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Bitbond ICO - Global Business Lending 💰

**Hello everyone, this new post I want to introduce about a very interesting and good project that is Bitbond, and for more details, let's just go to the following discussion: **
The world of business has long ceased to be the way we remember it 20 and 30 years ago. Now almost any person can be engaged in business. Everything became much more accessible. You want to open a nice and cozy coffee shop, and you want to organize a workshop, run your website and sell everything you see fit. In a word, complete freedom of action, of course, I am normal environmental ideas that pursue only bright and good goals. But that's not what we're going to talk about today.

About the project

The project which will be discussed today is called – BitbondBitbond is the first decentralized business lending platform operating worldwide in more than 80 countries. The project belongs to Bitbond GmbH, which is officially registered in Berlin (Germany) and has one of the most worthy financial licenses of the country from the BaFin regulator. For the founders of Bitbond it is a great honor and a tribute from the German regulatory authorities. Given the fact that this is the first blockchain platform in Germany, which received this license.
If you touch a little bit on the history of the Bitbond project, for all these years (since 2013) the company Bitbond GmbH has already successfully established itself and show itself in many countries of Europe and Africa. It has accredited more than 3,000 small and medium-sized businesses worldwide, totaling more than 13 million euros. At the current time, the founders of Bitbond are able to provide monthly loans in the amount of about 1 million euros, which is a worthy result, which the developers assure they do not intend to stop.

Introducing Bitbond Token BB1!

Advantages and features

Of course, the idea of the Bitbond project did not appear by chance, it was preceded by various problems that have met and still occur in all countries of our world. Almost every second small and medium-sized entrepreneur is faced with the lack of adequate funding for their business ideas or a ready-made working model. As a rule, they seek financial assistance from various banks or other financial institutions. Which in turn do not always have the opportunity to support every entrepreneur.
The concept of Bitbond eliminates this problem, helping to develop small and medium-sized businesses in all corners of the planet by means of high-tech tools and technologies. All they want to offer mothers now is to become part of this direction and help to develop business lending to small and medium-sized businesses became more affordable.


To do this, the founders of Bitbond are ready to offer us security tokens, each of which is a bond based on the BB1 tokens proposed by the project. If we talk about the technical side of the issue, the BB1 security tokens are created on the basis of the Stellar Lumens blockchain and will be distributed by means of STO, as well as work with all online wallets that support this blockchain.
The use of borrowed funds is as follows:


Such companies and organizations as:


For me personally, this project once again proves the effectiveness of blockchain technology in the modern world. When everyone can become a part of something bigger, and also allow another person to realize some dreams and plans. Moreover, all this is carried out in a reliable and transparent way, as it has all the necessary legal licenses and agreements. It is important to realize that Bitbond brings benefits bilaterally and benefits here not only the investor who bought BB1 token, but also the entrepreneur who applied for help in Bitbond. That I believe an important fact in our days.
For those who are interested in learning more about Bitbond, I have prepared the entire list of project resources. Links are located at the end of this article. That's all and see you next year!

Official resources of the Bitbond project:

Author: Zee MinHo
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Bitbond ICO - Global Business Lending 💰
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