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888Tron - User-centric decentralized game platform on TRON blockchain

TRON is crptocurrency which has its own blockchain protocol, and smart contract platform with decentralized operating system, TRON system is intended for the deployment of industrial-scale decentralized applications through a decentralized autonomous corporation model.
This discussion is about 888Tron, a fully decentralized user-centric betting platform operating on the TRON network. 
Since my blog is dedicated to new decentralized projects and today's review is no exception, I propose to talk today about the topic of online entertainment. For many, this statistics will seem amazing, however, all over the world just love to play entertaining online games such as poker, casino and other gambling areas of the genre. This kind of leisure people often prefer instead of the usual walk after work, as it often helps them to relax and have fun. What is there to conceal you look at how much the theme of online entertainment has become active, moreover, at the moment it is already estimated at over 1 trillion us dollars and this is just the beginning. Many experts predict only increasing demand in the industry, so keep this in mind.

About 888Tron

888Tron is a user-centric betting platform built on the TRON blockchain architecture. It is fully decentralized, maximally scalable, provably-fair, and offers the hottest betting games with low house edges. 888Tron goal is to take the essence of what people love about gambling – the thrill, excitement, and ability to win money while having tons of fun – and strip out everything we hate about the industry – shady odds, greedy corporations, intrusive sign-ups, and high house edges.
Moreover, the platform seeks to change the traditional approach to managing business in the gaming sector. They will also offers dividends in TRX to 888 token holders. Dividends are derived from platform house edge. The dividend pool will fluctuate constantly depending on users winning and losing on the platform. Essentially, by using the 888 Tron platform, users will thereby be the owners of the platform. 


But again, everything has its downside and in our case, the traditional online entertainment system is not quite honest. I'm not talking about all or about someone separately, however, in the world in this field there is a huge number of dishonest organizers that prevent honest earn all players wishing to have on the platform. This is done elementary, as their activities no one can check and even more control, all the processes of the game are hidden under seven locks and you do not know what is happening there on the other side of the screen. Suddenly the principle of your favorite game was originally formed in such a way that you could not win there at all? Or, on the contrary, you could win some small part, but lose much more? Unfortunately we can not know it all that and worse to us who are not allowed to know. 
Therefore, we have only two options for the development of events, or continue to play by their rules, or look for new sources of their any entertainment. One of which we will now consider. 


The platform is currently offering several types of betting games. But planned to have several more games to deploy. The games include: 
  • Dice52: The aim of this game is to make a higher or lower prediction on a what the turned over card will be from 2 – ACE.
  • Gear of fortune: The player must choose a sector (x2, x5, x6, x10, x20). After clicking ‘spin’, the smart contracts will then randomly generate a sector number.
  • Crypto Slots: The player must choose the amount of ‘lines’ they want to bet on from 1-10. The lines represent where on the slot machine it will hit the logo’s.

Design feature

This principle of charge coins and you took no accident: 
  • first, it will eliminate large groups of people in whose hands will be concentrated a huge number of coins, the rate of which they will be able to further manipulate extracting a decent benefit to your account;
  • secondly, all participants will be motivated to take a direct and active part in the development of the project itself. That is, directly test your skills and capabilities, receiving in return a reward in the form of an internal token;
  • and third, the more you will earn in game coins, the greater the share of business 888TRON you'll have.
I think this is quite rational, as the project 888TRON pursues more global goals than earning their coins. The developers intend to unite within the entertainment industry all enthusiasts and crypto users who want to not only have fun and carefree to spend their time, but also those who accept and understand the value of the blockchain technology itself. As such participants in the future. 


888Tron betting platform have its own native currency, 888 Tokens. 888 Token is a TRC20 Token on the TRON blockchain. 888 cannot be bought directly, and can only be mined by playing on 888TRON platform. A total of 100,000,000 888 tokens can be mined. 888 Token holders will be paid dividends in TRX depending on how many 888 Tokens they own. 

How to Play

The 888Tron betting platform can only take TRX currency. The platform is use automatic connection to TRX wallets. Web platform users should get to this point by adding a TRONlinkaccount Google Chrome extension, and mobile device users should use Math WalletTronWallet or HuobiWallet.
In order to play, you must own TRX token. You can top up through a crypto exchanges, and send it to your TRX wallet. When it comes to withdrawals, gamblers don’t have to do anything. The instant you win on a bet, your winnings are deposited immediately into your TRONLink wallet. 


If we talk about the unique features of the 888TRON project, there are a lot of them. But I'll start with the fact that everything in this project is not accidental, every detail and function was carefully thought out by the developers, starting from the moment of choosing the blockchain network itself, to the principle of charging coins, a set of games and other important aspects. 
As you have already understood, the blockchain turned out to be the most suitable for the 888TRON project concept, since the network itself was developed for entertainment products and focused in most cases on game content. Moreover, this blockchain meets all the necessary technical characteristics, data transfer speed and minimum Commission costs. As for the games, and here they have their own unique, stable and highly mathematical course of the game, in which laid a decent percentage of winnings. All games are backed by smart source contracts, allowing you to use them from any device without having to download. 
At the time of the launch of the platform, the developers intend to remain in the shadows for some time in order to give the public an opportunity to see for themselves and try out the charm of the work of 888TRON, and earn their first coins. After that, the team will speak at public events and tell about the further stages of development of the project, that is, legally settle all current issues regarding the legalization and purity of the project to obtain all gambling licenses around the world. 


Since the project has the main basis of the blockchain, the coin within the gaming platform will be TRX with the symbol – 888Tron. In total, the developers will register 100 million coins, which can be obtained only by playing or participating in mining. More detailed principles of interaction and accrual of tokens can be studied in the technical documentation of the project, where the percentage reveals the entire algorithmic moment. 
 The distribution of tokens is as follows: 

888Tron Final Thoughts

Like us, you will not be pleased with the lack of bonuses and the limited game offers; however, after join 888Tron, you will have more reasons to stay on-board. The 888Tron platform gives you fair, fun and secure betting platform. The games on this network are simple and easy to play because it’s a decentralized network, all the gaming is provably fair. All transactions are instant thanks to the blockchain tech. 
Deposits and withdrawals are expedited through the TRONLink Wallet. The site can be accessed in English, Germany, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Spain, and Turkey. However, there’s a disclaimer encouraging you to check the laws governing your country before you take part in online gambling. Despite being one of the latest decentralized gaming platforms to go live, 888Tron platform has become quite popular and is loved by all types of crypto gamblers. 

Referral Bonus

Referral Bonus is reward by referring your friends. 888Tron offers lifetime rewards just by referring them. You can receive 0.2% of all of your referral bets. 


I believe that 888TRON is ideal for all those who like to spend time actively and interestingly. Moreover, thanks to modern technology and advanced models of the game, you will finally get a truly decent tools where you can not only play their any games, but also to earn. After all, the whole principle of 888TRON is aimed at just the same honest approach to each individual player, where showing your skills and talent you will not be left without proper compensation.
Therefore, I recommend you to pay attention to 888TRON, study its concept in detail and now take an active part in the development of the platform. All useful links are waiting for you at the bottom. That's all I have, good luck! 

Official Infomartion resources of the 888Tron project:

Author: Zee MinHo
My TRX Wallet: TPkqWibX3fLMPMFXboKPJQUiAxpjcBN9zn


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888Tron - User-centric decentralized game platform on TRON blockchain
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