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TLS Group is a leading provider of cryptocurrency management and portfolio management solutions in the clean energy segment. We strive to be one of the largest mutual funds with our partners, and we already have unique technology to process solar energy to use cryptocurrency mining. The technology we use will enable investors to receive passive income in the amount of 40% per month.
CSP - technology to convert solar heat into electricity at parity level. Stirling CSP from our partner Si14 produces electricity from solar energy several times more efficient than traditional Photovoltaic (PV) technology. Thanks to the servo system and tracking system that follows the sun during the day. As a result, electricity is produced at the lowest price per kW on the market.
Understanding our business model will help you get a clear idea about TLS tokens, because basically they are security tokens that are built on the etchain blockchain and ERC-20 tokens. Security tokens, as the name suggests, have basic assets that make them valuable (more about security tokens and their characteristics in Whitepaper). The token holder will be entitled to receive a proportion of the company's profit proportionally.

What is Security?

The Securities Exchange Act 1934 includes several examples of securities in action, but the clearest definition comes from the SEC vs Howey case. Assets are considered security if they involve: the clearest definition comes from the case of SEC vs Howey. Assets are considered security if they involve:
  1. Consumer investment
  2. In a joint venture
  3. With the hope of profit obtained mainly from the work of others.
Security tokens offer investors more than trivial speculative utilities, but actual assets with a focus on greater due diligence, equity options, and legal protection that can only be provided by regulation. When markets mature with manifestations of regulated exchanges, digital security guards and protocols, they provide a meta model that is already enjoyed by the equity and bond markets. We expect that asset-backed securities will significantly reduce volatility, filter out dangerous behavior, give investors good returns and automate compliance procedures. The hope is that investments supported by assets will significantly reduce volatility, filter out irregularities, provide comfort for investors and automate compliance.

Safety Features:

  • Security : We ensure transaction security and registration data for our investors at all stages.
  • Experience : All our specialists have more than 5 years of legal, financial, technical and practical experience. They use their knowledge in their daily work.
  • Innovation : We use innovative technology in the field of Green Energy and money management algorithms.
  • Support : Our manager is always ready to answer your questions. You can contact us on weekends and evenings.
  • Clarity : Our team is open and ready for dialogue for the whole world.
  • KYC : Access to token purchases is only for real investors who have passed verification.
  • The advantage : Every day we make every effort to make our customers live better and happier.
  • The presence of a unique Green Energy Technology : Our foundation, together with its partners, has a unique technology for processing solar energy for the use of crypto currency mining. Further details can be found below.
  • No need to buy ASIC or GPU : To start cryptocurrency mining with financial assistance, there is no need to buy mining equipment. The technology used allows you to receive passive income 40% per month.
  • Short-term investment returns : By investing in TLS tokens, you become a shareholder of the company and get the right to receive a share of the company's revenue, 40% of the income is paid daily to smart contract tokens after launching the data center.
  • There are no electricity costs : Everyone knows that mining in its traditional form is a company that consumes energy, for the launch and operation of mining equipment, we use our Green Energy technology.

Token Distribution


Token Information

  • Name: Token TLS
  • Symbol : TLS
  • Type: ERC20
  • Form: Security (Dividend)
  • Decimal: 8
  • Maximum problem: 2 billion TLS
  • Burning token: OK!
  • Contract address: Here
  • Soft cap: 10 000 000 USD
Hard cap: 20 000 000 USD99.99% of tokens are distributed for free sales, smart token contracts provide for burning tokens - this is needed to eliminate the effects of dividend stains.


28 FEB 2018 : Making the TLS Group Cryptocurrency Investment Fund
April 01, 2019 - May 31, 2019 : Private Sale
JUNE 01 2019 - 31 August 2019 : Pre-STO
01 Sep 2019 - 30 Oct 2019 : STO
Q4 2019 : Register on the exchange - Launch Data Center
Q1 2020 : Banking license registration
Q2 2020 : Development of hybrid coins for bank payment mechanisms
Q3 2020 : Blockchain technology integration into bank payment mechanisms.


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[IEO] Stan World - The Next Gen Social Media VR Platform.

Technology does not stand still. While chaos reigns in the financial sector, the Internet has its own electronic currency. Moreover, not tens, but hundreds, thousands of cryptocurrencies ... Modern technology is something, many useful things come out of nowhere and help us in our lives. It is hard to imagine that 15-20 years ago there were no smartphones. People called up only on stationary "city" phones. Today everything has changed. Cryptocurrency is another technology that can change our world for the better. This concept appeared several years ago.
However, the technology has proven to be very useful and in demand in various fields. From everyday payments to data protection. The functioning of cryptocurrencies is based on blockchain technology. All this information is stored on various devices that participate in this system, and anyone can become a member of this system (something like a torrent when downloading information). Information about such a payment can be displayed on all devices (data is synchronized via the Internet), so it's almost impossible to crack such a system. The advantages of developing projects in this system are obvious. Digital currencies are created, applied without external and internal management, they do not have a central management.
Transactions on the blockchain are performed anonymously using a special key; completed transactions, transactions cannot be canceled. Information about cryptocurrency is presented in the form of a continuous chain of blocks, the last of which stores data from a previously valid block, which ensures network continuity. Currently, there are many opportunities to capitalize on the potential of various types of tokens. built on the blockchain. The usefulness of tokens has significantly increased and improved over the past year, and since blockchain is increasingly being introduced into the financial sector, it is natural that companies and investors are looking for ways to use it that will benefit them for many years.
Stan World also keeps up to date and creates a platform based on blockchain technology. Stan World is the next generation of social networks powered by VR, Blockchain, and AI. This will be the first platform in the crypto industry blockchain industry, which will receive real mass recognition among a wide audience - Gen-Z, adolescents and young people born from 1992 to 2005. How Gen-Z uses the media and communicates on the Internet is changing, so the teams have created Stan World, which will redefine the discovery and socialization of friends.
Stan World is a virtual platform. The team revealed that the most powerful and true friendships are formed between people who have the same interests and passion. Thus, Stan World was created - an oasis of acceptance and support - where new, long-lasting connections are awarded, and external points of view that try to divide these spaces are ignored. By 2020, Gen-Z will account for 40% of all consumers and affect nearly $ 4 billion in discretionary spending, so the timing is perfect. However, Stan World is more than just a social platform; this is the world.

Users find friends in new ways through:

  • Virtual reality: communicate through personal conversations emulated in a virtual three-dimensional virtual world;
  • Virtual avatars: be who you want to be and express your identity through fully customizable avatars;
  • Virtual communities: join Standoms, user communities that gather based on common interests / hobbies;
  • Virtual classes: watch movies, attend concerts, play games, go to theme parks or relax together in the virtual world.
Everything in this virtual world is fully engineered, created and managed by communities. Using the AI-based creation tool, any user or group of friends without any additional knowledge can contribute to their community as:
Creators: using keywords to create virtual objects to create objects, experiences and games;
Users: participation in these creations through various forms of interaction, such as testing, verification and promotion of Stan Coin, the key currency in Stan World, is ensured by smart blockchain contracts that make all attribution verified and unchanged.
The team uses blockchain to ensure that creators and users receive compensation automatically, safely and instantly. Stan Coin is a utility cryptocurrency with a wide range of uses:
  • Reward of creations: creators receive the largest percentage of profits from their creations;
  • Stimulating interaction: users also receive rewards when they contribute to activities such as testing, analysis and promotion of creations;
  • Overcoming the real world: transactions take place in the virtual world, as well as in the real world, where users can use coins interchangeably.
The global virtual goods industry is developing rapidly on all platforms, offering gamers a wide variety of products that they can purchase. At first glance, it seems that it is growing too fast to be true. Products in the virtual world offer infinite scalability with minimal overhead, revolutionizing the outdated concept of production and the cost of distribution. For individuals and current brands, this is a new opportunity for making money. You need to be logged in to thrive in the bold new arena of virtual goods.
Stan World's biggest advantage is the idea of ​​creating a new platform for existing communities. Stan World aims to gain access to several fan bases and powerful fans, combine the platform with existing niches to create a virtual world for all users - a parallel virtual world with the real world. While other VR blockchain games are limited to specific partners and cryptocurrencies because they have a limited specific purpose with a specific appearance, while giant platforms such as Facebook could become an empire because they could open the way for other enterprises to successfully use the audience they created . Stan World gives users the freedom to create a unique look for every Standom, thereby opening the door to limitless partnerships with virtually any existing community-oriented and community-oriented enterprises.
The success of Stan World largely depends on the penetration of the main audience into the digital field. The main team is built around the consumer business on digital platforms, with successful experience in creating platforms and products + their growth exponentially for specific communities using modern technology. The first gathering of the founding team to develop a platform launch strategy lasted for many years, also attracted key members and advisers who are not only experts in numerous, diverse fields, such as blockchain, AI, entertainment, commerce, etc., but also respected members in their industry, which will give leverage to the project in attracting more future investors.
Already there is IEO https://www.probit.com/en-us/ieo/stan-round1/1 , thanks to which you can become part of the Stan World project and not just a participant, but a full shareholder of this company through the acquisition of STAN COIN. This is the key currency of Stan World, it uses smart blockchain contracts so that creators and users receive compensation automatically, safely and instantly. Below are the stages of sales.

IEO Details

  • Ticker: STAN
  • Type: ERC-20
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 STAN
  • For sale: 550,000,000 STAN (55%)
  • Hardcap: 30,000,000 USD
  • Softcap: 5,000,000 USD
  • Sale date: 09/26/2009 UTC 06: 00–31/10/2009 UTC 06:00
  • Minimum participation: 100 USD
  • Price: 1 STAN = 0.10 USD ~ 0.75 USD

Using Collected Funds


Token Distribution


Project Partners



  • Q1 2020
  • Q2-Q3 2020
  • Q4 2020-Q1 2021
  • Q2-Q3 2021
  • Q4 2021
    Stan World will allow users to access the virtual world through any developed platform. Users can communicate, interact and virtualize anytime, anywhere, creating a huge advantage of ubiquity on a platform leading to mass adoption by users. Thanks to blockchain technology, the Stan World ecosystem has been developed to provide fair and reasonable benefits for all involved.


Author: Sandieego
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THALER – Investing was never been easier | IEO + Listing on VinDAX

THALER – Investing was never been easier | IEO + Listing on VinDAX

The world is an amazing thing. There are so many interesting and diverse things in it. It has countless possibilities and options for events. The combination of which, each time forms a new and improved solutions. What, in principle, we have already had the opportunity to observe, with the advent of modern technologies, namely Blockchain technology. I think it’s no secret that this technology really has a number of advantages, as well as has special properties that make it special and at the same time unique.
Снимок экрййана 2019-08-26 в 20.22.56 копия.jpg
Снимок экрййана 2019-08-26 в 20.22.56 копия.jpg


However, despite all these advantages, its structure is still developing and self-improving. This growth dynamics is formed as technology, society’s demands, as well as other spheres of influence that affect this area of technology in their projects grow. That is, if you now remember the days when the blockchain was born, with the world’s first cryptocurrency Bitcoin, it had a fairly narrow capabilities. Subsequently, over time, a new type of coins and another type of blockchain, faster and more easily scalable, and it is called Ethereum. Subsequently, there were many other blockchain networks, each of which is ready to demonstrate its distinctive features.
But despite such a pleasant growth dynamics and a positive aspect of the technology, many scammers began to abuse the trust of the audience, in particular investors who were particularly enthusiastic to invest in promising projects. Now, against the background of sad practice and a large number of accumulated fraudsters, the cryptocurrency market has somewhat stalled in its further development. As against the background of” beautiful ” fraudulent projects, the most promising projects lose their voice and further opportunity for existence. Since investors have become extremely skeptical of all blockchain projects. That naturally causes its irreparable damage to the development, not only this technology, but also our modern society as a whole.
The team of specialists proposes to restore the balance and transparency of all procedures. The mission of which is to provide full and truthful information about all subsequent projects that have passed their evaluation. I wonder what I’m talking about? Then read on.
Снимок экрана 2019-08-26 в 20.22.56 копия.jpg
Снимок экрана 2019-08-26 в 16.38.28.png
Снимок экрана 2019-08-26 в 20.22.56 копия.jpg

About the project and its advantages

As you may have guessed, the project I want to talk about now is a kind of platform that will be a decentralized verification filter. By means of which users, and in particular investors will be able to get the most reliable information about a particular project that has passed through the system – THALER. Simply put, THALER is a blockchain ecosystem with built-in filters, functions and parameters on the basis of which there will be a full analysis of other blockchain projects, with all the ensuing information references.
To implement such a validation, the founders THALER intends to use the successful verification algorithms, this will include such systems as: “judges”, artificial intelligence, and PsP system information gathering (successfully used in judicial practice). Thanks to this combination, the developers of THALER will be able to provide the same high level of trust for their users and investors, which unfortunately could not be implemented before any other platform.
Снимок экрана 2019-08-26 в 20.22.56 копия.jpg
Снимок экрана 2019-08-26 в 20.22.56 копия.jpg

Features and principles of operation

Since THALER is aimed at further development of blockchain technology, in its ecosystem IT provides for the presence of its own token – TAL for all internal operations. Its presence implies not only the standard function bought/sold, but also voting. This function allows you to participate more democratically in the competition and more accurately determine the appropriate projects for investment. Moreover, the selected projects will be awarded the maximum evaluation of the jury, as well as the full participation of investors from the most active crypto users.
However, not all projects will be able to get into the THALER verification system. After all, even in order to get into it, each project must meet a number of requirements. For example, have a registration, a technical document, and fill out a special application form in the THALER system itself. Only after that it will be available for review for the masses of users of THALER system.
This principle intends to restore confidence in worthy cryptographic projects, as well as support the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world. After all, undoubtedly many of the tools offered by new projects are an integral solution to existing problems. Moreover, their actions are aimed at improving the state of our life.
Снимок экрййана 2019-08-26 в 20.22.56 копия.jpg
Снимок экрана 2019-08-26 в 20.31.04.png
Снимок экрййана 2019-08-26 в 20.22.56 копия.jpg


The advent of blockchain structures, as THALER not news. I once wrote about such a resource. Nevertheless, the emergence of this platform has a number of its features and advantages, thanks to which it is able to withstand the existing competition, as well as to declare its capabilities to everyone. But, of course, to appreciate this kaleidoscope of opportunities and prospects from THALER, you will not be enough from me to read a brief review. Since beyond it lies a whole storehouse of useful and very interesting information. You can get acquainted with it by going to the section “official resources of the project”. And on this I have all and until new reviews!
Снимок экрана 2019-08-26 в 20.22.56 копия.jpgСнимок экрана 2019-08-26 в 20.22.56 копия.jpg

Official project resources THALER:

 Author: Sandieego
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The extended global automotive industry is undergoing an unprecedented transformation to a new mobility ecosystem, what we call a new age of accessible autonomy driven by social trends and the driverless revolution. The pace of change is breathtaking, as established leaders and nimble disrupts make bold plays to win and governments look to catalyze the future of mobility.
Introducing Moveco, https://moveco.io/, the Mobility Ecosystem that turns your driving experiences into rewards. With Moveco App consumers can positively contribute to the future of mobility and earn MOV Token while doing so. Share your mobility data to help with urban planning or to build the next autonomous vehicle. Get instantly rewarded with MOV tokens that can be used on your next gas bill. Learn more about Moveco in this article!
Moveco is a blockchain-based mobility ecosystem that seeks to lessen the burden of car ownership while at the same time rewarding users for the miles driven in order to create a safer future with smarter mobility. The ecosystem’s main objective is to drive a mobility future that is safer, smarter, more efficient, and affordable through gathering and providing insight on car-generated data.
Moveco aims at creating a model where users of the platform will earn the MOV tokens according to the quality and quantity of data that they share. This could result in a reduced financial burden of owning a car while providing users with an opportunity to contribute in creating a more personalized mobility future. The service collects your driver behavior data, your location and vehicle usage information. The platform utilizes blockchain technologies so your data is secured. The tokens earned are redeemable for goods, services, or experiences on the Moveco Redemption Platform.
Users can also utilize the tokens to get discounts on their gas bills or even exchange the tokens for Asia Miles. Users can also earn the tokens from walking, using public transport, using an Uber, and driving during the weekends. MOV token is based on Stellar platform and smart contracts so it is available for mining.
The mobility data acquired has a variety of use cases in various industries. They include car manufacturers, insurance, retail, smart cities, oil and gas and telecommunication.
Moveco also has a marketing platform where its partners can provide personalized and targeted offering to the users, which will lower prices and facilitate the direct interaction between manufacturers and consumers.
Moveco will issue MOV tokens during the Initial Coin Offering to distribute the tokens and collect funds for developing technology for building the future of mobility. Early investors will receive bonuses. The MOV tokens are utility tokens for use in the redemption platform and loyalty partners. Corporates can use the tokens within the Moveco App on the data hub, data insights, or the ad inventory.

The system depends on MOV as the token for transactions that would record data and other kinds of transactions on the platform. Stellar forms the payment network for this system with conveniences like low transaction fees and fast processing time.
Data would be collected from users who join the network and at the same time the data would be kept secured. Data would be stored in encrypted manner and would be validated by MovNet system.
The IP address of the users is used for validating the data, but it is not stored or used in any other way. Data reports as well as insights would be generated on the platform which would help companies and individuals to study driving behaviors or when autonomous driving modules are being developed.
It would have Moveco app as well as to require Drivebox Lite to be installed which would reward consumers who provide data with MOV tokens. The application would reward drivers of connected cars as the application would be able to generate information from vehicle sensors of such cars.
The features of the platform would include different reward mechanisms for the different levels of data it would gather. These modules would be made available for related marketers and researchers who seek to collect data on mobility behaviors and preferences as well as related transportation trends.
Data privacy
Moveco implements security standards and guidelines to ensure anonymity of data and compliance with all the regulations regarding privacy, security, and safety.
Big Data and Machine Learning
Moveco has integrated big data and machine learning into its system, which is useful in understanding mobility patterns and user behaviors that enable real time analytics and the creation of predictive models.
Security and Decentralization
Through the blockchain and smart contract, Moveco uses a secure and decentralized form that is guaranteed in the mobility and data-centric use cases. The blockchain technology allows users to share and monetize data in a secure and anonymous way.
Founders & Team Members

CEO of Cove
Ex-Management Consultant |Ex-Auditor

CTO of Cove
Serial Entrepreneur|Ex-Derivatives Trader

10+ years in Asset Management & Investment
Ex Mirae Asset & Value Partners| PhD holder

Business Development Lead
Entrepreneur|PR Executive

Multi-media Designer
Entrepreneur |Cryptocurrencies KOL

Budding Entrepreneur
Crypto-enthusiast | Avid Golfer

Ex JP Morgan Sales & Trading
HBA, Richard Ivey School of Business

Ex Hedge Funds
Algo Trading

Automotive Hardware Specialist
Tech Geek| Hung Ga Coach
Board of Advisers
For More Information About Moveco:
WEBSITE: https://moveco.io/
BITCOINTALK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3257541
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/moveco
Author: Sandieego
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