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Hello everyone, this new post I want to introduce about a very interesting and good project that is FilmGrid, and for more details, let's just go to the following discussion:
About FilmGrid
The film industry is vicious. Unable to learn from its mistakes, it has fallen into a cycle of sequels, crossovers and reboots, where the Film Studios financial motivation outweighs any creative new content.
Only in a few cases it is possible to appreciate the passion of the artist in the silver screen, it has been worn out mostly by executive layers that suppress originality; instead, adherence is made to over-used formulas and unethical business strategies, where the decision-making power of a project falls on executive producers who have no experience as filmmakers.
Filmgrid seeks to use technological, operative and ideological innovation to provide a fair commercial alternative, to generate equality between users and to promote art. By getting rid of unnecessary intermediaries, the creation of better films will be promoted. That way the direct participants receive a higher percentage of the profit, and they receive it sooner.
Watch this video!
Filmgrid's core ideal is to disrupt the movie industry in favor of the moviemaker, not the suit. Of rebel heart, its principles are the base for its business model design, decentralizing as many aspects of the movie industry as possible. The adoption of Blockchain technology will allow us to build an unstoppable application, that shares Filmgrid beliefs.
Filmgrid does not depend on a third party for production nor release decisions, it depends only and always on the users, placing the trust in the Blockchain; leaving intermediaries interests out of the equation. And even though there are rules, no one controls it.
If there are Creatives with a cool movie project, or a very good idea for one, they can use Filmgrid's Pitchboard to fund it. All there is to do, is upload a description, an image, giff, teaser or trailer video and a budget to participate.
It's not quite crowdfunding, yet it relies on the crowd. There are three options to do so:
  • A Production Fund, where the crowd, in this case the platform users, will decide voting upon the catalog of projects in display on the Pitchboard which ones will get part(or total) of such fund. One or more projects may be funded in each round.
  • The fund will reset in cycles, all projects can participate as much as liked.
  • An old fashioned Presale, where the user can buy the movie before it is made, in order to support its Creative Users with the production of the project.
  • The patrons of the project will always be in control of the proper usage of the presale funds, according to the Creative Team's production plan.
The help of a Production Pool made by users that are interested in movie production.
These Investing Users get the opportunity to take part in the financing of the project, in exchange for a percentage of the profit generated by the product.
This way, the project is committed only to the Viewers, and never to movie moguls.
The Production Fund management, the voting and the dispersal of funds will be secured by Smart Contracts in the Blockchain, assuring the veracity and appropriate usage of the funds; every Creative User member of the funded Creative Team can trust the platform will release their respective payment, therefore everyone can focus in making a great movie.
A Social Reputation System will provide the best quality control, delivered by the users themselves; rating Movies and Creative Users, bad quality or poor Movies won't make to the top, with the possibility of getting permanently banned.
Users can use reactions to interact with each other in the platform.
Since is a network, a connection channel gets open, where Creative Users can find key members for their crews, or find a crew where to contribute, and most important, learn from the Viewers feedbacks.
(Don’t worry, in purpose long boring movies won’t pass the Social Reputation System)
  • 2016June - CONCEPT
    Applying our beliefs about movie industry in a fair business model.
    Adapting and enhancing Filmgrid to Blockchain Technology.
    This .space web site has been created to record and inform the project.
  • 2018April - WHITE PAPER
    Structure and developing of our White Paper version 1.0.
  • August - ICO LISTINGS
    Project registration on ICO listing specialized websites.
    Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. Rethinking the plan of action.
  • 2019February - DIGITAL MARKETING
    Public Relations, SEO, Social Networks and online publicity.
  • March-May - PRIVATE SALE & PRE ICO
    Filmpass Token Distribution in an Pre Coin Offering (ICO).
    Developing the DApp and Smart Contracts and public release of the code.
    Filmpass Token Distribution final and long round begins.
    Minimum Viable Product with the Billboard and early Pitchboard.
    Start the development of the Filmgrid Blockchain and configuration.
  • 2020January - DAPP MARKETING
    Worldwide promotion of Filmgrid Decentralized Aplication.
    Well, all the work that has to be made to realease a top quality product.
    Filmgrid Blockchain Platform Version 1.0 Release.
**To find more relevant details please follow several sources for the following references:
**WEBSITE: https://filmgrid.space/
WHITEPAPER: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DqPk4pv-qu0sk7YGejxNmecBw7jj9IiipkKFeOVY0bU/edit?usp=sharing
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/filmgrid/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/FilmgridSpace
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/filmgrid
Author: Zee MinHo
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Colletrix ICO - Bridging the Physical and Virtual Worlds

Colletrix ICO - Bridging the Physical and Virtual Worlds

Hello everyone, this new post I want to introduce about a very interesting and good project that is Colletrix, and for more details, let's just go to the following discussion: 


Project Colletrix introduces one of the first non-commensurate tokens in the world ("NFT") that aims to be associated with the design of physical property ("IP") physical goods. The project will be combined with IP, blockchain, and merchandise to revolutionize the merchandise market using NFT, tokens under the ERC-721 protocol, and ERC-20 tokens known as Colletrix Tokens ("CIPX"), resulting in the creation of all different ecosystems that benefit more supporters. 
One part of the Project involves the development of NFT which represents unique IP ownership associated with merchandise. The other part of the Project involves the development of CIPX, which circulates cryptocurrency in the Colletrix ecosystem ("Ecosystem"). 


Digital collections in games in the form of NFT are increasing became popular with the launch of CryptoKitties in 2018 and strong initial success. . We believe NFT brings great potential applications to the merchandise market. 
Utilizing the appeal of crypto collections, the Project will be the first to integrate new economies with the old economy, creating a completely new business model. The creation of the Colletrix platform ("Platform") will introduce the industry's first platform where original IP owners can provide new lifetime licenses through tokenization. We apply NFT technology to build new business models that will benefit IP Owners and consumers. By doing that, we began the first step to develop and enhance the blockchain community ecosystem. This platform will be a new milestone for the merchandise and IP industry market.
We are proud to introduce Colletrix, a blockchain project to bring together elements from IP, blockchain, and merchandise to create new market value supported by the world's leading smart contract system, Ethereum.
Through the Platform, we predict the interest of collectors; we maximize the benefits of the franchisee; we enjoy the benefits of IP owners.

Colletrix Ecosystem:

The platform is a new business model consisting of mutually beneficial relationships between five parties: IP owners, Merchandisers, Collectors, Crypto fans, and you.
For IP Owners
This project aims to provide access to the owner of the original IP
opportunity to provide a lifetime license through NFT adoption. The unique design of IP owners will be included in their unique NFT, and consequently leads to the creation of a secondary IP-NFT market ("NFT Marketplace"). IP owners will be rewarded.


Through the Platform, we strive to create new market value by integrating IP tokensization. With the introduction of NFT, we will combine the old economy and the new economy. Therefore, we will do so to extend the possibility for all IP owners and makers around the world to make long-term licenses for their IP6; and for merchandisers, we will offer them new market value on their physical commodities through the application blockchain, maximizing the attractiveness and benefits of their products. NFT inclusion will create a dynamic interest in collectors while giving them easy access to the crypto market, and leading to new business opportunities such as the creation of franchises. Colletrix will be one of the first to inspire mass transformation and world economic integration. 


We envision a world where new economies and old economies will be fully integrated to create new economic models that maximize benefits for all participants. Starting with IP and the creative industry, we envision an industrial revolution where IP owners will be able to retain the license fees they deserve by implementing blockchain technology.

CIPX Tokenomics

Colletrix will issue its own ecosystem token, Colletrix Token ("CIPX"). CIPX is a cryptocurrency that is supported by the Ethereum network with the ERC-20 standard. Therefore, all records related to CIPX can be seen using the Ethereum browser. As a trade cryptocurrency, CIPX can be used in a variety of situations, but especially and initially used in NFT purchases issued through the NFT Marketplace.
We aspire to create a subversive ecosystem that will introduce a new Tokenisation IP transformation business model for the industry. Through IP tokenization, we aim to improve and secure benefits for IP owners. At the same time, this will attract additional major IP owners to expand this ecosystem. With more IP owners participating in this program, the merchandiser will then be able to expand the product range for physical merchandise paired with digital assets. The NFT market will attract the attention and interest of collectors throughout the world. Our large and loyal collectors base will allow high trading volume, and increase market prices for CIPX due to high demand - especially since the number of NFT and CIPX is limited to a stable amount.

Adoption of Colletrix Token

CIPX will be adopted in various situations, including:
Purchase special Crypto-exclusive edition items
CIPX can be used to purchase NFT at NFT Marketplace and
special merchandise on the Marketplace Merchandise as made by Undone and Colletrix. Colletrix will work with UNDONE to launch a series of special crypto-exclusive edition merchandise that can only be purchased with CIPX on Merchandise Markets Customers will be able to see a total catalog of crypto-exclusive merchandise in this market. To buy these products, customers must obtain an important wallet for trading and holding CIPX. After that, they can start trading for CIPX and buy cryptoexclusive merchandise at the Merchandise Marketplace at CIPX registered prices.
Then, when the user wants to make another physical cut future merchandise using their NFT IP design *, they need to issue CIPX for merchandise production rights on the Platform.

IEO Valuation

The initial exchange offering for CIPX will be carried out on different exchange platforms around the world. 
The IEO will start from the first week of June 2019, token buyers can purchase CIPX tokens based on who comes first, is served first to 200,000,000 tokens for sale. The Token Buyer will receive the CIPX token within 5 working days after the IEO is complete. 

Sales Tokens and Release Schedules

Release schedule

Any changes and adjustments will be updated at colletrix.com
The Colletrix team, from time to time, will take CIPX from the market based on business performance for business development and the use of company expansion.

Roadmap and Milestones

Colletrix Team


Based on the data and facts seen, Colletrix is ​​very good for review and investment. This is based on the reality for now, many projects that are not good, and make everyone who invests a lot of questions about their certainty and truth, so if you want to invest in this project, you should read all about the article that I made, so you can know more about this Colletrix project from them.
To get more relevant details from the Colletrix project or join social media and sales crowds, please follow some sources for the following references:
Author: Zee MinHo
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Bitbond ICO - Global Business Lending πŸ’°

**Hello everyone, this new post I want to introduce about a very interesting and good project that is Bitbond, and for more details, let's just go to the following discussion: **
The world of business has long ceased to be the way we remember it 20 and 30 years ago. Now almost any person can be engaged in business. Everything became much more accessible. You want to open a nice and cozy coffee shop, and you want to organize a workshop, run your website and sell everything you see fit. In a word, complete freedom of action, of course, I am normal environmental ideas that pursue only bright and good goals. But that's not what we're going to talk about today.

About the project

The project which will be discussed today is called – BitbondBitbond is the first decentralized business lending platform operating worldwide in more than 80 countries. The project belongs to Bitbond GmbH, which is officially registered in Berlin (Germany) and has one of the most worthy financial licenses of the country from the BaFin regulator. For the founders of Bitbond it is a great honor and a tribute from the German regulatory authorities. Given the fact that this is the first blockchain platform in Germany, which received this license.
If you touch a little bit on the history of the Bitbond project, for all these years (since 2013) the company Bitbond GmbH has already successfully established itself and show itself in many countries of Europe and Africa. It has accredited more than 3,000 small and medium-sized businesses worldwide, totaling more than 13 million euros. At the current time, the founders of Bitbond are able to provide monthly loans in the amount of about 1 million euros, which is a worthy result, which the developers assure they do not intend to stop.

Introducing Bitbond Token BB1!

Advantages and features

Of course, the idea of the Bitbond project did not appear by chance, it was preceded by various problems that have met and still occur in all countries of our world. Almost every second small and medium-sized entrepreneur is faced with the lack of adequate funding for their business ideas or a ready-made working model. As a rule, they seek financial assistance from various banks or other financial institutions. Which in turn do not always have the opportunity to support every entrepreneur.
The concept of Bitbond eliminates this problem, helping to develop small and medium-sized businesses in all corners of the planet by means of high-tech tools and technologies. All they want to offer mothers now is to become part of this direction and help to develop business lending to small and medium-sized businesses became more affordable.


To do this, the founders of Bitbond are ready to offer us security tokens, each of which is a bond based on the BB1 tokens proposed by the project. If we talk about the technical side of the issue, the BB1 security tokens are created on the basis of the Stellar Lumens blockchain and will be distributed by means of STO, as well as work with all online wallets that support this blockchain.
The use of borrowed funds is as follows:


Such companies and organizations as:


For me personally, this project once again proves the effectiveness of blockchain technology in the modern world. When everyone can become a part of something bigger, and also allow another person to realize some dreams and plans. Moreover, all this is carried out in a reliable and transparent way, as it has all the necessary legal licenses and agreements. It is important to realize that Bitbond brings benefits bilaterally and benefits here not only the investor who bought BB1 token, but also the entrepreneur who applied for help in Bitbond. That I believe an important fact in our days.
For those who are interested in learning more about Bitbond, I have prepared the entire list of project resources. Links are located at the end of this article. That's all and see you next year!

Official resources of the Bitbond project:

Author: Zee MinHo
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People have always been peculiar to be innovators and pioneers, while striving forward to a brighter future. A striking proof of this is all his professional activities. Step by step, man evolves, and the prerequisites for all this are creative and purposeful people who create something new and essential for our lives. The same can be said about modern startups, each of which seeks to fulfill its mission, as well as to bring something new to the world that has not been known before. 

About the project

So, get acquainted with a completely incredible project, the direction of which we have never considered – ZROCORZROCOR is the world's first decentralized platform that intends to use modern resources and blockchain technology to create a new cost-effective ecosystem, where each startup project will receive reliable financing, powerful marketing support, as well as a number of all related securities necessary for compliance with the law. 
Simply put, ZROCOR is a transparent, reliable and secure stronghold for aspiring entrepreneurs who will gain all the necessary skills and, most importantly, professional and highly qualified assistance from first-class professionals from all over the world. At the same time, entrepreneurs will be able to get an adequate assessment of their start-up company in order to understand what development it needs to work hard to achieve its goals. 

Features and capabilities of the project

If to speak about the possibilities ZROCOR, their incredible variety. All these features are well-structured under the so-called "turnkey"solution. Only in order for the entrepreneur to be as comfortable as possible to cooperate with future investors and other specialists necessary for the future success of the startup project. For understanding, I propose to consider this lean startup method, which is called – incubator 041. The incubator itself is divided into so-called 4 phases, each of which is responsible for its fundamental principles. 
  • the first principle lies in the Concept. Zrocor specialists analyze all your current business model in detail, identifying some features and structuring the data for further formation of a powerful Foundation. As a rule, this research process sometimes takes quite a long time, so ZROCOR INVESTORS are ready to offer you assistance on the initial compensation of losses in order to support your family. Such investors in ZROCOR are called "donors»;
  • the second principle is Commit, which symbolizes that your idea has been approved and it takes place. That is, in simple words, the world market needs your idea or product. Therefore, after such a conclusion, it remains only to raise the necessary amount to launch your startup and start moving into a new exciting world of the entrepreneur;
  • the third principle is to Test your idea in practice. Is it viral or is it able to develop systematically for a long time. At this stage, and it usually lasts from 18 to 24 months, you analyze all your indicators in order to identify pop-up defects and other elements of friction. Then realize whether you'll go to the end or it's time to go home;
  • the fourth principle is responsible for Scale. Which reaches the entrepreneur at the expense of all kinds of sales funnels and other tools adapted to increase profits and the natural growth of the consumer base.


Thus, the entire ZROCOR ecosystem stands before us as one big tool for all micro-small enterprises that are able to obtain the most advanced technical tools within the framework of P2P relationships. Due to what they will form a harmonious and lean environment for the development of each individual startup. Moreover, ZROCOR is able to provide a high level of transparency and security, as well as guarantee legal control of all decentralized operations. After all, according to the founders of ZROCOR, the strength of each of us lies in the pooling of efforts, which is more symbolized by their motto: "Together we stand, divided we fall." With what I fully agree. Therefore, ZROCOR is not just a platform with a variety of high-tech tools, it is also a community of like-minded people who want to make this world a better place by achieving specific goals. 
As additional tools the developers ZROCOR introduced a security system like DAO. The main goal of the DAO is to protect the entire world community from nefarious groups and communities that want to implement their dirty ideas through the ZROCOR platform. 


Like any decentralized platform, ZROCOR has its own internal token, with which it will be possible to pay for various packages of services available within this ecosystem. For ease of use and maximum security of all customer accounts, the founders of ZROCOR decided to use their internal multi-currency wallet – ZRO
Moreover, the token itself will be developed on the basis of ZROCOR's own blockchain and will never leave its limits. Nevertheless, on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain, Developers will be offered another ZROCOR token of the system – ZCOR (ERC-20 standard). This token will be created by the founders only for the purpose to strongly limit their users to one of their blockchain. Therefore, a user who wants to buy a* ZCOR* token can easily exchange it for an internal token ZCORapptoken through the platform's multi-currency wallet. 
Only for the development of their projects, the founders ZROCOR lay tokens ZCOR. The project team intends to form a powerful investment capital for all subsequent start-up projects implemented under the ZROCOR system. 

Project Support



Summing up, I want to note the high purpose of this project, as well as the principle of building its entire concept. As for me, this idea is very relevant and in demand today, as a large number of entrepreneurs fail every year in the entrepreneurial field, and all because they somewhere do not have the skills or sufficient funding for their ideas. The ZROCOR project is ready to offer all of them its high-quality and professional assistance, thanks to which the world will change for the better. 
Therefore, all who are interested in this project, I send to the official resources section of ZROCOR. Where you will be able to delve into the principles of all its tools and related characteristics. And you will also find something more than just another blockchain project! 

Official resources of the project ZROCOR:

Author: Zee MinHo
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HighBank - The Solutions for crypto enthusiasts in a robust and scalable manner

HighBank - The Solutions for crypto enthusiasts in a robust and scalable manner

Intuitive - Interactive - Instinctive

HighBank is creating the subsequent generation Blockchain-based ecosystem it is had to allow the crypto network to maximize and diversify their portfolios within the risky crypto market. We are altering the crypto market basis to create a commerce ecosystem that may growth cryptocurrency adoption. The platform constructed at the Ethereum Blockchain-will grow to be a entire crypto buying and selling platform that incorporates Decentralized Crypto Exchange, ICO listing, ICO Launch and Crowdfunding, Marketing and Partner programs, Online and Offline network centers, and Blockchain Consultations.
HighBank permits you to sign up ICOs for review, seek the advice of our experts, use our dashboard to handle and market your brand, release a token and take pleasure in the perks of a decentralized exchange.
The mission is to create a one-stop platform offering a holistic blockchain journey to any developer or crypto trader. The challenge is anticipated to move stay within the primary quarter of 2019 and this part will shed faded on right here primary elements of the ecosystem and features:
  • Decentralized Crypto Exchange: HighBank isn't any other in phrases of the concept, however it surely takes the landscape to the subsequent level. The substitute permits you so as to feature all types of crypto tokens, regardless of no matter if or no longer they belong to the ERC20 protocol. 
  • ICO Listing Platform: HighBank record platform is a obvious answer that the of us had been watching for. With the combo of stochastic gradient position and IBM Watson 500 engine, the HighBank platform could be capable to name the greatest ICOs with a strength to notch up vast bucks from the market.
  • ICO Launch and Crowdfunding Platform: HighBank is the in basic terms ICO launching platform of its kind. Highbank enable the undertaking house proprietors to choose the greatest skill on our platform to increase up their crowdfunding probability. The policies related with HighBank could be proportional to STOs.
  • Marketing & Partner Program: HighBank will format marketing plans for other ICOs founded mostly upon their inputs and can act as a watchtower for budding crypto ventures. As a trusted marketing partner, HighBank will format 3 plans termed as silver, platinum and gold.
  • Offline and Online Community Centre: There are NULL types of network facilities working underneath HighBank. The essential one operates on-line and it could be like a webinar the place each ICO indexed within the HighBank’s directory may be capable to take part and share its opinion. 
  • Blockchain Consultancy & Advisory: HighBank will make certain the revolutionary blockchain technology can sharpen its blade by other channels within the years to come and for this, the professionals in our panel will make certain that even a budding idea turns into successful. Our professionals are observed throughout the Globe in other R&D facilities and so they at all times try to supply you the greatest consultancy sort grass root level.


HighBank Token information

Name: HighBank (HIGH)
Blockchain: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Purchase methods: ETH, BTC, LTC
Hard cap: 40,000,000 USD
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
Cost of a token: 1.00 USD
Total supply: 100 Million
New token emissions: No (fixed)
KYC: Yes
Whitelist: No
Min purchase cap: 50 Tokens
Max purchase cap: No limit

HighBank Token Distribution

Token sale programme: 40%
Staffing: 32%
Marketing: 10%
Operating Expenses: 9%
Consultancy: 6%
Legal: 4%

All HighBank Resources:

Author: Zee MinHo
My ETH: 0x46025d00C3b8F2d00616713CfE6438eC6F098542 
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