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BetHash ICO - Bet on Future Blocks and Earn A Passive Income

BetHash is another revolution that has occured in gaming and lottery industry. I called it revolution because they are changing the entire gaming industry from the traditional way to a decentralized way using blockchain technology. BetHash is a new gaming platform that is aiming to solve the challenges the previous gaming industry are facing by reclaiming back the zeal and pace people have for games.
BetHash gaming platform was built on EOS blockchain and players can stake games with Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, HASH token and so on. Apart from building a suitable gaming platform, BetHash in other ways is promoting the adoption and utility of cryptocurrencies.
BetHash gaming platform as a lot of games available for players choice. In BetHash, you can find a dice game, find a baccarat game, Jacks games, and Blackjack game with many more.
The BetHash has been an exceptional gaming platform I have come across so far; it is so amazing that more than two hundred thousands (200,000) users have registered on the platform merely 24 hours after launching and more is still coming.
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BetHash is not just a gaming platform; it is also a platform of making money because they offer a dividends to the users of the platform. The rate of return (ROI) for staking games is very high on BetHash platform when compare to other gaming platform; the BetHash gaming platform can pay up to 161% ROI for every staking games.
The BetHash as its own token namely ‘HASH’, is it already tradable at cryptocurrency exchange on their website and also Newdex exchange. The token will be share to the users of BetHash platform as a dividends. A way to earn HASH token as a dividends is by playing games on the platform or holding the HASH token.
Here is how it play out:
If anybody play games on the platform, he will be rewarded with a loyalty point termed HPOINTs. It does not end there, you can also earn HPOINTs by referring people into the platform and lastly you can earn HPOINTs by holding HASH token. The HPOINTs can be converted to the HASH token on ratio of 8:1
  • Let me demonstrate an example:
  • Let assume you have 5000 HPOINTs,
  • You will be entitled to 5000/8 HASH
  • That will have 625 HASH token.
So the HPOINTs loyalty points can be used to stake bets, use it to buy HASH token and use it to participate in a decentralized jackpot which normally come up in few minutes interval.
Advantages and features
It is important to note that each game proposed by the system will be built according to all the requirements of the EOS system. This means that it will meet all its technical characteristics and fully be able to provide high performance, maximum speed and of course decent safety.
As you have already understood, the range of gambling games will be constantly expanding, which will allow the platform to be live and constantly relevant. Moreover, you as a member of the system will be able to directly write to developers about their special wishes, tangent of a game and there is a demand for this event will be increased, according to the developers themselves, they can easily implement it.
It is important to note that BetHash is not just another gaming platform with a built-in casino and a number of other gambling games. No, BetHash is a full-fledged gaming ecosystem, which includes additional benefits presented in the form of a loyalty system and other rewards.
If we talk about the token, then there will be two in the system - _HPOINT_and HASH, each of which will perform its role. For those who do not have an EOS wallet, the founders of BetHash have prepared additional amenities for ETH, BTC and IOST users associated primarily with the availability of a free EOS account. All you need is to pay for access to the wallet with two USDT coins, after which the BetHash system will automatically assign you an EOS account.
To sum up, I want to once again draw your attention to the fact that this is a gaming platform designed specifically for its client. That is, the person to whom it is important to play and win, and also it is pleasant to spend time behind favourite games. Moreover, for the founders of this BetHash put maximum effort in creating this unique ecosystem, as BetHash. Of course the advantages of the platform it is impossible to estimate, yet he will not try and not know. But remember that my reviews are only informative and informative, so do not call you to any action.
For those who liked the idea of BetHash, I strongly recommend to study the following resources, links of which you will find at the end of this article. That's all from me and good luck!
Author: Zee MinHo
My ETH: 0x46025d00C3b8F2d00616713CfE6438eC6F098542


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BetHash ICO - Bet on Future Blocks and Earn A Passive Income
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