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LTO Network : Hybrid Blockchain for Decentralized Workflows

No matter how popular this or that technology is, it, like all its predecessors, goes a long and thorny way to its mass adoption, and universal approval in society. It is not necessary to go far as it is enough just to remember how mankind initially reacted negatively to electricity, the internal combustion engine, the first car, the first plane, space flight, the Internet, artificial intelligence and finally blockchain technology. Over the past 10 years, the blockchain has brought a lot of hype around its "person", however, there are still those who claim that this technology does not Shine anything good. Since almost all crypto enthusiasts are fixated more on the multi-million dollar speculation of the crypto-coins themselves than on the increased interest in the technology itself. 


All these skeptical movements form a whole layer of society with a similar vision of the situation, but still there are those who believe in the effectiveness of the blockchain structure and is trying to prove it in practice. After all, as we all know, many blockchain projects are focused on making a profit, by providing some tools. While the world has long needed simple working tools with which to resolve the simplest working and inter-organizational issues. Since it is in their structures lies a huge problem associated with reliable data transmission, as well as honest conditions of cooperation. 
The project, the concept of which we will consider today, wants to implement its blockchain system just the same to solve all the above problems, and this project is called LTO NETWORK

About the project

LTO NETWORK is a decentralized platform that differs from all its predecessors in having working tools available to a large number of corporate clients as well as their intermediaries. All these tools are aimed only at the solution of all business relations, allowing to improve each individual direction in tenfold size. At the same time ensuring reliable and transparent relationship of all parties involved. 
To achieve all this, LTO NETWORK will allow blockchain technology, which has all the necessary technological qualities to provide an effective, safe and confidential environment. Within the framework of which all working corporate and inter-sectoral relations will become decentralized B2B. 

Advantages and features

The main distinguishing criterion of the LTO NETWORK from its predecessors will be its Live contract, which is significantly different from the well-known Ethereum smart contract. Although the Live contract will have a similar function as an invariable blockchain structure that allows you to fix the terms of interaction of all participants in this agreement, while differing in the final zero value of confidentiality and the decision in the future of all disputes, through the authorized party to one or another business party. This contract will finally settle all inter-organizational processes between organizations and any other businesses that regularly enter into working-business relationships, but they do not have all the reliable tools to protect their rights and any other working features in the course of communication with the other party. Therefore, the Live contract will allow them to finally acquire a transparent basis for all official documents and agreements, as well as to resolve all disputes in the future with the help of them. 
Another advantage of LTO NETWORK can be considered its powerful technological structure, which is able to simultaneously support both private and global blockchain network. At the same time, the whole accompanying security and identification procedure interacts with the LTO NETWORK(identical to NXT algorithms) and responds through the transaction chain in less than one minute. Thus, we are once again convinced that LTO NETWORK is fully ready for use in many financial, government and business areas, now, and not in some 10 20 years. 
Moreover, for enterprises, the use of LTO NETWORK in their working structure has its own benefit, since they will finally acquire: reliable, transparent and safe tools, and will be able to control absolutely all transactions within their organization, which will naturally be able to eliminate significant financial problems in solving some controversial and corrupt moments, as well as to solve all these processes quickly and. 


As for the internal token, with which it will be possible to purchase various goods and services of LTO NETWORK, it can be divided into two parts. The first part of LTO coins was released through the LTO blockchain network, in order to provide at the initial stage of development of the entire project, decent liquidity and act as a kind of guarantor for users in the course of private sales. As for the second stage, the developers decided to release another LTO token, but already on the ERC-20 standard, in order to conduct a public crowdsale. If we talk about some figures more specifically, then the founders made a restriction on the total supply of their coins, which does not exceed the value of 500 million LTO units. More information about the coin can be found on their official website. 

Distribution & CMC

Token lockups and diluted circulating cap.
Foundation tokens, 50M LTO, are locked forever. 81M LTO are not actually circulation: they are only release as part of M&A Fund, which means it is not inflation. 53M out of the remaining supply is dedicated to a multi-year gradual programme which is released only if there is more activity and holding. This leaves around 165M for secondary market exposure, partially under Bridge Troll fee. Check the bot for the live stats.

Foundation wallet = locked forever

50M LTO, which is almost 11% of the total supply, is now locked forever. This will never hit the secondary market. The Foundation keeps improving the network and needs to retain a vote for major decisions going forward.

Social and Network Mining over a few years

Marketing & Partners wallet is being re-calibrated into:
  • Community Programme: 6.5% of the total supply is used for social mining incentives over a period of a few years. The gradual schedule is a guideline, it can be lower. Besides, the community programme requires participants to hold LTO continuously, it is not any kind of airdrop. It’s not just making the supply go higher, it only goes higher if the holding and engagement are higher (think of a hash rate model). Read more here.
  • Strategic Partners: 3.3% of the total supply is used as developer grants and for onboarding integrators, to foster network adoption. These are also not to be sold. They are intended for leasing to influential early adopters that require the opportunity to try out the network before fully committing to it. If you were to make a supply chart, keep in mind a 100,000 LTO rewards would be depleting over a period of a year or so depending on the size of the integrator. So these are also long-term rewards.
  • Network Incentives: 1.75% of the total supply is used for network mining incentives for over a period of a few years, to encourage the community to run more nodes. SO just as the community programme, it requires network participation to get some rewards. In addition to that, it can be used as a separate wallet for doing specific marketing/tech tasks as an external developers.

M&A Fund = locked until 2021

The biggest supply, 81M LTO (18%), is reserved for M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) and remain unused until at least summer 2021. As blockchain fights to find more adoption, some projects with a great team and technology, might not be able to maintain their token value. Projects which synergise with LTO and are undervalued in terms of market cap, may be acquired by merging that network into LTO Network. This is done by swapping those tokens for LTO, after which they will be rendered obsolete (and thus valueless). By doing so, the market cap of that project is added to LTO Network’s market cap.

Circulating Cap and Diluted Circulating Cap

Here is the API call and how to understand it.
"burn_rate": 0.1865
"initial_supply": 500000000,
"total_supply": 454432624.9657278,
"burned_supply": 45567375.03427219,
"circulating_mainnet": 138763969.73501623,
"private_supply_mainnet": 269207877,
"circulating_erc20": 43294111.23071159,
"private_supply_erc20": 3166667
These numbers were taken as an example on March 22.
  • Burn Rate refers to Bridge Troll fee
  • Initial supply was 500M LTO, but keeps decreasing due to crowd sale and bridge troll burns
  • Total Supply is the current total ever available supply, it does not get bigger, only smaller
  • Burned Supply is how much is burned due to unsold crowd sale and Bridge Troll swaps
  • Circulating Mainnet is the amount of tokens controlled by the secondary market. Those are not directly available to be tradeable, only after the Bridge Troll swap.
  • Private Supply Mainnet are company wallets, most tokens will never enter circulation
  • Circulating ERC-20 is the directly available for trading secondary market supply
  • Private Supply ERC-20 is the company wallet dedicated to Market Making
Okay, now let's get to easier numbers. Circulating Cap is referred to by everyone as Market Cap. That always takes into only account directly liquid tokens. In this case, only Circulating ERC-20: Circulating Cap = Circulating ERC20 * TokenPrice
Now to a more complicated concept: Diluted Circulating Cap. This metric takes into account locked or vested tokens of all rounds, but for some reason CMC does not show it. Diluted = CirculatingCap + Circulating Mainnet (100 - BurnRate) Price
You don't have to calculate it all yourself. Just ask our Telegram Bot.


To sum up, it is important to note that the LTO NETWORK project itself is already a continuation of the successfully operating organization, which has been successfully engaged in its activities for 4 years. And the decentralized hybrid concept of LTO NETWORK is its qualitative addition, as the world needs new technological tools that can be used now. 
Of course, the idea of LTO NETWORK project is much deeper and more interesting, however, I tried to highlight the most important points from which you will be able to draw some conclusion as to whether you are interested in this project or not. But still, I consider it my duty to remind you that my articles are purely informational in nature and do not call you to any action. Therefore, for a more detailed analysis, I have prepared a list of official resources of LTO NETWORK, links of which you will find under the text of this article. Thank you for your attention and good luck! 

Official resources of the LTO Network project:

Author: Zee MinHo
My ETH: 0x46025d00C3b8F2d00616713CfE6438eC6F098542 


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LTO Network : Hybrid Blockchain for Decentralized Workflows
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