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VeraExchange - New Exchange Era


The blockchain-based cryptocurrency trade is growing rapidly with its ups and downs. In 2019, we are witnessing a bear market, but fundamental indicators speak in favor of sustainable recovery and further growth of cryptography. Despite the sharp drop in the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market in 2018 and the departure of billions of dollars from the world of bitcoins, everyone wants to see an alternative to the existing banking system and strive to ensure that crypto-coins penetrate into financial markets and all economic aspects.
Trading cryptocurrency becomes an effective method to stay afloat and maximize your profits in a flat market without a rally.
In conditions of significant growth and falling prices for cryptocurrency, the preservation of one cryptocurrency in anticipation of its growth over time means the loss of many opportunities that the market can offer us. This idea pushed a huge number of new traders to this still new and risky market. 
This time the trading process has become easy, as there are many cryptocurrency exchanges. The total trading volume on the stock exchanges declined from its highs in 2017 in tandem with the overall market capitalization, but the number of traders on these platforms continued to grow rapidly during this period. More and more people are finding the necessary tool on trading platforms that helps them make profits in the cryptocurrency market.
However, you can notice a trend, users are disappointed, as most exchanges do not meet their expectations. 
VeraExchange is preparing to solve all the main problems that cryptocurrency exchanges usually face. The most significant are:
  • The trading interface is confusing and not user friendly; 
  • Charts where there is no necessary information.
Many novice traders know this: it’s scary to worry. VeraExchange will eliminate any inconvenience and fluctuations that they may have, and, finally, you can stop looking for exchanges that would satisfy all the needs in trade. 
The future of cryptocurrency exchanges will appear on the trading platform, because it solves most of the problems. The developers will provide an impressive set of utilities that you can choose from the trading tab, as well as an informative and educational section about the world of cryptocurrencies, a convenient user interface and many other nice additions that will make your trading process more comfortable and beneficial for you. 
In addition, the difference between the VeraExchange platform and others will be in the presence of ST, which you will learn about below.


Main problems

To broaden the vision of the current market, the developers conducted a large study on it and conducted an online survey. The total number of people who participated in the survey was more than 10,000 users, and this allowed the project to identify the main problems that users encountered in the process of trading on current exchanges. The survey results are presented below:

And what can we see on this chart? The most basic and popular problem is security, and this is obvious, because the main hacks were committed against any level of exchanges, and the consequences of these hacks have not yet been eliminated. Users are always afraid of losing their assets when they are stored in the wallets of exchanges. VeraExchange will do everything possible so that any client does not lose a cent of his balance.
The company conducted a study of security issues, taking into account all the attacks on the exchanges that occurred in the past, and we were able to find out what the main vulnerabilities were found in the transportation API. The API is used for algorithms and third-party trading software, where it opens up a set of connections, with the result that the connection is less secure, so the probability of a successful attack is higher.
The project team pays great attention to platform security. This will positively affect the main concern of users: the safety of their wallets, and this is ensured by the presence of highly qualified specialists in this field. Security methods include a secure server infrastructure, numerous tests for different penetrations of third-party software and servers, which ensures a high level of protection, as well as compliance with all security standards.


The processing speed of the cryptocurrency exchange platform plays a crucial role in its operational value. Those exchanges that are built on a weak IT infrastructure cannot cope with the growing traffic on their website, which leads to a slowdown in the transaction speed of the platform and, ultimately, can lead to a complete shutdown. The difficulty is that it is simply impossible to judge the performance of any platform with a small amount of trade, because it works stably.
Real problems are overcome when a lot of traffic hits the site, and the stability of the platform is under tremendous pressure. This leads to the fact that trade becomes inactive, and traders are disappointed, respectively, people lose trading opportunities in the current volatile market. With a large transaction queue, the platform engine should work in the best possible way to cope with the corresponding workload and complete all transactions in a timely manner. VeraExchange can perform up to 1 million transactions per second.
To achieve these results, the project uses the AWS infrastructure, which includes a combination of HPC pools, EC2, VPC, Lamda, DynamoDB, CloudFront, as well as Java and C ++ as a backend and JS for visualizing the interface.

VeraExchange token

The token is designed to serve the new trend in the world of crypto: 
IEO. The more tokens will be stored in the wallet for a period of time, the more IEO coins will be available for purchase during the sale. Developers strive to ensure that the processing speed of servers is fast enough so that everyone does not experience any delays during these fast token offers.



The modern financial world system has withstood several bubbles throughout its history, and people are beginning to understand that the current banking system and the economy as a whole cannot cope with everything that happens in the world. The lack of freedom and the strict rules created by the few cannot satisfy the majority of the world's population. 
We live in fantastic times, finally, something unique and innovative can destroy corruption and bureaucracy: the blockchain. 
Vera Exchange is exactly the product you are looking for - with an extensive approach, to first hear the users, the developers will provide exactly the results you need.


Author: SanZoldyck
My ETH: 0xc57F5E28B98a12c8f4cC3f4C02d8B77546deF545 


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VeraExchange - New Exchange Era
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