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ATRONOCOM ICO - Built for You and Your Crypto Lifestyle

The positive dynamics of growth and popularity of cryptocurrencies pleases many specialists, especially when they themselves are the driving force that pushes progress. People can no longer discard the fact that a new stage of life has begun. It is more technological, faster, more practical and safer. The crypto-currency market is a new global industry on which tens of thousands of specialists are working, developing new solutions, new concepts, new platforms for interaction. Just imagine how much now all talented people "boil" the brain in the process of creating something new or Vice versa processing the old, but adapted to the new. To be honest, this idea simply delights me, because what would such a powerful mental potential of the population do if they did not have new food for the mind as blockchain and cryptocurrency technology?!
But today we will not disclose the second side of this issue, and will focus on another unique work created and registered with the support of the state of the UAE. Interesting? Then let's go!

About the project

Meet Atronocom is a new decentralized project, developed their DAPP the app. The main mission of the project is to prove the reverse side of the use of cryptocurrencies to people through high-quality works, functions and tools. 
That is, to change some negative attitudes to positive ones, thereby destroying some silly myths that it is difficult, difficult and very inconvenient to use cryptocurrencies. Simply put, Atronocom is committed to making the lives of its users not only simple but also advanced through high-tech products and tools. 

Design feature

Atronocom has a huge variety of features and one of them is the legal framework that allowed to register your company as a limited liability company, not anywhere there, but in Dubai. With the support of the UAE government and cooperation with the world market of Abu Dhabi. 
Such a powerful Foundation contributes to the high-quality and high-tech development of Atronocom, especially since it intends to go a slightly different way, which means not to use the classic ICO scheme, replacing it with SAFT. For those who do not know what SAFT explain. SAFT is a kind of investment contract of the future token. It is concluded mainly with accredited investors and has some conditions under the contract. What kind of conditions, the company sets itself. The abandonment of the more classical format (ICO) will allow Atronocom to quickly gain the necessary amount of investment and, as a result, much faster to start all the workflows for the development of its decentralized ecosystem. 


As you know Atronocom have very serious intentions and this is no accident. After all, its developed DAPP application is able to provide the user with all the necessary tools of the crypto-currency and banking world. 
That is, Atronocom simultaneously includes:
  • online banking payments;
  • debit cards, which can be paid in more than 40 million locations around the world;
  • mobile Stacking on iOS and Android will also be available as part of Atronocom;
  • OTC exchange;
  • reliable built-in Messenger available to absolutely everyone for safe communication.
If we talk about some specific points separately, for example for debit cards will be available a full list of features and services with which the user will be able not only to manage their DAPP accounts, but also to purchase various goods and services, use the Concierge service, make any bonus programs and much more.
As for the banking business, everything is much bigger. First, the user will be able to buy/sell any cryptocurrencies available in the system quickly and at the most favorable prices. Secondly, you will be able to use a Bank account in Switzerland or Luxembourg, as well as send or receive funds through SERA/SWIFT. Thirdly, Atronocom capable of providing high load transfers up to EUR 1 million, and reduce the costs of making such transactions. All these conditions are necessary for the implementation of high-quality and highly efficient work. Moreover, Atronocom will be available multicurrency card which can be used up to 5 currencies simultaneously.


As for the tokens, their number will be limited, only 440 million coins. When carrying out SAFT, 5 stages of "sales" will be allocated where the ATROM token will be available with a particular discount.
After the completion of SAFT, the proceeds will be distributed as a percentage as follows: 50% will be allocated for product promotion and marketing, 30% for product development, 10% for the entire legal and corporate structure, the remaining 10% will remain in reserve for various force majeure circumstances. 


Of course, the review of this project is purely for informational purposes, since hardly any of you has the status of an accredited investor. Nevertheless, I am very glad that such “giants” appear on the market of the crypto-currency industry, and it is impossible to call them otherwise. If the project itself has a powerful beginning and develops under the guidance of the state of the UAE, then what indulgences and defects in General can be discussed.
So do not lose sight of this project, follow its news and use its product with pleasure, as soon as it will be available to the masses of society. If you want to get acquainted with Atronocom in more detail, then at the end of the article you will find all the necessary information available on the official and social resources of the project!

Official resources of the Atronocom project:

Author: SanZoldyck
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ATRONOCOM ICO - Built for You and Your Crypto Lifestyle
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