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HighBank - The Solutions for crypto enthusiasts in a robust and scalable manner

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HighBank is creating the subsequent generation Blockchain-based ecosystem it is had to allow the crypto network to maximize and diversify their portfolios within the risky crypto market. We are altering the crypto market basis to create a commerce ecosystem that may growth cryptocurrency adoption. The platform constructed at the Ethereum Blockchain-will grow to be a entire crypto buying and selling platform that incorporates Decentralized Crypto Exchange, ICO listing, ICO Launch and Crowdfunding, Marketing and Partner programs, Online and Offline network centers, and Blockchain Consultations.
HighBank permits you to sign up ICOs for review, seek the advice of our experts, use our dashboard to handle and market your brand, release a token and take pleasure in the perks of a decentralized exchange.
The mission is to create a one-stop platform offering a holistic blockchain journey to any developer or crypto trader. The challenge is anticipated to move stay within the primary quarter of 2019 and this part will shed faded on right here primary elements of the ecosystem and features:
  • Decentralized Crypto Exchange: HighBank isn't any other in phrases of the concept, however it surely takes the landscape to the subsequent level. The substitute permits you so as to feature all types of crypto tokens, regardless of no matter if or no longer they belong to the ERC20 protocol. 
  • ICO Listing Platform: HighBank record platform is a obvious answer that the of us had been watching for. With the combo of stochastic gradient position and IBM Watson 500 engine, the HighBank platform could be capable to name the greatest ICOs with a strength to notch up vast bucks from the market.
  • ICO Launch and Crowdfunding Platform: HighBank is the in basic terms ICO launching platform of its kind. Highbank enable the undertaking house proprietors to choose the greatest skill on our platform to increase up their crowdfunding probability. The policies related with HighBank could be proportional to STOs.
  • Marketing & Partner Program: HighBank will format marketing plans for other ICOs founded mostly upon their inputs and can act as a watchtower for budding crypto ventures. As a trusted marketing partner, HighBank will format 3 plans termed as silver, platinum and gold.
  • Offline and Online Community Centre: There are NULL types of network facilities working underneath HighBank. The essential one operates on-line and it could be like a webinar the place each ICO indexed within the HighBank’s directory may be capable to take part and share its opinion. 
  • Blockchain Consultancy & Advisory: HighBank will make certain the revolutionary blockchain technology can sharpen its blade by other channels within the years to come and for this, the professionals in our panel will make certain that even a budding idea turns into successful. Our professionals are observed throughout the Globe in other R&D facilities and so they at all times try to supply you the greatest consultancy sort grass root level.


HighBank Token information

Name: HighBank (HIGH)
Blockchain: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Purchase methods: ETH, BTC, LTC
Hard cap: 40,000,000 USD
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
Cost of a token: 1.00 USD
Total supply: 100 Million
New token emissions: No (fixed)
KYC: Yes
Whitelist: No
Min purchase cap: 50 Tokens
Max purchase cap: No limit

HighBank Token Distribution

Token sale programme: 40%
Staffing: 32%
Marketing: 10%
Operating Expenses: 9%
Consultancy: 6%
Legal: 4%

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Author: Zee MinHo
My ETH: 0x46025d00C3b8F2d00616713CfE6438eC6F098542 


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HighBank - The Solutions for crypto enthusiasts in a robust and scalable manner
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