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BYZBIT — Tokenized Papermill Factory

BYZBIT — Tokenized Papermill Factory

The paper production industry.

The industry is shifting geographically, which is resulting in declines in North America and Europe while numerous countries around the world build up new paper industries. This high rate of production is threatening increased environmental destruction.
There is this platform that I came across though which is clenched on the advancement of technology to provide better paper mill services for service providers, merchants and paper consumers in both Ethiopia and across the globe. It’s meant to focus on paper mill manufacturing industries which utilize agricultural waste materials that serve as its main raw materials to produce tons of paper every single day.


This will convert a conventional manufacturing factory set up to a sophisticated smart digital manufacturing to ensure production of high-quality output using agricultural waste products. The company will adopt integrated smart energy which will make production of paper more efficient in numerous ways and also avoid interruption of operation since smart energy will be provided as a smart solution for power needed by the operation.


The Paper Mill Factory utilises innovative solutions to achieve its objectives of producing paper. It intends to do this by using agricultural wastes such as rice straws, teff straws, bagasse among other material inputs to produce papers in jumbo rolls after which it will be distributed to manufacturing firms whose main focus is smaller size papers.
These raw materials will be obtained from the country of origin, which is Ethiopia, while power for production will be generated using Smart Renewable Energy, promoting a greener environment.
The platform’s native token will be used by all participants for the exchange of values among participants of the paper mill economy.


The BYZBIT (BYT) wallet will use all major wallets that support ERC-20 token. The portal will use security features such as:
Strong password encryption.
> Email verification.
> 2FA authentication.
These security features will ensure safe and trusted transactions involving paper transactions within Ethiopia and its surrounding regions.BYT compatible wallets will be ERC-20 compatible wallets such as Imtoken, Myetherwallet, Coinomi etc. For simplified use, though, wallets with mobile apps are preferred.


> BYT tokens will be backed up fiats, agricultural resources and paper mills.
> The team will give Airdrops but not in an excessive manner as this could devalue a token very easily. The airdrop will be rewarded to investors with huge juicy bonuses during the private sale/IEO.
> The current BYT token price is 0.3 dollars, and the IEO price will be 0.5 dollars which mean investors will be in legal profit of 66.66% from their investments.
> BYT tokens can be directly bought from their official site, and you can manage your dashboard.
> They are going to be listed on Vindax, Coinlim, Mercatox and numerous more. To support the market, they will be doing buyback during the IEO.


Join the rest of excited investors in the BYT IEO and become a part of the reason why we will achieve greener earth for our children and generations to come. Any course to save the environment is always one that is worth it!

For more information, please visit the site below:

Author: Sandieego
My ETH: 0xc57F5E28B98a12c8f4cC3f4C02d8B77546deF545
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Minggu, 15 September 2019 is the only mouse racing gambling platform in the world.

About the Project is the world’s first real-time 24/7 mouse racing gambling platform, it has been up and running for 9 months now, since January 2019. You can invest in Micerace by purchasing MIRA tokens (MIce RAce).

Why do you have to invest?

The money generated by will be divided between 1,000,000 MIRA tokens in creations, with opportunities to generate passive income for you.
Our goal is to generate a net profit of at least 140,000 EURO per month, divided equally between all existing MIRA tokens each month.
The online gambling industry lacks new innovative ideas and games that keep players entertained. People are tired of betting on randomly generated numbers that are easy to cheat and cannot be predicted. They are tired because they don’t know what “Proven Fair” is, and we all know that every casino can say that they are proven fair, but most systems can be easily cheated.
This project only requires one person to operate, and only a fraction of the cost of the horse / dog racing session. Introducing The live-streamed mouse racing betting platform 24/7 in the world. We want to create something new, fun and truly unique for the gambling community in the future! In early 2019, we began to develop machines that could allow mice to race against each other. As time went by, we got closer to our destination! We implement RFID chips in every rodent, to be able to identify them, and create a website that allows you to bet on them using cryptocurrency (for now).

Problem analysis

  • Trust Issues

There are many accredited online casinos; however, there are many who cheat, and many players care about the fairness and reliability of online casino games. This blacklisted online casino can easily be found on the Internet. For example, operators can use a schedule to fool players. These classic casino games, such as slot machines and RNG games, can also be operated, designed with a back tunnel to fool or control winning chances. Although cryptocurrency has solved the most transaction problems, some illegal online casinos are taking advantage of this technology.
This illegal casino uses bitcoin as a trade token and, when customers want to withdraw their balance, they cannot do it. Even worse, there is no way to complain about casinos without permission. Other threats include virtual casino security, because many hackers report online gambling client income, as well as their personal information. The newly launched cryptocurrency casino service has begun to address the issue of trust.

Other challenges and limitations

Bets are more than win or lose. The fun factor and duration of the game give the player pleasure. To create a solid and loyal player base, it is important to consider the “pleasure factor” of the game when developing the design and arrangement of possibilities for the game. Offline casino players sponsoring their site not only to earn money but also to experience the atmosphere; Energy and social interaction. Online cryptocurrency casinos based on blockchain ignore this factor, and the lack of long-term player activity on the platform reflects problems with this mentality.
This problem lies in the absence of games that are visually stimulating and in a social setting that can capture the interests of the players. Many network operators are optimistic that players will enjoy the game despite the lack of atmosphere and the inferior game they offer. The modern vision of the future of blockchain-based casinos is a vision that combines factors of transparency and equality with visually superior games and social elements.

Licensing and regulation

Online betting is a regulated industry in the world for illegal activities such as money laundering and fraud. For these online gambling sites to operate, a license must be issued to them. Having a license means that companies must follow strict rules that apply to protect customers. The whole process, from applying for an online game license to a license in the field does not mean that the operator can legally launch an online casino, which still requires a long-distance casino license. However, many online casinos operate in the gray zone because it is partly regulated. As a result, customers are misinformed that their activities are legal. 7 Whitepaper 1.0 phase of commercial operation, takes a long time and can cost thousands of dollars.

Market and Industry Analysis

The global online gambling market is expected to generate revenues of more than $ 74 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of around 10% during 2017-2023. The online gaming and betting industry has developed phenomenally in the last decade. Nowadays, people play not only on land or casino betting platforms, but also online via desktop computers or mobile devices.
When online betting becomes more accessible to the masses, including young people and women, traditional land-based casinos exude an exclusive atmosphere, but also impose geographical restrictions. Therefore, players prefer to spend time in and around online gambling platforms.
The market is expected to reach around 59 billion pounds by 2022. If you focus on the UK in 2015, online games only represent £ 3.6 billion, or 29% of all games in the UK. Between April 2016 and March 2017, online games accounted for 34% of games in the UK, with a value of $ 4.7 billion (GGY1). This represents a 10.1% increase in gross distance play from previous years. According to this data, the gambling market continues to grow.

Globalization of gambling

Gambling and games are currently one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world. In 2014, the global gaming market reached $ 423 billion. By 2022, the global gaming market (physical and online) is expected to exceed $ 635 billion. Only the EU industry reached the 84.9 billion euro limit in 2015, with an annual growth rate of 3%. In 2017, the growth of the game has increased the main indicators of the game, such as Macau. Morgan Stanley estimates a 10% increase in 2016, but Macau billion in 2017. The gaming industry is increasing and represents a significant advantage of the global economic recovery, in particular, greater stability in the euro area and healthy growth in Asia. 10 casinos saw a 19% increase and only revenue from Macau casinos exceeded $ 33 billion in 2017.

The MiceRace Ecosystem

Benefits of MiceRace

  1. Operation
  2. Low maintenance costs
  3. Low operating costs
  4.  No need to “Big track”
  5. Live animals
  6. Transparency is at its peak
  7. First Inventor
  8. Most likely attacked by a virus

Business Model

With a profit of ~ 20%, we can pay one of the highest affiliate rates of 4% per bet made.
We are looking to generate a turnover of € 1,000,000 minimum crypto per month with a minimum net profit of 14% (€ 140,000 / Month) in the first year, only from a betting system.

Initial Coin Offer

This is a non-regulatory way to raise funds for new companies that have cryptographic value. Start-up companies use the initial coin offering (ICO) to go through a strict and regulated capital increase process needed by venture capitalists or banks. At, we aim to offer our MIRA token percentage to our first sponsor of this project in exchange for fiat currencies and other digital currencies.

At the end of the ICO, the remaining tokens from Bounty, and the ICO will burn!

  1. Token sale info:
  2. Background: The first live streaming race in the world
  3. Offer: ICO
  4. Token Name: MiceRace Token
  5. Symbol Token: MIRA
  6. Token Standard: ERC-20
  7. Total Tokens: 1,000,000
  8. Soft Cap: 1017 ETH (1 ETH per 150 tokens)
  9. Hard Cap: 2812 ETH (1 ETH per 110 tokens)
  10. Currency Received: ETH

Distribution Token

  1. Crowdsale – 35%
  2. Prizes – 7%
  3. Pre-Sales – 8%
  4. Team – 50%

Allocation Funds

The following allocation describes how funds are realized from the ICO will be spent.
We have set the Hardcap and Softcap for the ICerace ICO as follows; 
  1. HardCap: 2812 ETHThis is the maximum amount expected to be realized from our Crowd Sale to further develop the MiceRace platform. It means that once this amount is achieved from the Crowd Sale, the token sale will automatically end.
  2. SoftCap: 1017 ETHThis is the minimum amount expected to be realized from our Crowd Sale. In the event of us not achieving this amount, there will only be one possible scenario;

This distribution is properly analyzed below;

  • MAINTENANCE – 2.7%: Maintenance of tracks (upgrades, sensors, engines, tools etc.)
  • ANIMAL WELFARE – 2.7% Animal Food, Doctor, New Cages, and Hygiene, and medicine for the mice.
  • MARKETING – 32% We will allocate 5000 USD / Month for marketing campaigns, ad spots, and sponsorship deals.
  • DEVELOPMENT – 8% The website needs to adopt for new coins (ETH, LTC, TRX), and we want to introduce OPERATION – 30.7% The monthly operating costs Payment for the operators.
  • RENT – 9% We will relocate to a more “convenient” location, which will produce zero environmental disturbance.
  1. Maintenance, 2.7%
  2. Animal Welfare, 2.7%
  3. Marketing, 32%
  4. Gaming Legal, 3%
  5. License, 8%
  6. Utility, 4.2%
  7. Rent, 9%
  8. Operation, 31%
  9. Development, 8%

Micerace ICO Roadmap

  • Website DevelopmentQ4: 2018 Website Built / Developed.
  • Soft-LaunchQ1: 2019 Machine Development finished, and pool-betting racing website launched.
  • PreparationsQ2: 2019 Further development / Pre-sale preparations
  • PreparationsQ3: 2019 Pre-sale Complete Whitepaper / ICO Development began. ICO Marketing ICO launches September 10 – October 10.
  • UpdatesQ4: 2019 First dividend payout. Planning on decentralized micaceed game mechanics protocol begins. Development starting of new game. Development starting with adding new coins to the website. Marketing begins. Gaming License application request.
  • UpdatesQ1: 2020 Introducing new games / games to the website. Further marketing.
  • UpdatesQ2: 2020 Adding credit card / legal payment support for the website. Gaming License acquisition. Decentralized mice-race game implementation. Further Marketing.
  • ReleaseQ3: 2020 The development of a new game starts. Release of a new game. Further Marketing.
  • ProfitQ4: 2020Aquired 500k users. Minimum profit of 140kEUR / month.

Micerace team members and advisors

  1. Daniel Medveczky
    Full Stack Developer
  3. Steven Aldinger
    Full Stack Developer
  4. Štěpán Větrovec
    Blockchain Developers

To get even clearer information please visit the link below:

Author: Sandieego
My ETH: 0xc57F5E28B98a12c8f4cC3f4C02d8B77546deF545
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[IEO] HiveNet : The Next Generation of Cloud Computing


The invention of the computer is one of the greatest advances in human history. That changes how we do work and thus revolutionize the world industry. Then, the Internet and its global distribution have changed the way we communicate, how we share information and how we learn.
The HiveNet project is now registered at  because of HiveNet’s future contribution to reducing electronic waste and protecting our environment.
HiveNet will offer its users the opportunity to safely rent out their computing power during the time the computer is not in use. In this way, less resources must be consumed to build new computers and less electronic waste is created. HiveNet motivates users to participate by giving them advantages for their computing resources.

This is four parts:

  1. basic concept
  2. economy
  3. technology & governance
  4. personal conclusions

In recent years, important new technology with a large impact has arrived.

  1. Cloud compute
    Enables the implementation of user-defined computing activities with high flexibility between numbers, times and locations. Therefore, global demand increases with accelerating space. However, growing demand makes computing very cost intensive.
  2. Key technology
    For the first time it is possible to store secure and public public information and virtual currencies independently from central organizations such as service providers, banks, or government organizations.

What is HiveNet

Increasing Demand for Cloud Computing Power Cloud computing services are highly flexible and have become the preferred choice for companies, universities and other organizations for many computational tasks.
Global demand is increasing at an increasingly rapid rate. Although cloud computing is in many cases cheaper than setting up its own dedicated computing center, computing is still very expensive

HiveNet is the Next Generation of Cloud Computing

Around the clock and throughout the world there are many idle computers. HiveNet offers technology solutions for utilizing this idle resource. HiveNet will connect unemployed personal and commercial computers to build a global distributed cloud computing network. This will allow computer owners to make a profit from their computers, when they are not using it.

HiveNet saves a lot of money

  1. Highest Cost Efficiency
  2. Highest Flexibility
  3. Secure Transactions with the Lowest Costs

Participant on HiveNet

Providers, makers and customers are important participants of HiveNet. Each of them contributes and benefits from their participation.
  1. Customer
  2. Provider
  3. Striker

HiveNet Ecosystem

  1. Customer Payments
    Customers will only pay for computing power, which they have actually used. They will pay with HiveCoins or for convenience with their local fiat money (eg US-Dollar or Euro), which is automatically exchanged with HiveCoins on digital currency exchanges. This will generate ongoing and fundamental demand for HiveCoins and will ensure inherent value.
  2. Providing Computing Power
    Computer owners will provide their IDL computing power and will be rewarded through a fair share of customer payments. Accurate payments will be ensured and automated with the Prize Giving Application.
  3. Trade and Use HiveCoins
    Like other cryptocurrencies, HiveCoins will be betradeable via digital currency exchanges. Also, we will issue a debit card and include widely used online payment systems, like PayPal. Hereby, HiveCoin owners will be able to use HiveCoin savings to pay in countless local and online shops. This way, HiveNet willenable public mass-adoption.
  4. Staking HiveCoins
  • HiveCoin owners will be able to stake their
  • HiveCoin savings to prolong and secure the
  • HiveNet Blockchain. Hereby, stakers will
  • receive newly minted HiveCoins, which will
  • generate an ongoing return on their HiveCoins.

Benefits of HiveNet

  1. Computer OwnersHow many hours per day are you actually using your computer?
    Just imagine your computer earning you some profit during the rest of the day. HiveNet makes it possible by securely delivering valuable computing tasks from paying customers to your computer.
    All you need is a computer with an internet connection.
  2. Crypto Traders
     has its own inherent cryptocurrency: the HiveCoinHiveCoins are used to pay for computing power within the HiveNet. Hereby an ongoing demand for HiveCoins is ensured and will create one of the few cryptocurrencies with a real, fundamental value, which provides excellent short- and long-term opportunities for traders
  3. Customers
     is much cheaper than traditional cloud computing. How? Because many important cost levers that apply to traditional providers (eg Amazon Web Services) don’t apply to HiveNet, because it utilizes the idle times of already available computers. So, there is no need to invest into new computers, housing and many other operational costs.
  4. NatureHiveNet increases the usage of available computers. Thereby less resources are consumed to build new computers and less electronic garbage is created.
    Also, the HiveNet Blockchain is using a highly economic Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, which is much more resource saving than most available blockchains.

How it works


  1. User ClientThe HiveNet User Client is the user’s all-in-one tool and includes the computing, blockchain and wallet software modules. It enables an easy and user-friendly handling without the need for profound technological know-how.
  2. HiveNet Blockchain
    The HiveNet Blockchain is secured by a highly efficient
    Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. It is specifically optimized for the HiveNet and combines high security with fast transactions.

Token Sale

  • Technical Compliance
The HiveNet will initially be funded through selling HiveNet Tokens (HNT). HiveNet Tokensare ERC-20 tokens and compatible with many walls and other third-party systems toensure simple handling.
We consider our HiveNet Tokens sales to be compatible with German federal laws. All responsive documentation will be effectively distributed to BaFin (German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) to ensure transparency.

How to buy HiveNet Tokens

All details about the upcoming sale of HiveNet Tokens will be announced on www.HiveNet.cloudappropriately in advance. If you don’t want to miss out on your chance to participate, make sure you register for our email newsletter and / or follow our social media channels.

Development Funding

Depending on the amount of raised funds, the HiveNet will be developed with the features of the effective development tier.


HiveNet TEAM

HiveNet Task Management System (HTMS)

The HTMS is the core technology of the HiveNet’s decentralized cloud computing network. It ensures the optimal orchestration of customer tasks, the secure validation of computing results and the fair payment of computer owners.

To get clearer and more accurate information please visit the link below:

Author: Sandieego
My ETH: 0xc57F5E28B98a12c8f4cC3f4C02d8B77546deF545
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