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PrepayWay ICO - The New Paradigm of International Business

Humanity has always been peculiar to conduct trade and business relations with each other. Back in the days before our era, people sold each other goods, exchanged various values and considered this type of relationship the norm. Now, in the times of modern humanity, trade relations have acquired a completely new character. There are a lot of goods and even more outlets. Therefore, in order to somehow resolve all these issues, people began to conduct written control of all their trade relations.


But no matter how hard they try, a person tends to make mistakes, the consequences of which can cause some damage to a particular company, which will naturally appear on its final profit. Naturally the world does not stand still technology is developing, ways of relationships, too. Most of the trade and business relations are now controlled by digital documents, but again they are centralized. Which in turn are also subject to various inconsistencies and defects.
To solve these problems will help a combination of modern technologies, due to which finally disappear any confusion with the documents and all the files will become worthy.

About the project

The project about which we will talk called PREPAYWAY. The main goal of the project is to bring into the world of trade and business relations a powerful working environment in which all participants of transactions will be able to communicate with each other by means of specially designed smart contracts. These smart contracts have a reliable legal layer, which has all the state and legal regalia, and also contain all the necessary items and conditions for high-quality and reliable performance of the task.
Generally speaking, PREPAYWAY is a unique decentralized system, which by means of blockchain technology and related smart contracts, has all the chances to bring the entire world trade to a new business level. Where each exchange of goods will be recorded in an unchanged blockchain network, the security and reliability of which will be monitored by a smart contract.

Advantages and features

This advantage will contribute to the improvement of all trade and diplomatic relations around the world. Where each individual element of the system is an important indicator in all partnerships. Moreover, PREPAYWAY provides its users not only with legally strong smart contracts, but also with all the tools and functions necessary for high-quality business. For example, such as: payment gateway to perform all financial transactions, as well as support to resolve any disputes. At the same time, all of the above tools will help to eliminate all existing obstacles in trade and business relations between different companies, as well as to optimize all current business processes.
Thus, we can safely say that PREPAYWAY is a full-fledged comprehensive solution for all trade and business companies engaged in transportation, sale and purchase of various goods around the world. Moreover, PREPAYWAY combines not only reliable and secure resources of the platform, but also has a number of functions of additional characteristics inherent in banks, arbitration institutions and lawyers. That is, all these consultations will be available to every PREPAYWAY user by default.


For the convenience and reliability of all financial transactions within PREPAYWAY, an internal token (InBit) will be available, which will be based on the Ethereum blockchain of the ERC20 standard. In the future, the developers of PREPAYWAY do not intend to stop there and plan to develop their blockchain system after which they will launch a new type of token.
I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that PREPAYWAY will not conduct an ICO familiar to us, tokens will be distributed by means of TGE and under the strict guidance of the KYC system.
If we talk about the estimated number of coins, the total of them will be about 12 billion pieces. Of these, 6.5 billion will be available for primary sale, 3.9 billion will remain as a reserve, and the rest will be distributed between consultants and employees of the company. The initial price of 1InBit will be only 0.01 EUR. In total, for the development of their PREPAYWAY project, the developers plan to collect an amount equal to 50 million euros.


**To summarize, it is possible to list all the major benefits PREPAYWAY before the classical form of relationship between any business partners: **
  • first, PREPAYWAY in its structure is a completely transparent ecosystem, through the use of blockchain technology;
  • secondly, all transactions are automatically recorded by legally strong documents and are legally exemplary, as they are all in accordance with all legal norms;
  • third, all financial relationships will not be Vietnam and crypto mode;
  • fourth, the presence of the arbitration court will allow to quickly and effectively resolve all disputes, the results of which are recognized in more than 159 countries. All this and much more awaits the users of the PREPAYWAY network. But no matter how powerful the project alone he can not cope. So PREPAYWAY intends to create the whole of the Commonwealth and other blockchain projects, tools that help to empower PREPAYWAY and to complement any missing elements.
Of course to get acquainted with the project is not enough to read such a modest review. Therefore, I strongly recommend you to study its technical component according to the official documents available at the links below.

Official resources of the PrepayWay project:

Author: Zee MinHo
My ETH: 0x46025d00C3b8F2d00616713CfE6438eC6F098542


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PrepayWay ICO - The New Paradigm of International Business
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