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GOOREO ICO – Decentralized Career Platform! 🔥

Every year, tens of millions of students around the world complete their studies. Each of them intends to enter into a full adult life, and therefore find a suitable job and devote most of his life to it. This scenario is followed by the majority of graduates so the topic of employment remains relevant from year to year. 


However, not every graduate is able to immediately after graduation to find a good and decent job, especially related to his professional skills and knowledge gained in this area. Simply put, to find a job immediately after the Institute is not possible for everyone, especially in their profile direction. Everything depends on the absence of many factors. 
For example:
  • after the end of the magistracy you have not appeared a few good proposals for job vacancies in various organizations, where you could go to work and develop their professional skills, benefiting from their fresh eyes and not blinkered thinking;
  • or Vice versa, your specialization is so narrow that after graduation you have no idea where to go to someone considered your resume and it has become popular in this or that organization;
  • there is also a far opposite situation, when a narrow specialization immediately available a huge number of possible personnel, to choose the head of the organization is very difficult, because he does not know the exact characteristics of each of the candidates, with which he would be able to choose the most suitable for them.
To solve all these problems is going to a new decentralized platform, which is based on modern technology is able to revolutionize employment for all students who have just graduated from their school and ready to plunge into the working atmosphere. 

About the project

The project which will be discussed today is called - GOOREO. Its main goal is to create a single space within which graduates and employers will be able to find each other, while analyzing all the necessary authentication data, expressing their demand through the GOOREO platform. 
The technology with which the developers founded GOOREO was not chosen by chance. The main thing that they needed from the blockchain is its basis through which you can safely, transparently and most importantly securely manage absolutely any processes necessary for GOOREO

Principle of operation

As you have already realized, GOOREO can easily be used by any ordinary graduate, as well as the employer of any organization or Corporation, who is in search of fresh personnel ready to work for the development of a particular direction. Therefore, to understand the overall picture, I propose to consider an easy algorithm of actions by which one side of the coin will be able to contact the other, where GOOREO acts as a link, that is, the “edge” of this very coin. 
1. All actions begin with registration on GOOREO, which is available in both mobile and web versions. Once you have successfully registered, you need to fill in your professional resume in which you describe all the achievements that you have, as well as all the available skills.
2. On the other hand, employers will fill out a similar resume form, only containing aspects containing a description of the available vacancy, as well as requirements for professional skills of the future employee. This will also include information on whether the work is remote or on-site.
3. The convenience of GOOREO is that at the same time students have the opportunity to view the available vacancies in the professional field to which they belong, thereby bypassing all the “information garbage” found in centralized sources of this direction.
4. Once a graduate finds that he needs or, on the contrary, the employer finds that the specialist he / she needs, between them is a contract of employment, with GOOREO leave the mark that both sides got their wish, with these parties (employer and graduate) can leave a rating of the quality of services provided by GOOREO as bad, good and excellent.


It is important to note that the mission of the project is to create a better decentralized platform of youth employment, providing it with all the necessary functions and tools. Thanks to which they will be able not only to reveal their potential, but also the professional sphere of their specialization. 
At the same time, I wrote earlier that for the founders of GOOREO is important, the safety and reliability of their platform that is why they paid maximum attention to developing an authentication procedure to confirm their identity and other supporting characteristics, available for both graduates and employers. These measures will eliminate the dishonest and substandard principle of interaction between both parties, while respecting the authority of the GOOREO platform. 

The details of the ICO

If we talk about the interaction of users and other available services within GOOREO, then the system offers its internal token – OREO with which payments for all operating services will be performed. The token itself is developed on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain (ERC23 standard). 
In total, only 1 billion tokens will be released for the life of the project, which will be disbanded for various tasks. Some of these coins will be available for sale, some will be distributed between the founding team and their advisors, the rest will be allocated for marketing and other promotions.
The distribution of tokens is as follows:


Given the above principles, we can safely assume that GOOREO aims to seriously break into the youth employment sector and offer its better and more effective conditions of cooperation, thanks to which each of the parties will be satisfied and in demand in its category. 
But let's not forget about your safety, as my reviews are only for informational purposes. Therefore, before actively taking part in any project described here, I strongly recommend that you personally get acquainted with all its official resources. To do this, every time I prepare the necessary list of official links that are available at the end of this article. 

Official resources of the GOOREO project:

Author: SanZoldyck
My ETH: 0xc57F5E28B98a12c8f4cC3f4C02d8B77546deF545


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GOOREO ICO – Decentralized Career Platform! 🔥
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