OTC exchange Saturn token (XSAT) in pairs with BTC & USDT. Go to exchange
  • Listing XSAT token on crypto exchange, March 2019
    Buy Saturn token now with +150 crypto assets. Go to purchase
  • Issue of a Saturn Black payment card, April 2019
    Saturn Black X – payment card with an annual limit of €300,000. Limit edition for holders of 10,000 Saturn tokens. Daily payments, brokerage account, purchase of crypto assets online at market price, cash around the world and many bonuses for cardholders. Pre-order payment card Saturn Black
  • Mobile Payments & Broker app Saturn Black, July 2019
    Mobile application Saturn Black Broker in GooglePlay / AppStore. Launch a payment system account linked to a payment card and brokerage account
  • Security tokens OTC trading platform, 3Q 2019
    Trade with security tokens on the Saturn Black platform. Investment contracts on the blockchain with full support of a licensed European broker and simple mobile management through the application.
Saturn Team 
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Author: Zee MinHo
My ETH: 0x46025d00C3b8F2d00616713CfE6438eC6F098542


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Saturn [XSAT] Black - Crypto Markets Cross-chain Exchange & OTC Trading Platform
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