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OOOBTC Exchange - The Gateway Of Crypto Ecosystem.

Hello, welcome to my blog to review this revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange. The importance of exchanging for merchants and crypto token holders cannot be overemphasized. Let's look at the OOOBTC Exchange trading platform.OOOBTC is a Singapore-based digital currency exchange that currently positions among the 15 best exchanges in daily trading volumes at CoinMarketCap.


The cryptocurrency market seems to be growing in popularity every day. With the astronomical rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, there seems to be an influx of people into the market. Many cryptocurrency exchanges cannot even afford to have their account creation feature open all the time. Such is the demand for entry into the market that trading account creation for new customers is periodically disabled. The average daily trading volume of the market is usually in trillions of dollars. The total market cap of the entire market stands at more than half a trillion dollars which is an astonishing feat considering the market is less than a decade old. However, despite all of these large numbers, there are a number of major problems that plague the market. To use these numbers solely as an appraisal index of the state of the market would present a false narrative. There are structural and functional issues that affect the market. These problems stem from a variety of reasons such as the infant nature of the market, lack of understanding of the cryptocurrency space, and some peculiar economics of cryptocurrencies.


OOOBTC is a gateway and exchange platform for cryptocurrencies and Crypto-ecosystem located in Singapore. OOOBTC provides diversified system functions such as spot trading, futures contract trading, over-thecounter trading, whole-network trading, and decentralized trading.
Moreover, it satisfies the needs of numerous investors. Our trading system has a robust security mechanism and reliable underlying architecture, which provides investors with a dependable trading experience. Besides, the unique online trading model of the ooobtc platform would efficiently match the market depth of major exchanges around the world while providing even higher liquidity. Relying on the whole network trading system, we believe the ooobtc platform will become the largest liquidity provider of digital assets in the world.


We have been taking variosusly careful measures like cold storage system, 2-factor authentication and encryption technology to encryt your personal account information, which allows you to have assured protection of your fund. security is the most important aspect of business practice. This is why we integrate similar smart technologies to provide our clients with the highest guarantee of security available on the market. Currently, our unique features include:
  • Pool Trading – We are capable of obtaining high trading volumes and generating substantial profits in today’s stock market due to our integration with other corporate finance houses and major trading forces.
  • High Performance Support – OOOBTC trading system adopts selfdeveloped, high-performance core matching engine technology and leverages distributed computing technologies such as Google Spanner and BigTable. Thus, it can support massive concurrent computation and make the order processing speed reach one million transactions per second.
  • Community Trading – We are capable of providing users with a platform to which they can upload their smart contracts in order to participate in an active smart contract community for trades, business, services, and increased visibility.
  • Coin Suggestions – New and existing cryptocurrencies can be submitted for consideration by our community users via our website. If we see a digital asset getting a considerable amount of support from its community, we will carry out the due diligence and make a decision to list this asset.


Exchanging crypto to fiat or exchanging fiat to crypto is one of the major problem faced by many cryptocurrencies and exchange, newbies find it so hard to key into cryptocurrencies, or trade cryptos on exchange due to lack of converting them back to fiat or fiat to cryptos. OOOBTC exchange aims to keep things very simple and fast for beginner users looking to delve into the cryptocurrency space. Even if you have never heard of Bitcoin or Ethereum before, OOOBTC does a very good job at creating a welcoming and informative page that invites users to explore this new endeavor.
With the debit/credit card implementation, one can easy withdraw and deposit fiat to purchase cryptos using a simple steps via Mastercard, verve, visa or any other acceptable card. Also with the recent development and partnership with some fiat payment providers. We will include fiat trading against cryptos.


We believe that this will help solve the problem faced by many cryptocurrency exchange, OOOBTC aims to enable quick and convenient cryptocurrency spending, anywhere in the world, without any special restrictions or waiting time”.

Watch the video for our service! Check out our features and new product OOOBTC can serve you better.


The OOOBTC token will serve as the driver of our platform and not only valid in our exchange but will be used across well known exchanges, It is a reusable ERC20 token that is freely transferable on the Ethereum blockchain and can be held within the our integrated wallet or any ERC20 compatible wallet, at the discretion of the user. OBX Token can be purchased directly on the platform or from external markets and exchanges. To support the project of OOOBTC exchange, we will launch different promotion campaign. The total supply of the OOOBTC native token is 3 billion (3 000 000 000) and no other token can be created.. NO PUBLIC SALES, NO ICO WILL BE HELD.


  • LISTING FEE - 20% Project listing fee will be payable using theOBX Token.
  • AIRDROP AND REWARDS - Holder of OBX Token will receive airdrop of any token/coin listed on our platform and will also take part in trading reward.
  • DIVIDENDS AND GAMING - Token holders will earn 20% - 50% daily/monthly dividends from our trading commission. Daily personal OBX trading volume from 0.01, gives one the opportunity to draw a lottery and win more OBX Token.
  • VOTING - Only OBX holders can join our monthly “vote for your coin” listing campaign.


A total of 3 billion
  • 10% - Co-founders and Development Team
  • 25% - Locked for Technological development
  • 30% - Community building, Marketing and Partnership
  • 35% - Airdrop, Bounty and Public Shares


OBX Token is an ERC 20 standard token and when held on the exchange will enjoy dividends shared from the total platform revenues. The amount of Obx bonus is calculated based on the amount of asset held at 00:00 on a daily basis and the trading fee of ooobtc at the current hour which is normally distributed at 02:00 UTC (UTC + 8) everyday. Usually all users get their bonus within 24 hours. The bonus will be paid directly to users account without the need of manual collection. You need to hold at least 1000 OBX to obtain the bonus and keep them for more than 24 hours. We will make a unified payment to users for OBX bonus, please rest assured and wait for the bonus arrive at your ooobtc account. The daily dividend received by the users is not a fixed number, the more OBX you hold the more profits you willreceive.

The OOOBTC Dividends and bonus system are in six (6) phase

1. Dividends according to the total market value of all the currencies held in your OOOBTC exchange wallet.
2. Holders of OBX Token will get daily dividend paid in OBX Token and this is based on the total number of OBX one is holding.
3. Recommend a friend to purchase and hold OBX Token and you will get daily dividends paid as recommendation reward.
4. Register new users and get OBX Token paid as referral commission.
5. Win OBX Token by playing games through the OOOBTC Game Center.
6. Earn dividends as our market maker, by trading OBX Token daily on OOOBTC exchange you will earn dividends generated from our trading fee.


OOOBTC we will use 20 - 50% of all trading fees earned by ooobtc to buy OBX from the market and then redistribute to users base on the OBX Bonus Program. Furthermore, all ooobtc Bonus moving forward will be given to users in OBX instead of other cryptocurrencies traded on the exchange. We believe this will simplify our OBX Bonus system and fit better with our user's expectations.


OOOBTC Charity Foundation (OCF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of blockchain-enabled philanthropy towards achieving global sustainable development. OCF aims to transform philanthropy by developing the world’s first decentralized charity foundation to build a future where blockchain technology can be used to end all forms of poverty and inequality, advance sustainable development and ensure that no one is left behind, OOOBTC will donate 10% of it revenge to OCF.
One of the key benefits provided by blockchain technology is transparency, which is also one of the greatest challenges faced by charities today. “Donors don’t have the visibility as to where their funds are going, and most donations do not reach their intended beneficiaries.
This lack of transparency causes a lack of trust, further reducing the willingness for people to donate to charity funds in general, we will partner with charity organization around the world and reach out to those who needs financial support for healthcare, education, water, shelter and good care.
1. Incubate entrepreneurs and projects Make direct investments
2. Collaborate with other industry partner and participate as LP
3. We offer charity event like healthcare services, children education,
1. Funding
2. Go-to-market strategy & BD
3. Token Models & Distributions
4. Technical Review
5. Listing Advice
6. Talent Recruiting
7. Digital marketing
8. Blockchain development.


  • Q2 2017 - Conduct market researchand verify technical and market feasibility.
  • Q3 2017 - Set up the projectteam, obtain project Approval and develop products.
  • Q4 2017 - Main project launch. OOOBTC launchthemost Largest Singapore crypto Currency exchange.
  • Q1 2018 - Public API Release, develop new Prototype capable of more than 50,000 TPS.
  • Q2 Q3 2018 - Launchof newand improved exchange UI/UX withmassive upgradesfor traders including aworldclassUIthatisresponsive for mobileusers.
  • Q4 2018 - OOOBTC launch Atomic swap trading (Atomic Cross-chain transaction)
  • **Q1 2019 - **Launch of OOOBTC token (OBX TOKEN), the launch of ooobtc token which will be the backbone to the exchange. Aidrops, bounty, trading competitions, listing competitions amo ng solid projects.
  • Q2 2019 - Launch of anewaffiliate reward program forreferrersto the platform, full worldwide promotions and marketingof ooobtc exchange
  • Q3 Q4 2019 - OOOBTC version 2.0 launch mobile app with 100% friendly. More crypto games integration
  • 2020 - Newroadmap update and Continue development of The exchange. Fiat pairing andDebit


Blockchain Technology is changing the world to a decentralized world and there is a need to trade in an innovative and secure platform where users around the world can safety and easily exchange their assets, every day cryptocurrencies are gaining more legitimacy and the number of companies that is accepting cryptocurrencies keep increasing, we at OOObtc believes in decentralization and givimg power to the community members, we also believe in community building and partnership.


Author: Zee MinHo
My ETH: 0x46025d00C3b8F2d00616713CfE6438eC6F098542


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OOOBTC Exchange - The Gateway Of Crypto Ecosystem.
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