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Hello everyone, Today I’m going to introduce a brand-new most advanced and comfortable and user friendly exchange platform i have ever found. As you already know from the topic of the article, it is non other than one of the best exchanges in the current market, the Future1Exchange.


Developing an exchange platform is one of the most difficult task a programmer face. Nowadays exchange platforms are coming out of nowhere, everyday a newt platform emerges. Most of them are below the minimum standard levels. and traders who are going to trade in them are usually gets in trouble due to various technical issues. Those issues comes mainly with poor developing of the platform and many other reasons.
The difference between those and the Future1Exchange is that this platform is developed by highly experienced programmers who are professional in the cryptocurrency sector. Combining their knowledge about trading and programming they have made one of the best exchange platforms current market have seen.
Undoubtedly, cryptocurrencies are one of the most volatile assets you can come across. That informs the reason why many investors are scared to channel their funds in that direction. Bitcoin (BTC) was leading before the proliferation of other cryptocurrencies and the alternative coins (altcoins). Since the latter joined the crypto-sphere, it has been a twist of no end. None of these crypto coins can claim to be free of volatility.
Things took a definite shape (or so we thought) in 2017 when the market value of the coins rose. The trend was triggered by the massive use of each of them. However, this wasn’t sustained for long because the year 2018 saw a reduction in the value of many crypto coins. Since then, it had been an ocean of red as these coins try to scale through the bearish market.

The Role of Cryptocurrency Exchanges and the Challenges

It’s worth mentioning that cryptocurrency trading platforms have some roles to play in ensuring the success of these assets. The security threats and low throughput on most of these platforms tend to reduce the chances of the assets in the market.
Therefore, there is a need to boost their productivities. That, in turn, would lead to useful cryptocurrency trades.
*** The Past vs. Now: Future1Exchange as the Messiah**
  • The events of the past years in the crypto community have not been favorable. The Future1Exchange is here to change all that. The wide range of features forms part of the basis for touting it as the messiah that would salvage the anomalies in crypto trades.
    *** Faster Transactions**
  • The days of worry are over. It is now time to be bullish about the fortunes of crypto coins, especially those traded on.
    *** Future1Exchange.**
  • It can facilitate transactions in real-time using the excellent order-matching engine. It ensures that your orders are matched to the corresponding party for a real-time transaction. The same applies to the deposit and withdrawal of crypto coins. The platform promises to initiate such a transaction within 3 minutes. Hence, the hitherto wait on traditional cryptocurrency exchanges is over. In its place, you now have an excellent completion of your deposit and withdrawal processes.

Opportunities For Startups

The potentialities of blockchain trigger the reason why many developers chose to launch projects on the network. The major challenge faced by many of them is insufficient capital to complete the phase of the plans ahead of the debut.That informs the concept behind the Decentralized Affiliate Program for ICO. It is a dedicated platform that Future1Exchange initiated to help startups raise funds for their projects.Sequel to that, it has a dedicated ICO rating platform where the users do honest reviews about such projects. So, it is a transparent platform that has many potentialities for upcoming blockchain startups.


It is no news that cryptocurrencies are volatile. You may be heading to bankruptcy in a few minutes when the market becomes bearish. If there were a way to discover the possibility of such a trend, investors would take advantage of that to protect their assets ahead of the bearish/unfavorable market.
Hence, you would like the Forecast Engine premised on Future1Exchange. This tool, alongside the Copy Trade Service, helps you to discover the likely events that may be either favorable or otherwise. That way, you would make an informed decision ahead of the future occurrence.

Trade On Multiple Markets

It doesn’t matter if you’re versed in crypto trading. You can also venture into other markets like indices, equities, and Foreign Exchange (FOREX). That is the advantage that Future1Exchange gives you and other users of the platform. It empowers its users to trade in over 120 markets, including cryptocurrency, equities, and FOREX.

Trade on Future1Exchange

Here is one of those once-in-a-blue-moon moments when the blockchain community hosts projects that have a full use case. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss out on the offers on Future1Exchange. The current features, the futuristic potentials, and the overall performance it promises are factors that would enhance crypto trades. Seize the opportunity right away and start trading with ease on Future1Exchange.
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iCoin International ( IEO ) - Investing in real diamond mining

I am pleased to welcome you to the iCoin International website – a company whose strategic goal is to develop technology designed to solve environmental safety problems.
This project is part of our priorities, company details can be found on the iCoin International .com website.
As part of the project, a professional team consisting of like-minded people was formed. During teamwork from research to prototyping, the team demonstrates goals, resources, and professionalism. Today, when we are as close as possible to the launch of industrial technology applications, we have formed a friendly and effective team devoted to the results. Regarding economic indicators, this project is interesting for the possibility of transferring cryptocurrency funds into real money with good conversion rates.
This marketing is market driven, because in a crypto currency environment there are two situations in strategy and investment.
According to a recent international study conducted by Unilever, one in three people will choose to buy from a brand that they believe positively contributes to social and environmental impacts. It’s no secret that we are becoming increasingly aware of how the choices we make – and the decisions we make – affect the world at large, especially the environment. This applies to every industry, especially those who mostly leave the environment affected by their activities (the mining industry, for example).
In recent years, the diamond mining industry has become a critical spotlight because some of its impacts are not very positive on the environment. Our environment has been adversely affected by unwise and unregulated diamond mining operations that cause air and water pollution, soil erosion, deforestation, and local resettlement.
Diamond mining has a smaller negative effect on the environment compared to others (such as gold mining), mainly because it does not use toxic substances. However, mining operations have had harmful effects on wildlife, with the construction of dams and river rearrangements that exposed the riverbed.
In severe cases, diamond mining can destroy entire ecosystems. Erosion can destroy the topsoil, making the soil unsuitable for agriculture. In the Kono district of eastern Sierra Leone, thousands of holes were left behind in abandoned mining operations, which posed a health hazard. They are filled with water when it rains, becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other disease vectors.
The Canadian Arctic Islands are very delicate ecosystems and are therefore regulated to protect the environment. Likewise, African countries such as Botswana and Namibia have succeeded in protecting the environment from the negative impacts of mining.
In addition to implementing strict regulatory practices, rehabilitation can be carried out on landscapes altered by diamond mining. In the countries mentioned above, land restoration is usually carried out when mining operations have been completed, so as to reverse its negative effects. In the Kono district, the landscape has been restored while the land appeared to be damaged at first.
Millennium Mining Corp is a diamond mining company in Sierra Leone, founded with the aim of making diamond mining environmentally friendly and more sustainable by taking steps to preserve the environment and give back to the community.
This will be achieved through our Green Agenda initiative; the mandate to carry out mining activities in a manner that seeks to reduce or eliminate negative impacts and maximize positive impacts on the environment.
Millennium Mining is fully committed to responsible management of natural resources and the environment in a sustainable manner by:
  • Establish and monitor objectives directed at preventing pollution through the application of practices and techniques to avoid, reduce, or control the accumulation and disposal of pollutants;
  • Integrate environmental management into management practices throughout the Company;
  • Minimize the use of consumptive resources and promote the reduction and recycling of waste products if possible;
  • Rehabilitate disturbed land and protect environmental biodiversity;
  • Exercise caution with critical ecological resources, especially when the impact is unknown or uncertain;
  • Manage environmental risks in the workplace and surrounding areas;
  • Comply with applicable legal requirements and with other requirements to which the organization subscribes and those related to its environmental aspects;
  • Train and educate employees about environmental responsibility;
  • Be transparent and constructive in interactions with stakeholders;
  • Building local communities: schools, churches, housing;
  • hat are mined and exported to show that they are mined legally and ethically.
  • It is important to know that Millennium Mining employees and contractors play a fundamental role in achieving environmental goals through:
  • Take ownership of, and participate in, environmental management programs and initiatives; and
  • Integrate environmental problems into daily practice.
Running a Transparent Mining Process using Blockchain
According to the Brain Statistics, Sierra Leone is the second in countries with the highest conflict diamond production, which is one percent of world diamond production. It lies directly behind Angola, which produced 2.1 percent in 2016. Conflict diamonds account for 15% of Sierra Leone diamond production.
The diamond industry has been plagued by a lack of transparency, with most people wondering about the source of their diamonds. This will be dealt with effectively by applying blockchain technology to ensure that the mining process is fully transparent and auditable.
Blockchain technology is currently the most disruptive innovation in the world. This allows unlimited value transfers to decentralized networks without compromising information integrity. This will be used to connect the token owner with real-time mining data, and also to store transactions that are validated safely by smart contracts. We implement smart contract functions on our platform for validating transparent financial transactions and recording the time spent throughout the entire diamond industry process, from sales to token conversions.
The consensus protocol will be published on GitLab before crowdsale, under an open-source license (MIT) for the code and a Creative Commons license for documentation. It’s free to use, and can be applied in any industry that produces goods and services.
In our case, the success of diamond extraction will be timed through a process that is regularly audited and recorded on the blockchain so that the public can review. This ensures that the mining process is fully transparent and can be audited in real-time, which will be accessible forever.
The aim is to give ICOIN holders detailed information about where and how their tokens are spent. Our time stamps and audit and security processes are guaranteed by:
  • Hire G4S to secure the site and processing area
  • Rigorous personnel training
  • 24-hour video surveillance and monitoring
  • Conduct monthly, quarterly and annual financial audits through KPMG
The effect of years of unmanaged diamond mining has created a strong need to protect the environment in every way. Millennium Mining Corporation aims to become a major industry player in the diamond mining industry by applying blockchain technology for sustainable and environmentally friendly diamond production.
For token information
  • Network: Ethereum
  • Token type:ERC20
  • Total Supply: 600 million ICOIN
  • Token Price: $ 1.00 USD
  • Accepted currency: BTC, ETH, USD
  • Purchase: a minimum of 100 ICOIN
  • Soft cover: 3.5 million ICOIN
  • Hard cover: 10.0 million ICOIN
Token allocation
  • Operations: (75%)
  • Marketing: (10%)
  • List of exchanges: (5%)
  • Team & Advisors: (5%)
  • Gifts & Community: (5%)
Use of funds
  • Operations: 75%
  • Marketing: 75%
  • Team & Advisory: 4%
  • Exchange of listings: 4%
  • gift: 2%

Launch of iCoin International
Kickoff Exchange initial offer
Machine acquisition
Site preparation
Mobilization of labor
River diversion
Extraction kickoff
Q1 – Q4

Return on investment
First market injection
Mining growth potential
Identification of other mining locations
Sustainable market injection
Other types of identification of natural resources
Operating expansion
  • Joseph Goldblatt: Project Manager
  • David Hauck: COO
  • Solomon Bleier: CFO
  • Sherman Cheung: CSO
  • Anders Johnsson: Advisor
  • Sam Levin: Advisor
  • Tudor Vesa: Advisor
To get more information, please visit the link below:
Author: Sandieego
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BitCollar - provide a platform that allows you access to all of financial accounts.

BitCollar - provide a platform that allows you access to all of financial accounts.

BitCollar (BOR) is a liquidity currency that is important in embedding Cosmos BitCollare. All fees are charged to the platform, all cashback is obtained in cryptopay and all bonuses received by users will not be charged.
BitCollar provides a platform that allows you to access all financial accounts. Bitcollar aims to overhaul existing monetary services by creating a sophisticated, expensive and heavy monetary management process that is direct, easy and affordable for clients, offering an intuitive user interface, instant liquidity, multilingual and real-time customer support and by activating flawless, safe and risky. free trading opportunities with minimal fees.


BOR tokensale is alive now.
Bitcollar goes to the best places in cryptocurrency. Because not only ico.
Bitcollar also addresses ERC-20 like myetherwallet.
So, every expert invests here to win lots of money. Now the price of drill bits is low. It's time to buy lots of BOR tokens.
The price of the BOR token is only: 0,0005 ETH
I recommend buying 10,000 drills for only 5 ETH.
I think this helps you to make up to 50ETH in the future.

Token Details:

Token name: BOR
Token type: ERC-20
Platform Token: ETH
Soft cover 2,000 ETH
Hard cap: 8,000 ETH
Token Price: 0,0005ETH
Total supply: 300,000,000

Some important information:

PRE SALE: JUNE 23, 2019 - 30 SEP 2019 (1.0 ETH = 2000.0 BOR)
PUBLIC SALES: 7 OCT 2019 - 7 NOVEMBER 2019 (1.0 ETH = 1500.0 BOR)
country: Japan


1> Q3 2019
Website launched
ERC20 Token generated
Presale launched
2> Q3-Q4 2019
BitCollar Wallet for Android
BitCollar Wallet for iOS
Network explorer
**3> Q1 2020
ICO launched
Web wallet
Safe Privacy Blockchain feature designed
4> Q2-Q3 2020
Mobile wallet for Android / iOS with all BitCollar features (multi-language)
Develop blockchain games
5> Q4 2020
Develop WordPress BitCollar shopping cart plugin
Spreading the word
Allow users to print the BitCollar wallet form statement



For more information:

Author: Sandieego
My ETH: 0xc57F5E28B98a12c8f4cC3f4C02d8B77546deF545
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Relatively recently, we have already raised the topic of medical care in our modern society, and came to the conclusion that the topic of health care still has much to grow. Since people receiving at least some medical care make up only 20% of the total mass of people from around the world. In fact, these statistics can be even worse, because of the same 20% of people who receive quality medical care on time is less than 2-3%. And all because so many people just can not afford to banal various medical procedures and examinations, which are very expensive.


Of course, for such purposes, various insurance companies were created, the main purpose of which is to provide all the necessary range of medical services in time and cover all the associated costs. But alas, not all people have the opportunity to allocate such round sums for regular health insurance, which as we know in private insurance companies are very expensive. Some vicious circle is obtained. The improved health care system, which has fully decided to use modern technologies for the benefit of society, intends to break it. I wonder what I'm talking about?! Then don't get distracted and read my review until the very end.

About the project

The project I want to present to you today is called BAMBOO. The name of this project was chosen not by chance, as bamboo is the identification of the very natural force of nature, where there is both endurance and growth rate, as well as resistance to external indicators and other factors. Therefore, the name BAMBOO is fully consistent with the very subject of the project which will be discussed now. So, what is BAMBOO?!
BAMBOO is, I'm not afraid of even this word, a unique blockchain project, which together with artificial intelligence and machine learning, intends to produce innovation in the health care system. If we talk about this process in simple words, the BAMBOO project aims to provide mass insurance for all members of its network. At what to do it in a stable, reliable and most secure form.

Peculiar properties

ACEAH wellness intends to provide this structure of actions, thanks to which the integrity of the quality of life of all participants of BAMBOO will be formed, as well as a number of shortcomings of the current health care system will be eliminated. Naturally, in order to maximize the effectiveness of their ideas, it is necessary to take concrete action, the implementation of which will immediately lead to a positive result. Therefore, the founders of BAMBOO and its accompanying structure ACEAH wellness, identified a number of issues on which they turned their attention.
  • the first thing they started with was the General availability of health insurance for all their members;
  • the second action was aimed at the implementation of reliable and transparent security structures, the main purpose of which is to provide a permanent database based on blockchain technology. This structure will allow all insurers to create high-quality policies based on a flexible data system;
  • the third action, which will allow to fully form the BAMBOO ecosystem, includes the unification of all service providers, that is, health insurers, various medical professionals, as well as ordinary users of the community. All this in the long run intends to bear fruit as a result of which all will benefit;
  • and the fourth action, which has also had an impact on the structuring of the BAMBOO system, is to eliminate outdated and ineffective health insurance and health care structures in General.


BAMBOO has a huge variety of visual advantages and they all lie in the availability of services provided by the system. After all, the main principle of the BAMBOO system is that its business model directly interacts with health providers, as well as a common database with available data analysis. Moreover, the constant interaction of the system with its insured users allows to eliminate contradictory and false relationships, also to get rid of the ever-increasing cost of health insurance, as well as to offer better and more useful food. Use, which directly affects the condition and quality of the user. Thus preventing chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and many others.
And in order for this system to work even more effectively will be created a kind of biometric testing centers. Where each user of BAMBOO system will be able to receive timely medical examination and to reveal all points on a condition of the health at the moment. I find it very convenient and very necessary these days. Since the emergence of such service centers will reduce the risk levels of various diseases, identifying their origin at the initial stage.


Undoubtedly, in order to provide quality assistance, the ecosystem must be endowed with its own internal token – BBO, with which all transactions and purchases of available services will take place. The token itself is developed on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain and is a representative of the standard ERC-20 token. A total supply of BBO tokens of 1 billion units will be issued. Half of which will be allocated for sale.


Summing up, I want to once again note the high level of preparation of this project, as well as its powerful team, which was able to fully structure their plans and objectives. At the same time, to support their implementation with powerful and modern technologies, with the help of which the high-quality breakthrough in the health care and insurance industry in particular will be made. Moreover, BAMBOO will cooperate with a huge number of medical partners, which in turn will meet the demand of its users in all areas of health.
But to rightly assess the quality of all the above written, it is undoubtedly necessary to try it all on their own experience. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to look at BAMBOO more seriously and study its structure in more detail. After all, in my review, I only touched on the "tip of the iceberg" under which lies a whole ton of information. Learn that you can right now, for this you need to follow at the end of this article. Where, in principle, and waiting for you all the official resources BAMBOO. On it I perhaps will finish, glad to be useful and be healthy!

Official resources of BAMBOO project:

Author: Sandieego
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GPM CARBON: An Innovative Production To Solve Environmental Problems

GPM CARBON: An Innovative Production To Solve Environmental Problems



The project concept is to launch an innovative production of activated carbon with help of the technology of using raw materials with a high carbon content. Development and introduction into production of a fundamentally new technology for the production of activated carbon, which avoids such a significant impact on the environment and at the same time allows to produce activated carbon that meets the high standards set by the world’s leading manufacturers. The entire GPM Carbon ecosystem will be rebuilt with the use of blockchain technology. This will ensure maximum flexibility and security of all transactions in the company.
GPMCoin is not subject to inflation and cryptocurrency volatility. Outstanding prospects for the acquisition of GPMCoin in the early stages of the project. Full transparency of investment and implementation of all stages of the project. Each participant can receive a finished product (activated carbon) for the purchased GPMCoin. Open project information completely. Team members undergo the KYC procedure through trusted sources. Due to its physical and chemical properties, activated carbon is a unique and ideal purification material. At present, it is difficult to mention the economic sectors where this unique adsorbent is not used. In fact, this is the second material after iron in its wide application. Activated carbon is a material with a porous structure developed, 87-97% according to mass consists of carbon. Activated carbon is obtained by activating a carbon fracture material. Activation is the thermal treatment of carbon fracture material under special conditions, which leads to the formation of many pores, cracks and cracks, and is accompanied by a significant increase in pore surface per unit mass of the target product. The specific surface area of activated carbon is its most important adsorption characteristic.
The purpose of the Carbon project is to organize the production of activated carbon in accordance with the developed environmentally friendly technology (see Description and technical description above) and to provide related services to consumers through the implementation of a vertically integrated structure.
**1. Technology:**** For the successful implementation of the project, we have a patented innovative technology for the production of the product with the exclusive right to use it.
2. Raw Materials: Always available in the required quantity. The quality of raw materials required for the production of activated carbon is one of the best in the world.
3. Price Reduction: The production of a product using our technology significantly reduces its cost compared to the cost of major global manufacturers
4. Willingness To Start Production: Availability of prepared technological premises. Highly staffed staff. One hundred percent readiness to start production.
The entire GPM Carbon ecosystem will be rebuilt using blockchain technology. This will provide maximum flexibility and security for all transactions in the company. At the stage of launching the product line under the GPM Carbon brand, all products will be marked and entered into the blockchain registry.
A. Water Resources Pollution:
Factor leading to changes in the properties of water resources (chemical, physical and biological) as a result of human activities. This problem is global-it is talked about and told by many people in this industry and it needs to be solved!
B. Soil pollution:
Factor affecting the accumulation of chemicals in soils and grounds as a result of economic and other activities in quantities that degrade the quality of soils and grounds and represent a potential danger to public health and the environment. This problem has been widely covered in reports and articles such as:
• FAO 2018: Soil Pollution: A Hidden Reality
• Soil Management Review
• UK Environment Agency: Land contamination
• Land degradation threatens human wellbeing, major report warns by Jonathan Watts. The Guardian, March 26, 2018. Over 3.2 billion people are at risk from soil erosion, vegetation loss, and other forms of land degradation.
• One fifth of China’s farmland polluted by Jennifer Duggan. The Guardian, April 14, 2014.
• Likely Spread of Deserts to Fertile Land Requires Quick Response, U.N. Report Says by Elisabeth Rosenthal. The New York Times, June 28, 2007.
• Soil erosion as big a problem as global warming, say scientists by Tim Radford, The Guardian, and February 14, 2004.
• Illness linked to contaminated land: BBC News, 23 June 2003. Can we ever truly know the health impacts linked with polluted land?
C. Contamination Of Food:
The process of contamination of food products with radionuclides and nitrates, leading to deterioration in the health of consumers of such food, their development of chronic diseases and premature death.
 Industrial-oriented blockchain project
 Based on real production
 Full transparency at all stages
 Unique, stable and innovative blockchain product
 The opportunity to become the owner of a raw token
 Full payback in 18 months
 Over $ 1.3 million invested in R&D and Management and Marketing.
Token sale!
The initial cost of the GPM Coin token.
Cost of 1 GPM Coin Pre-Sale 0.15 USD
Cost of 1 GPM Coin TGE 0.30 USD
The market value of 1 kg of activated carbon is not less than 3 USD)
Pre-Sale Stage:
Pre-Sale Hard Cap – 9 million USD
Discount 50%.
Reaching the Pre-Sale Hard Cap will allow the project to launch 4 lines of production
TGE Stage:
Soft cap – 3 million USD
Hard cap – 27 million USD.
For More Information About This Project, Please Kindly Visit The Links Below:
Website: https://gpm-carbon.com/
Whitepaper: http://gpm-carbon.com/storage/app/media/White%20papers/GPM_WP_05.07.19.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GPMCarbon
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GPMCarbon/
Telegram: https://t.me/gpmcarbon
Telegram: https://t.me/gpmcarbonbounty
Author: Sandieego
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