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SGC - Gold Backed Secured, Stable, Usable Cryptocurrency

SGC - Gold Backed Secured, Stable, Usable Cryptocurrency


About the projec

As you have already guessed from my blog, I mainly write about blockchain projects that seek to bring to our world, a lot of new, high-quality and decent tools. The project about which I will tell you now is not an exception, but on the contrary it is one of the best examples of how to effectively combine the usual stable assets with digital ones. This project is called Gold Coin Pty Limited. Based on the name, you can immediately guess that this decentralized project aims to bring to the world a new stable, reliable and secure tool for the financial market. Reinforcing your internal token SGC with the most real gold.
Of course, many of you probably faced with this kind of projects in which the gold and foreign exchange reserve also acted as a stability and guarantee of their token. However, Gold Coin Pty Limited has its own features and clear advantages.

Peculiar properties

If we talk about the features of Gold Coin Pty Limited, then in addition to the fact that all the gold that the developers intend to reinforce the value of their SGC coins is already 60% mined. What can not be said about all other projects that only plan to conduct gold mining, at the expense of attracted capital from their investors. As for, Gold Coin Pty Limited, their goal is to immediately provide their users with the most real value of their coins, which is already backed up to the gold reserve of their Fund.
By the way, I want to add that all mined gold, securely stored in the most secure vault in Singapore, but that's not all. It turns out all this gold was subject to certification and insurance by a large insurance firm, which is geographically located in London. At the same time, the total amount of insurance coverage in case of any accidents can be more than one hundred million us dollars. Which I think is very impressive and worthy of your attention.


As for the advantages of Gold Coin Pty Limited, there are a lot of them. But the most important thing I want to tell you about is a well-thought-out strategy of wallets from Gold Coin Pty Limited. Yes, you heard right there will be several of them and each of them will be adapted to your type of device, ranging from the web version, ending with a mobile and desktop wallet. This was done only for the purpose that each of the users had the opportunity to use exactly the type of wallet that will be most convenient for him. At the same time, each of them meets its high parameters: quality, reliability and security, combining all of them into its single payment system SGC PAY. After all, as I said, the global goal of Gold Coin Pty Limited is to once and for all qualitatively change the world of financial and investment relations, revealing limitless opportunities for its user around the world. While promoting healthy and equitable relationships on the market of supply and demand.
Thus, the user will have a truly unique opportunity to use their tokens SGC in any purchases/sales/payments and other financial transactions necessary for him at one time or another in his life. But this is not the top of all the possibilities of Gold Coin Pty Limited. There are more of them than I can afford to tell. Therefore, all those who want to continue acquaintance with the project Gold Coin Pty Limited I recommend to read their detailed White Paper.


If we talk in more detail about the internal token of the system, it is developed on the basis of the SGC Blockchain, which makes it unique and special among the mass of other similar projects. Moreover, each token will be backed by a specially designed smart contract, and also have a proportion of the value of 60% gold, and 40% of the useful value of the price, which directly depends on the price of the gold itself. How it will look in a more understandable form, you will learn from the technical document of the project.


And by tradition, at the end of his review, I want to once again note the high level of preparation, study of the project. You can see how hard the developers went to launch this project, while it is clear how seriously they organized everything. Even one of the largest insurance companies in London was involved to protect themselves and their gold reserves in the vault.
I am sure that almost every one of you was interested to get acquainted with Gold Coin Pty Limited in more detail. Therefore, I do not see the point in detaining you any longer, especially since all the more detailed information you can read right now. After all, all the official social resources of the project are already waiting for you downstairs. And that's all I have. Thank you for your attention and see you soon!

The official resources of the project:

Author: Kevin Park
My ETH: 0xC871f339cD23660D21F1259ddc57d5FB0DC86f4d
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[ IEO] DACX - Digital Asset & Commodity Exchange



DACX, a London based fintech/blockchain start-up located in the famous Technology Accelerator known as LEVEL39. The DACX project was conceived during Q3 2018, with a vision to provide a next generation digital asset exchange which leverages machine learning and DLT to ensure a safe and compliant marketplace. Our goal is to provide a platform for both primary and secondary markets beyond traditional cryptocurrencies, by venturing out into the world of tokenized securities and commodities. Therefore, our product offerings cater solutions to the retail sector, professional and institutional grade clientele.
Since inception, DACX has come a long way, our MVP was launched in January 2019, whereby the team made the decision not to not seek external funding for the project at such a premature stage. This proved influential in driving :
  • An independent environment allowing for clearer strategy and development
  • Creativity & innovation to be accelerated and risked
  • More attention towards our customers.
This allowed the organization to stay focused and remain relevant in respect of the changing regulatory landscape and investor appetites towards ICO’s. During this journey we have made progress not only on the product side but also within the blockchain community by forming affiliations and working relationships with established organizations in this space. On the regulation front, being a centralized exchange with goals of listing STO’s in the near future, it was in our interest to design compliance in the core of our architecture to mitigate current and future regulatory risks. Therefore, our platform integrates KYC, AMM, and AML to monitor real-time risks which mitigates suspicious market behaviors.
By pitching our cross-border testing proposal to the FCA lead consortium of regulators, formally known as GFIN (Global Financial Innovation Network). DACX was one of eight successful firms to have been shortlisted for the pilot. Our proposal entailed utilization of DLT and machine learning to facilitate cross-border transactions of multi-currency payments, assets and commodities via tokenization, smart contracts and escrows. This will be an ongoing journey where DACX intend to write the standard for quality and attainment within this sector, and as such from the 23rd September 2019 we shall open registrations for client on-boarding (see 3.11 for the Affiliate/Referral Program).

DACX Exchange

New technology enables a global business to reach new audiences around the globe to ensure a pathway for international clients now than ever before. Organization have been hampered with not ensuring multi-language support is part of the ongoing strategy, customers should always be at the core of your business objectives, and part of this is providing them with a seamless experience. A multilingual help desk, whether in-house or acquired through outsourcing companies is key as the product grows A trading matching engine is a software used to match buy orders, bids, and with sell orders, offers. It is the most crucial part of any exchanges as this is what allows users to trade with one another and the entire reason why they registered on the platform. Trading matching engines follow an algorithm that determines a set of rules they must abide by, how they work, how many orders they can handle across how many pairs and how long it takes. A multi-threaded process is more advantageous, but only a few crypto exchanges implemented it as it requires more work, experience, and time to build.
Therefore partnering with infrastructure provider Modulus Global, Modulus, a twenty-year old developer specializing in HPC and financial technology, and have provided advanced technology products and services to clients including The NASDAQ Stock Market, J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Credit Suisse, Barclays Capital, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, Devon Energy, IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Google, Cisco, Adobe, Ford Motor Company, SAS Institute, Rutgers University, University of Chicago, MIT, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, NASA, and thousands of other corporate, educational, governmental, and non-profit institutions, throughout 94 countries since 1997.
Their high-frequency trading solution, enables DACX to provide ten million transactions per second from the get go and scalable up to 8X if and when required. By comparison, Bitfinex can handle circa one million transactions per second, and Binance only a little more— circa 1.4 million. With latency as low as 40 nanoseconds, your portfolio can now rise and crash 1.5 billion times in a single minute. Even the NASDAQ, with 400 microsecond latency is 10 times slower. Unlike Nasdaq SMARTS, the Modulus solution tracks money laundering within crypto exchanges. Our system uses a deep learning neural network to identify hidden relationships within the exchange and even within blockchains.
# Security
To ensure the safety of digital assets in our custody, we will be utilizing four types of crypto wallets:
  • Hot Wallets : These are the wallets kept on our internal servers for frequent transfers. Only a fraction of funds will be kept available for frequent transfers. All Hot Wallets come in encrypted form and decryption keys are only applied by authorized personnel at predetermined intervals to approve outgoing transactions. This prevents any asset loss in case our internal servers are compromised.
  • HSM Protected Semi-Cold Wallets : Those are offsite wallets held by companywide hardware wallet solution with governance, multisig and access limits enforced by a Hardware Security Machine. Multiple signatures from authorized personnel is needed to approve a single transaction and the access is limited to private network terminals.
  • Hardware Wallet Integrations : A comment on Ledger hardware wallet integration nano, and X (with Image)
  • Cold Wallets : These wallets are kept offline and transactions are signed on offline computers by senior management executives.


DACX Exchange will be listing USD Stable coin and BTC pairs for all high cap exchange coins and utility tokens. We will be phasing in the listings by taking the input from the members of the community. More coins will be added over time. We generally will only add exchange coins and utility tokens that have strong credibility, user base, and liquidity. For existing or upcoming projects that wish to be listed on DACX Foundry for primary offering or for secondary market trading on DACX Exchange, should reach out to benefit from our promotional listing terms and fees. DACX Exchange platform is scalable in terms of tech and practical application therefore by in by Q1 2020 we intend to have a phased roll out of STOs for primary issuance and secondary trading. Our roadmap is online for an Up-to-date progress indicator.
We will roll out the platform in roughly the following order:
  • Spot trading of Exchange coins & Utility tokens
  • Primary offering and secondary market trading of Security Tokens
  • Margin trading of Crypto Currencies
  • Margin trading of Fiat Currencies
  • DEFI


Introducing DACX Foundry, current starting off with our IEO platform. Foundry would be an avenue for new creative projects to be brought out of concept to life via kickstart funding opportunities. This allows new blockchain startups to launch their own compliant initial exchange offering on completion of our internal assurance process. With relevant licenses in place Foundry would later integrate technical infrastructure to enable primary issuance of tokenized securities (STOs) and would support beyond ERC20 token standards and be compatible with multiple blockchains. This enables us to disrupt capital markets, commodities and commercial real estate sectors. Our Unique location in the fintech capital of Europe, and the heart London financial district of Canary Wharf presents us with a strong position to leverage openings and attract investors. In addition to this we are strategically placed to vet many upcoming Fintech and AI startup companies inclusive of SME, providing an alternative liquidity solution from different subset of investors, and therefore give these high growth tech startups an opportunity to grow into future unicorn companies. DACX native utility token is the first official IEO project launching on DACX Foundry. The DACX Foundry token sale is on a first-come, first-served basis. The sale will be based on USD and the actual price in USD stablecoin will be announced on the day of sale. Users must complete identity authentication (KYC) in advance, before their purchase. To comply with local regulations, users in some countries and regions cannot participate in the sale.

DACX Trading Platform


DACX Foundry Platform



We have issued our own utility token, called the DACX Token. A strict limit of 786,786,786 DACX has been created, never to be increased and total supply will be reduced through frequent token burns. DACX token will run natively on the Ethereum blockchain under ERC 20 token standards.




After Pre-Registrations are done and before launch, the IEO will be launched on the DACX Exchange. As an incentive, first IEO of DACX Token will grant “No Base Listing Fee” ticket applicable to one future IEO or Token Listing, for buyers & holders of a certain amount of DACX Tokens. Minimum amount & hold duration to qualify for “Free Ticket” will be announced prior to IEO. Usage of this “Free Ticket” requires minimum DACX Token balance for the applicant’s account to not fall below minimum amount required, from the time of purchase till usage of the ticket.

Road Map

  • Pre-Registration : September 2019
  • Pre-Launch IEO : October 2019
  • Exchange Launch : Q4 2019
  • Fiat Gateways : Q4 2019
  • Expand Operational Jurisdiction to EU & Asia : Q1 2020
  • Cross Border Payments : Q1 2020
  • STO Integration : Q1 2020
  • Virtual Debit Card : Q1 2020
  • Bridge Remit & Exchange : Q1 2020
  • Margin Trading : Q2 2020
  • DEFI - Lending : Q2 2020
  • Expand Operational Jurisdiction to NA : Q2 2020


Author: Sandieego
My ETH: 0xc57F5E28B98a12c8f4cC3f4C02d8B77546deF545
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The real essence of blockchain and cryptocurrency is to distribute decision-making powers from central authorities and big powerhouses through decentralization. One of the more interesting features of cryptocurrency is that it can’t be controlled by any middlemen or authorities. On platforms like Bitcoin network where the framework is peer to peer, the transfer of real value does not require the contribution of any central power, since exchanges are approved by a distributed set of miners that exist on the system. Sadly the concept of decentralization which exists as the basis of cryptocurrency has not been completely adopted in cryptocurrency exchanges. Majority of popular exchanges with massive trading volumes are designed on centralized framework rather than on decentralized framework.
While blockchain technology has been remarkable for business and administration because of the level of transparency and security, it is still up to cryptocurrency exchanges and their clients to protect important information and assets
I have used different cryptocurrency trading platforms and seen that most other users are often confused about making choice of cryptocurrency exchanges due to some of the problems faced on the platforms. These numerous problems such as insecurity, scalability, ease of use, simple user experience and many more are the reasons why the MoonX platform is created. Moonx will alter the crypto trade framework particularly in its effort to making it individuals oriented and free from all middlemen and powerhouses.
However, despite all the growth and popularization of the entire direction. The blockchain technology itself has not quite gained the desired momentum to fully integrate into our daily lives, as they say. But in order for this to happen as soon as possible, the world needs decent tools and qualitatively built infrastructure for which blockchain technology will be able to demonstrate all its advantages.
What we have seen in principle over the past couple of years, or rather observe the active growth of various projects that are ready to implement the conceived concept as efficiently as possible and in the shortest possible time. But alas, one project in the field is not a warrior, so different experts and day and night generate incredible ideas about how it should look like all this infrastructure, what functions it should have and much more.
So sit back and let’s see what can be done here. Moreover, the topic of my today’s review concerns this direction, so it will be very interesting.
About the project and its features
So, dear ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to present you a unique platform called – SwapZilla. To be more precise, SwapZilla is a multi-faceted service, both for its customers and partners. At the same time, its peculiarity lies in the fact that the most capacious to reveal to them the wide functionality of its infrastructure complex. In a word SwapZilla is adapted to any type of client, allowing each of them to find, in its structure, the maximum benefit and opportunity for implementation.
At the same time, the system itself SwapZilla acts more as a trading platform, where the user has a unique chance to get simultaneous access to more than 100 crypto-currency exchanges. And get access to unlimited information channels, analytical data and other financial instruments. In short, the developers of SwapZilla intend to create the most convenient environment for all its participants.
Benefits Of SwapZilla
But in addition to the above features SwapZilla has a number of advantages based on which:
the user will find a wide and effective functionality for any transactions;
at the same time, the aggregated price range will allow traders of the platform to make all their transactions at the most favorable rate, since it will have open access to all exchange rates of available exchanges. And their I will remind, will not less a hundred;
moreover, thanks to the built-in tools of margin, mirror and arbitrage trading within SwapZilla. The trader has a nice opportunity to receive regular passive income. That in principle I believe very convenient;
and on the basis of a powerful verification system, the user will receive the most reliable and secure system for storing and transferring not only cryptocurrencies, but also the data itself.
Thus, with all these features and tools, users and traders will finally find a powerful system where you do not need to create dozens of different accounts to be in touch with a large number of exchanges.
Benefits for the investor
As for another category of participants in the cryptocurrency market, a high degree of security and reliability of the system itself is also very important for them, with the help of which they will be able to manage their investment portfolio. Therefore, thanks to the built-in tools in SwapZilla, investors also have instant access to all the numerous exchanges, where at its discretion it can profitably sell a particular asset. I find it very convenient and most importantly, available in just one click. Advanced data Analytics, which includes data on the volume of crypto-currency assets, as well as unlimited access to margin trading, allows to Supplement all this Toolkit.
Benefits for B2B partners
As you have already understood, within the framework of SwapZilla you will find a huge number of crypto-currency and financial projects on a decentralized basis, as well as all kinds of exchanges and exchangers. At the same time, favorable terms of cooperation from SwapZilla for B2B partners are simply obvious. First, these structures will be able to join the SwapZilla platform for free. Secondly, due to the mass popularization of SwapZilla, these companies will be able to get unlimited access to their target audience, thereby provoking positive dynamics of their growth. And, thirdly, the SwapZilla platform takes all the costs of checking its clients on AML and KYC procedures, which naturally helps to reduce these costs for many blockchain projects. All this and much more is available for all B2B partners. And most importantly, you can learn a little more about it in the white paper SwapZilla.
Naturally, to gain access to the platform, the founders of SwapZilla developed their internal token SWZL, which meets all Ethereum and ERC20 standards. At the same time, the token itself is similar to a market bond, which allows its holder to receive additional passive income.
In total, 30 million SWZL WILL be issued for the development of the system, of which more than 27 million will be allocated for IEO sales, with an initial cost of 1USDC/USDT for 1 SWZL. Which I think is pretty good.
Of course the concept and idea SwapZilla is brilliant. And it deserves your attention. Moreover, this structure is able to offer us as users a wide range of services, and therefore be useful in practice, not just in words. But to you more in detail deal in all its peculiarities, the twists and turns and details, I strongly recommend to continue you its familiarity with SwapZilla. After all, for this, I specially prepared all the necessary links to the official resources of the project, which you will find at the end of this article. Therefore, read and develop. And on this perhaps all and until a new meeting!
Authors: SanZoldyck
My Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1045517;sa=summary
My ETH Address: 0x46025d00C3b8F2d00616713CfE6438eC6F098542
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KAPPI NETWORK - Hybrid blockchains ecosystem


KAPPI is a network of independent and decentralized hybrid blockchains. They help solve many problems of existing blockchains, such as scalability, TPS, usability, security sovereignty.
Creating success through the use of decentralized file sharing in the open source ecosystem for managing public cryptocurrencies has enabled more people to understand how such an infrastructure can improve the underlying social economy. Bitcoin and Zero cash are two examples of specialized blockchain applications, and Ethereum will still be the best example of a smart contract platform, which allows many Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) applications.
There were flaws in the various blockchains created so far, such as the lack of energy efficiency, the absence of any well-thought-out control mechanism, and limited or poorly functioning blockchains. Scalability was not conceived when Bitcoin was conceived, and now there are proposals to create scalability in the process of Bitcoin transactions. These include Bitcoin and Segregated-Witness, which are vertical scaling models that are still associated with a lack of bandwidth in any single machine.
This approach is necessary for existing blockchains that do not take into account their scalability due to the need to maintain a full audience. There is also a lighting network that can be used instead of alternatives to increase the scalability of transaction volume in bitcoins.
This will be achieved in the Lightning Network by reducing the number of transactions in the ledger. This approach is suitable for confidential payment handrails and for micropayments, but may not meet the more general scalability requirements. Several parallel blocks working in parallel can advantageously use this solution, providing interoperability and preserving all the blockchain’s security features.
Performance testing approaches make this almost impossible. For combined mining, it is allowed to perform work to ensure the protection of the parent chain for reuse in the child chain, but this does not eliminate the need to verify each individual transaction by each node in order. Combined mined blockchains are also open to attack by most hashtags in the parent chain, where there is no active merging of the child chain. This is where KAPPI comes in. KAPPI is a unique blockchain that has a network architecture that solves each of these problems.
KAPPI is able to decipher the blockchain design through offering an easy API that functions between the consensus process and the application process. KAPPI consists of parallel blockchain networks which are all supported independently by classic BFT consensus algorithms such as KAPPI. The first blockchain in the network is KAPPI DWARF, which is connected to several zones or other blockchains through a unique inter-blockchain communication protocol. KAPPI DWARF can track many types of tokens and stores all tokens in each connected zone.
Tokens can be transferred from one zone to another quickly and safely without the need for physical fluid exchange between zones. This is possible due to the fact that all coin transfers are made between Zones will all go through KAPPI DWARF, which acts as a solution to many of the problems faced by the blockchain in contemporary times.


  • 35% Private sale
  • 20% Public sale
  • 20% Team
  • 10% Platform development fund
  • 10% Mainet swap burn
  • 5% Bounty


  • Mar 2018: Blockchain research
  • August 2018: Initial coding, draft whitepaper
  • December 2018: Prospective investor meetings
  • May 2019: Kappi Network LTD was formed
  • Jun 2019: Personal Sales
  • August 2019: Distribution registration
  • Sep 2019: Public sales
  • February 2020: Testnet 1.0 (Red Dwarf) lives
  • May 2020: Testnet 2.0 (White Dwarf) lives
  • Jul 2020: Mainnet (Polymorph) lives
  • Nov 2020: Mainnet swap
  • Feb 2021: Kappi Network blockchain licensing
  • May 2021: Mainstream adoption through licensing sales


Author: Sandieego
My ETH: 0xc57F5E28B98a12c8f4cC3f4C02d8B77546deF545
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SiriusX is the first blockchain-based platform to combine the two booming sectors of tourism and social media. With the wide range of offers from hotels to flights or cruises to events and events, there is nothing left to be desired for travel enthusiasts. The integrated SiriusX Social Network gives users the opportunity to meet like-minded people, share travel experiences and also receive rewards in the form of SiriusX tokens. All this is available, anytime, anywhere, payable by SiriusX Payment Card – cost-effectively and in record time due to blockchain technology!
If you go on different social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube or Snapchat, everywhere you are overwhelmed by travel blogs and holiday pictures. If you talk with acquaintances about their biggest goals and desires in life, you will most likely find the answer: ‘I want to see the whole world!’ It is not for nothing that the tourism
industry supplies more than 10 percent of the world’s workforce with 313 million jobs, according to studies by ‘The World Travel and Tourism Council’ (WTTC), more than mine, automotive and financial services together. Tendency rising!

Problems and solutions

Travel is currently considered relatively safe and accessible to everyone, but despite all progress, there are still many issues for travelers. The topic of costs probably plays the most decisive role for the majority. The offers for flights and hotels are countless times compared to make sure to have caught the cheapest one. When exchanging currencies, horrendous fees are paid to banks and exchanges.
These become obsolete with our globally-established SiriusX token (SRX), which makes it possible for our customers to spend the money on a leisurely dinner instead. The loss or theft of the bank or credit card is an issue that many holidaymakers come into contact with. On the one hand the person concerned has the effort to lock the card, on the other hand there are fees for a replacement card.
Especially for credit cards, the damage can take considerable heights if the loss is
noticed too late. Again, SiriusX FinTech has the perfect solution for its users. Card locks are obsolete because payments can only be made in conjunction with the SiriusX application, which is again PIN protected. A replacement card can be ordered free of charge and easily.

SiriusX – The vision

Monday morning. 9 clock. Start of the work week. You are currently sitting in the office and indulge in vacation thoughts. You paint your perfect recovery trip. You browse the internet and find what you are looking for …
on SiriusTravel! With the all-encompassing offering of travel and airline tickets, hotel reservations and car rental, as well as leisure activities and travel insurance, the company is setting new standards in terms of diversity as well as convenience and clarity for its users. You will find what you are looking for, all about your
holiday united at a glance, at a price! The globally usable payment card makes payments easier and less expensive than ever. Regardless of location and time, transactions can be handled in record time via Ethereum blockchain.


Decentralized Travel Platform

  1. The ultimate offer for our users!
  2. Configurate your dream holiday with SiriusX!
  3. Search for houses, apartments, hotels, flights cruises, car rentals and event tickets all over the world to the cheapest prices!
  4. Order safely without high transaction costs with cryptocurrencies but also possible with fiat money.

Why Blockchain?

In the current online travel ecosystem, consumers must pay high service fees. With multiple providers, such as airlines, hotels, car rentals and insurance companies, you can quickly add up these charges. SiriusX FinTech provides a decentralized organization and a democratically designed market. In addition, the blockchain technology contributes to protect large amounts of data and to enable the company to collect, analyze and tailor offers to the needs of individual users. Automatic detection of weak links in the supply chain, in payment transactions and other business processes help the team with the fastest possible problem solving.
  1. Transparency
    This technology is an open source. Therefore, it is possible to make modifications at your discretion. Logged data within a blockchain can be detected but not falsified by anyone. This makes blockchain a particularly secure technology.
  2. Lower transaction costs
    Settlement of peer-to-peer and business-to-business transactions is possible without a third party. Since there is no intermediary participation,the costs are reduced.
  3. Decentralisation
    Blockchain allows individual transactions to receive their own validation and
    authorization. Because the information about a particular blockchain is processed on individual servers worldwide in separate parts, it is ensured that unwanted access to this information will only endanger a small amount of data and not the entire network.

Market analysis & potential

Online travel market
This timeline shows worldwide online travel revenues from 2014 to 2020. In 2017,
the global online travel revenue was $ 629.81 billion. This number is expected to
rise to $ 755.94 billion in 2019.
The days when travel reservations were only possible by visiting travel agencies
or making phone calls are gone – travel websites and mobile apps are making
digital reservations increasingly easier. For today’s travelers it is almost
unthinkable not to be able to plan and book travel reservations in advance.

Growth factors

The SiriusX platform will become a user network, with a true ecosystem. Since the project iprimarily focused on Gen-Z (born between 1995 and 2010, the oldest now 24 years in 2019),which will make up the majority of global travelers in the next few years while using online travel planning, there is no doubt that the user base of SiriusX – and therefore the size of its network – will grow extremely fast. A whole range of factors can boost the growth of the SiriusX platform ecosystem, both on the part of companies and on the side of potential supporters and travelers.
  • Partnerships
  • Large audience
  • Marketability
  • Properties

Social network features

Choose between day and night mode!
  1. Create groups!
  2. Communication via private message or groups possible!
  3. Determine exactly who is allowed to see certain things from your profile!


  1. Coming soon!
  2. Debit card

Payment process

SiriusX FinTech offers its users a fully integrated payment system. The
simple and user-friendly process allows easy, secure payment with cryptocurrencies and is similar to traditional online payment methods. If questions
still arise, of course, the SiriusX support is available. Entering the personal
PIN is an additional security feature to protect users from any misuse. The
page is supported by all browsers and can be viewed on smartphones,
tablets and other devices.

Token sale

SiriusX FinTech runs its own ERC20 Token on the largest and most popular decentralized blockchainplatform: Ethereum. With the digital currency SiriusX (SRX), we promise transactions between buyers and sellers through cryptographic exchanges and between SiriusX users and our cooperation partners.
The liquidity of SRX will rise as demand increases and benefits become more consistent. When paying with SRX, the security is guaranteed according to blockchain standards and the protection of private user data.

Pre – Sale

During Pre Sale (1st Dec. – 31st Dec.), 5 million SiriusX tokens will be released to the
  • 1 SRX 0.05 US-Dollar
  • Duration 30 Days
  • Minimum purchase 0.5 ETH
  • Maximum purchase 150 ETH
  • Market capitalization 250,000 US-Dollar

ICO – Initial Coin Offering

The minimum payment for the purchase of SiriusX tokens (SRX) is $ 150. The SiriusX token will be listed on the crypto exchanges. After the ICO SRX will be available to the public for exchange and trading. Once the SiriusX platform is fully operational, the use of SRX will become active and ongoing between the company and its users. As the level of popularity rises, the demand and the general value of the currency will also increase. An ERC-20 token is a program that works in the Ethereum Virtual Machine of the Ethereum – Blockchain. The smart contract guarantees that the SiriusX token allocation plan remains unchanged. It is impossible to create more than 100,000,000 tokens. This means that after the
listing in an exchange the price depends exclusively on the market demand and not on technical manipulations.

Token distribution

  • ICO:  (82%)
  • Team:  (10%)
  • Pre sale:  (5%)
  • Rewards:  (1%)
  • Airdrop:  (1%)
  • Advisor:  (1%)

Distribution of income

  • Development: (45%)
  • Marketing:  (35%)
  • Bounty:  (10%)
  • Reserves:  (5%)
  • Legal:  (5%)

For more information, please visit the link below:

Author: Sandieego
My ETH: 0xc57F5E28B98a12c8f4cC3f4C02d8B77546deF545

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