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Who would have thought that modern society is so dependent on the most ordinary farmers and agro-industrial complexes, which daily produce just tons of food per day. Of course everyone wants to eat always and it is an integral part of our lives. That is why the food sector accounts for as much as 25% of the world's GDP. And this is only the beginning, since the population is growing from year to year, and therefore the consumption of food with it is also growing. 

About the project

The project that brought us together here today is called Agro Exchange. As you have already understood, it is he who intends to bring a new stream of opportunities to the world of outdated agrotechnical and food relations, using such modern technologies as Blockchain in his favor. 
The platform itself is aimed at creating a comfortable B2B environment for all participants of the agro-industrial sector. The guarantor of all transactions within Agro Exchange will be its internal token with which it will be possible not only to buy any goods, but also services of the agro-industrial sector. Moreover, the platform allows farmers to save a lot of extra money, due to the fact that the platform will exclude intermediaries and other third parties that used to be the link between farmers and consumers. 

Design feature

The whole principle of operation of Agro Exchange was developed specifically for users, so the web interface is intuitive, as well as simple registration with accelerated passage of the KYC system. The whole structure of Agro Exchange is built in such a way as to offer users the maximum benefit, providing them with an incredible number of working and highly efficient tools. 
Agro Exchange is a new place where everyone has the opportunity to interact with each other on a safe and transparent level. It is also very important to note that Agro Exchange does not depend on any geographical position, so farmers from Portugal can easily find their client from Europe or Russia. In the same way, this scheme works in a figurative order, when the consumer wants to find the necessary agrotechnical goods outside his state. 


The main advantages of this system are its availability and ease of use, as well as a number of advantages inherent only in Agro Exchange: 
  • first, the project will have two working versions of the web and mobile, serving in the mobile application - AgroDex;
  • secondly, the use of internal tokens is so widespread that they can be used not only to purchase products or services you like, but also to buy membership within the platform. This service is able to provide the privileges, and also other pleasant moments;
  • with the help of blockchain technology and the internal agro Exchange token, many farmers will be able to tokenize their business, which will naturally have a positive impact on the overall development of the agricultural sector;
  • security within the platform is designed to provide a system of smart contracts, with which all transactions will be recorded.

The details of the ICO

If we talk about the token, it will be developed on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20) standard. The main task of AGROCOIN is to provide all operational processes within the network and to be a reliable source of value for all participants of this project. You can buy the coin easily on the available cryptocurrency exchange platforms, where you can buy it immediately at an affordable price. 
The distribution of tokens is as follows:


According to the researchers, our world today will be actively changing in the next ten years, while adapting all outdated structures to the modern way. That is, to connect them to a decentralized network and introduce cryptocurrencies into them. This process is inevitable, especially as it brings new qualitative relationships between markets and its segments, as well as increases the level of trust6 reliability and safety of all processes. 
Of course, to fully assess the quality of this project and all its tools, you do not need my modest review, so I strongly recommend you to fill this gap on your own and study the technical documentation of the project yourself. For this at the bottom you will find all the links you need. And that's all and see you soon! 

Official resources of the project Bitagro:

Author: Zee MinHo
My ETH: 0x46025d00C3b8F2d00616713CfE6438eC6F098542


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